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Our heroes are looking back on all the books they read in 2017 and awarding the coveted Bookening awards of excellence.
Our heroes continue to discuss Til We Have Faces, and decide that the ending freaks them out. Here's some things that happen:
Our heroes dig into the semi-wonderful, but also kinda icky story of CS Lewis , and his final novel Till We Have Faces.
This episode requires a bit of explanation. What happened was that our heroes gathered together to record their 2017 year-in-review. But, as you'll hear, one thing led to another, and before they knew it, they had recorded an episode on Star Wars, and why this new movie (with its abandonment of the traditional Star-Warsian mythological underpinning) is probably a death knell for the franchise. We do still plan on doing a 2017 Redux, but it will be later in January, after Til We Have Faces. Warning: Spoilers abound, even apart from in the part that Nathan says contains spoilers.
69. Booklist 2018

69. Booklist 2018


Drumroll ... our heroes reveal the complete book list and talk about what to expect on The Bookening Season 3 for 2018.
68. Dubliners, Part 2

68. Dubliners, Part 2


Our heroes continue to discuss Dubliners by James Joyce, which they didn't care for, plus "Araby" and "The Dead" which they did.
67. Dubliners, Part 1

67. Dubliners, Part 1


Apologies, we were going to do our 2018 booklist this week, but for boring behind-the-scenes reasons it ended up making more sense to do Dubliners first. However, if you want to get reading for 2018, we're doing CS Lewis's Til We Have Faces in January and Mansfield Park by Jane Austen in February.
Our heroes are joined by their old pal Dani McNeilly to have some fun and give their thoughts on the Kenneth Branagh movie of Murder on the Orient Express.
We're taking this week off to be with our families and all that sort of crap, but here's twenty minutes of our heroes attempting to make the announcement that we're taking this week off to be with our families and all that sort of crap. Enjoy! And happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all our awesome listeners!
This episode is a second episode about Martin Dressler.
Our heroes and friend Andrew conclude their epic discussion of the one and only Ray Bradbury.
In this episode our heroes discuss the short stories of Ray Bradbury with their pal Andrew Henry. Andrew has 10890591805098 good insights on Ray Bradbury (example: Bradbury was really good at describing smells) and 150815180 good insights on fiction and writing in general. So, if you do the math, what that means is, whether you like Ray Bradbury or don't like Ray Bradbury, this is a good episode for you to listen to. Actually our heroes talk directly to a listener who isn't a huge Bradbury fan, so even if you don't like him, this is a good one for you. So stop reading this and listen to it.
Things that happen in this episode: Halloween puns! (00:00) The depiction of EVIL (06:00). Daddy issues. (28:00). Fun fact: per some random article by the Imaginative Conservative, SWTWC touches on the following (from a list of the 102 Great Ideas that Mortimer Adler says a great novel can touch upon): Beauty, Being, Cause, Chance, Change, Citizen, Courage, Custom and Convention, Desire, Duty, Emotion, Eternity, Evolution, Experience, Family, Fate, God, Good and Evil, Habit, Happiness, Honor, Immortality, Judgment, Knowledge, Law, Life and Death, Love, Man, Memory and Imagination, Mind, Nature, Opinion, Opposition, Philosophy, Pleasure and Pain, Prudence, Punishment, Reasoning, Relation, Religion, Senses, Sign and Symbol, Sin, Soul, Temperance, Theology, Time, Truth, Virtue and Vice, Will, Wisdom, and World. Eat your heart our, Marilynne Robinson!
In this episode our heroes have an extended discussion of Ray Bradbury's style in Something Wicked This Way Comes. It's archaic, it's overwrought, it's hyperbolic ... AND THEY LOVE IT! (See what we did there?????) That part begins at 17:53, Time-Code Fans! Before that, our heroes discuss their (in Nathan's case, copious) Bradbury baggage beginning at 6:00. Before that, there are various shenanigans, screaming, a children's poem about mauling people, etc., you know how this show works.
Our fear-oes begin their extra spooky Halloween series on Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Brandon Chast-fiend offers some much needed context on Bradbury's life (7:52), even including a die-scription of the "slush" pile from which short stories were selected by magazines like the New Gore-ker in those days (17:45). Our heroes admit to mixed feeling about Scare-en-heit 451 (20:00), discuss whether Bradbury was really a die-ence fiction writer (24:15). Chast-fiend gives us a run-down on said genre (33:15). Nathan gives us a run-down on the pulps and horror at the time. (40:45). Meanwhile Jake Mentzkiller keeps threatening to lie down on the floor and go to sleep if a certain other fear-o won't stop it with the Halloween puns.
Our heroes continue to discuss GK Chesterton, including what makes him great (2:40), the famous quote he never said (13:00), and why nobody should try to rip off his style (14:00). This expands into a discussion of style and creativity in general, but, as usual, our heroes bring it all home with aplomb. Also just for kicks they play an audio clip of Chesterton (48:18).
Our heroes express their love for the Prince of Paradox himself, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, while also tackling some thorny questions such as whether Chesterton was a racist (pretty much) and if his fiction is any good (not according to at least one grouchy podcaster). Next week more Chesterton and then Something Wicked This Way Comes.  Throw us a couple bucks on Patreon!
Sometimes a man sets out to write a good episode description for an episode of The Bookening about My Antonia and he just doesn't have it in him. Not that it's a bad episode or a bad book, mind you. But sometimes even the best podcast episodes about the best books don't really inspire one to write a good podcast blurb. Life is weird like that. Deal with it.  Click here to support the ongoing mission of awesomeness that is The Bookening.
Having apologized profusely for some recent meanderings last episode, our heroes engage in no such hogwash/balderdash/poppycock this go around. At no point do they discuss Nathan's recent endoscopy, or awesome roller-coasters, or anything like that. Nor do they spend a bunch of time trying to figure out if it's AnTONia or ANtoNEEa or what have you. It's just straight-ahead collegiate-level book discussion all the way. Mrs. Mentzel and Mrs. Chasteen will be ever so proud. And some hot single chick will probably listen to this fall in love with Nathan (which, hot single chicks, if you're reading this, let's face it, Nathan is not a hard guy to get a hold of). In any case, there is plenty to ponder about the great Willa Cather's My Antonia. Our heroes discuss whether Cather was a lesbian and how much that matters, how a sense of place informs one's reading of a book, whether Jim was a weirdo for obsessing about Antonia all those years, and more! Click here to support the ongoing mission of awesomeness that is The Bookening.
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Boy, this podcast could really benefit from a woman or someone who didn't agree with everyone else. Still neat though!

Mar 9th
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