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Here it is! :) When someone hurts us, wouldn’t it be nice if they magically came to us to beg for our forgiveness? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works most of the time. Direct communication is the only path to a relationship reset – and although it may seem unfair, we are the ones who must take the first step. In the finale of “Relationship Reset”, Pastor Joe discusses four important steps that Jesus calls us to in order to reconcile a damaged relationship. By using the guidelines laid out for us in Matthew 18, we can confidently move in the direction of healing and forgiveness. Want to hear the first three parts of this series? Find them at
Because we’re all broken in our own ways, most of us do not have the skills or power to reset broken relationships alone. As a result, when we reach a frustration point with someone, we may try to avoid a solution or blame it on the other person. The hard truth is, if we’re waiting for someone else to fix our relationships, we may end up waiting forever. In part 3 of “Relationship Reset”, Pastor Joe reveals that we cannot outsource real change in our relationships – we must engage in the work ourselves. If we’re going to successfully reset damaged relationships, we will need the power of Jesus Christ to help us! Want to listen to part 1 and 2 of this series? Visit or
Although relationships are intended to be a blessing, there are many times that brokenness and pain turn them into a curse. What if the hands of a parent hurt instead of protect? Or the actions of a spouse cause trauma instead of trust? Or the words of a friend tear down instead of lift up? What are we to do when these situations happen? In part 2 of “Relationship Reset”, Pastor Joe teaches us that we must daily rely on the perfection and truth of God’s Word to guide us through the healing process by renewing our mind. We may not be able to fix other people, but when we fix our eyes on Jesus and how He teaches us to live, we can unlock relational transformation by loving like He does. Want to watch or listen to part 1 of this series? Visit or
Did you know that the primary problem the Bible addresses is relationships? With all the connections we make with other people in our lifetime, we are bound to have some that include painful experiences and lasting hurt. Unfortunately, a broken relationship with God is what leads to broken relationships with people. The good news is, our God holds the keys to relationship resets! If we can experience a reset with Him, then we can begin to reset our damaged relationships with friends, family, and anyone else. Find out how by listening to Pastor Joe’s message in part one of the new series “Relationship Reset”. Want to listen to other series? Visit or
Can we talk about politics? An election is not just about choosing the “right” candidate; it’s a perfect opportunity to exalt the one true King of Kings by showing the love of God to those who have different views than us! In the finale of “Can We Talk?”, Pastor Joe reminds us that instead of trying to “win the argument”, we can focus on pointing to Jesus as the ruler of our hearts. No matter who is in power in the United States, God is in control – and it is our job as believers to trust in His reigning power above all else while loving people from both sides of the aisle. Listen or watch the rest of this series by visiting or
Can we talk about racism? Although God designed each and every one of us to reflect His glory in unique ways, and even though He loves each of us equally, the world tends to put people into categories – especially by outward appearance. This can cause division and brokenness between us and the neighbors God intends for us to love. In part three of “Can We Talk?”, Pastor Joe reveals God’s heart for unity among His children and reminds us that we are called to celebrate our differences and connect with people of all nations to share the Good News of the Gospel with others. Listen or watch the first two parts of this series by visiting or
Can we talk about sexuality? The world has turned sexuality into an expression of our individuality - a definition of who we are. But God has a lot more to say about it than that. In part two of “Can We Talk?”, Pastor Jon compares what modern culture says about sexuality with what the Bible says so we can understand how we as followers of Christ should handle the controversy surrounding it today. We are called to love people well enough – especially those struggling with sexual sin – to be able to tell them the truth in love and share the light of Jesus with them! Watch part one of this series by visiting
As each year passes, society is becoming more and more sensitive to the opposing opinions of others. There is a growing list of topics that trigger people into instant debate mode – such as sexuality, race, and politics. It often seems like we are being forced to pick a side – and division is wreaking havoc on how we treat our neighbors. In part one of “Can We Talk?”, Pastor Joe reminds us that no matter who we talk to or what we talk about, we are accountable to God for every word. If we don’t learn how to talk to each other in love instead of opinion, we will ruin our opportunities to be salt and light in 2020 and beyond. When we are more interested in winning people to Christ than we are in winning arguments, lives will be changed! Want to watch past series? Visit
Here is the finale write-up! :) We all know that life can be painful at times. But when we experience hardship that drives us to the Lord – and emerge victorious – we not only gain credibility that helps us help others in ways we never could before, but we learn to find joy in the trials! In the finale of “We Can”, Pastor Joe shares six pieces of guidance that the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Philippi to help them live lives of joy in the midst of difficulty. If we want to experience the kind of transformation that trades pain for joy, WE CAN! Watchto the first three parts of this series at
Whether or not we live Christlike lives has a lot to do with the examples that were set for us growing up, as well as the examples we choose to follow each day. In part 3 of “We Can”, Pastor Joe stresses the importance of outside influence by observing the Christian lifestyle of Paul. If we want to look more like Christ than we did yesterday, we must surround ourselves with godly examples and pay attention to what and who we are looking to for guidance. If we are willing to mold our lives to look more like Jesus, we will not only accomplish God’s will, but pass on a positive example for the rest of the world, too! Watch part one and two of this series by visiting
There are many misconceptions about being a Christian – one being that we will automatically receive an easy life if we invite Jesus into the picture. But if we’re waiting for the stressors and strains of life to disappear before we experience joy and purpose, then we’ll always be waiting. In part 2 of “We Can”, Pastor Joe reveals through the life of Paul that Jesus is not some magical genie whose purpose is to grant all of our wishes here on earth. He is a Savior who wants to transform us from the inside out so that our internal reality can shape our external reality! With Jesus, we can experience joy in any circumstance – whether it be good or bad.
Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, it’s time to focus on what we can! In part 1 of the new series “We Can!”, Pastor Dana brings hope and encouragement by sharing wisdom from the book of Philippians to remind us that even in dark, confusing, and painful circumstances we can still bring light to this world – through the power and love of Jesus! Don’t forget! You can access all of our past series videos by visiting
If we are going to find true, lasting freedom from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups, recovery must happen from the inside out – and deep transformation won’t happen if we pursue it alone. In the finale of the “Summer of Freedom” series, Pastor Joe reviews the first seven steps of recovery as they compare to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and unveils the last principle; and our own Tyler Brink joins Pastor Joe on stage to deliver a moving testimony. When we yield ourselves to God, He will use us all of our experiences – especially the difficult ones – to bring the Good News to the world! You can listen to the first 8 parts of “Summer of Freedom” by visiting or
Recovery is a dynamic process of getting the freedom that God has for us into our lives - but oftentimes it takes longer than we'd prefer. So what should we do when we feel like giving up? Or see that we’ve made progress but then fall right back into the same problem? In part 8 of “Summer of Freedom”, Pastor Joe reveals that on our own, we will keep gravitating back to our old “presets” when life gets hard. But if we have a plan, people in our life to support us, and a daily connection with God, His power can work through us so we don’t have to keep repeating our past! Want to know more? Visit or to hear the first 7 parts of this series!
Without forgiveness for both ourselves and for others, hurt will make its way into our home, head, and heart – causing damage that can last a lifetime. In part 7 of “Summer of Freedom”, Pastor Joe answers two important questions: “Why should I forgive others?” and “Why should I make amends with those I’ve hurt?” If we want to let the peace of Jesus Christ rule in our hearts, we must reconcile our hurts with God first, and then with other people. Because of Jesus, forgiveness is possible – and with it comes freedom and hope for recovery! Want to learn more about recovery? Visit to see what recovery is all about, and hear the other parts of this series at or
As we discover areas in our life that we know need to be different, one question often arises; “Why is it so hard to change?” Simply deciding to change isn’t enough – we must actually change! But what happens when we try and try again with no success? In part 6 of “Summer of Freedom”, Pastor Joe discusses the core reasons that change is so difficult, reveals the importance of Principle 5 of Celebrate Recovery, and offers seven valuable steps that will lead to lasting change. When we surrender our entire lives to God by putting the changes we need to make in His hands, progress will begin! Don’t forget - you can visit or to hear the first 5 parts of this series, or share it with a friend!
When we fail to get a grip on the negative habits and hang-ups in our life, it’s easy for guilt, shame, and unworthiness to set in. We may feel like we’re trapped in a box with the weight of our failures with no way to get out – and believe that we’re helpless to change in the isolation of it all. How do we overcome those guilt-causing habits and find freedom when we feel too embarrassed to share them with others? In part 5 of “Summer of Freedom”, Pastor Brandon gets real about his own struggles and reveals how he overcame his strongest addiction with the help of God’s forgiveness, an accountability partner, and the realization that we are never meant to pursue freedom alone. We need the help of other believers and the powerful love of Jesus who already paid for every sin we’ve committed!
Even though we often want to have full control over our lives, there will be times when we feel stuck, hopeless, and completely out of control – and most likely exhausted from trying too hard to fix everything ourselves. The truth is, we are not designed to be God! Instead, we are designed to need a relationship with Him. In part 4 of the series “Summer of Freedom”, Marissa pairs her testimony with what God’s Word says about common hindrances that keep us trapped in the desire for control. The good news is that we can consciously commit our life and will to Christ – and when we do, we will finally find freedom from the weight of control we were never meant to carry. Visit or to hear the first 3 parts of this series!
If we want to experience all the freedom God has for us, we can’t stop at simply believing He exists. We must realize that He has an incredible plan and purpose for each of us – filled with power, love and self-control – and that the areas of our life that feel impossible to recover from are not impossible with God! In part 3 of the series “Summer of Freedom”, pastor Jon emphasizes how God knows our situation, cares about our situation, and can change our situation – and that freedom happens when we embrace His power instead of our own.
The idea of having control feels great, doesn’t it? Control over our bodies, our minds, our jobs, our plans, the people around us – the list goes on. Even though we’re not God, we can live in a state of denial for a long time thinking that we are in fact in control of everything we experience. But what happens when we have an awakening that destroys that false reality? In part two of “Summer of Freedom”, our New Life Celebrate Recovery Director Ken Lacoursiere shares his testimony about a radical awakening from God. He realized he had a lot less control than he imagined and uses his experience to teach us the first step of recovery: admitting we are powerless. When we decide that our identity is in Christ instead of our own control and surrender our life to God, the Holy Spirit becomes our source of power - and a beautiful recovery of our broken parts can begin.
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