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Author: Holly Barber

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Welcome to my Raw You podcast! I am your host, Holly Barber, and I am so excited to bring you on this journey with me. Expect lots of laughs, real talk, honesty and inspiration. Mostly, I am to drop the bullsh*t, and bring out the RAW YOU - it is within us all. From physical health, mental health, nutrition, relationships and everything in between - I want to reach you, and learn with you. Welcome to your space to grow!
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A raw, honest and open conversation with the wonderful Positivity Coach herself Stephanie Galavodas! Stephanie is a positive psychology coach, and NLP practitioner, and we discuss personal, professional and huge truths, pushing the boundaries of what we SHOULD be feeling or doing, with practical tools on how to manage our feelings. From your own mental health, how to combat feelings of impostor syndrome, not feeling good enough, managing jealousy, guilt, and ultimately how to live a more positive, manageable lifestyle, in what seems like sometimes a crazy, anxiety driven world! Find out how to work with Stephanie one to one, at or Instagram. 
The Game Changers. Two Personal Trainers. Both powered solely by PLANTS. When I first met Aaron on a panel at the infamous Vevolution festival, we knew we had to chat again, so why not let you guys listen in! For a change, I was invited to be on Aaron Cattell (theplantbasedcoach)'s podcast! And we BOTH ask the questions! Find out what brought us both to this point, our top tips on living your healthiest, myth busting and touching on so many topics that are hot right now! New Years resolutions already 'failing'? Veganuary underway? How to choose a good trainer? Listen to our views, advice and qualified knowledge! Volume 2 coming soon - so let us know YOUR questions! 
I am turning 30. With that comes the obligatory 'are you having kids, settling down, getting married' questions. In this episode, I use OUR opinions to create a raw, honest, and open conversation about whether to not I want children. Is the world overpopulated enough? Is it what we are here to do? Do I want the full human experience of growing a human? Is adoption the answer? Do I freeze eggs?With so much pressure, is there an answer? Let's talk about it. Raw you. Raw me. Let me know your thoughts, join in the discussion! 
On the day that Instagram has stopped young people from seeing 'weight loss products' from their feeds, we delve into the world of dieting, the toxic culture that has been created around food and restriction, and what can we do to protect ourselves?Nutrition counsellor and new Mama Teresia Tingström joins me for this open and honest chat around the pressing issues we all face, the psychology behind food, and the change from woman to mother. Has the hashtag BodyPositive made us not look after ourselves? Does size really matter? Enjoy this and much more in this weeks Raw You Podcast! 
MOTIVATION!! Ultimately, as much as we can take motivation from others, it simply HAS to come from within! On today's podcast, I give you all the tips and my own experience of cutting the crap, and moving forward in your life! Expect lots of laughs, and some real talk, focussing on motivation, comfort zones and the realisation that we truly ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!Enjoy!! Holly 
Raw You - The V Word!

Raw You - The V Word!


On this episode, I delve into the controversial world of being plant based. Introducing you to my brand new nutrition planner! How I made the transition, what it could mean for you - and breaking those taboos about cutting down on the meat and cheese. An open and honest discussion on all things VEGAN! Including top tips, common questions, and struggles I have faced along the way. 'We aren't all smelly vegans'... My Meal Planner Vegan Facts
Welcome to Episode TWO!! In this episode I have a super special guest, my friend and fellow personal trainer Greg Mcpherson. In this open and honest discussion, we bust the myths on trainers, how we are meant to be, happiness & open a can of worms about labels and the LBTGQ+ community & so much more! I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast, please share with your friends if you love it, and let us know! Holly x 
Raw You - Raw ME!

Raw You - Raw ME!


My first ever podcast!I am here for YOU. I want to uncover the raw you - to help you with your lifestyle, your mental health, and motivate you to live the best life possible for YOURSELF. Today I discuss my journey, what has brought me here today doing this podcast, and the steps to get to this point. I hope you enjoy it - and I really hope you take some inspiration from my first podcast! I am so excited to be on this journey with you, and would LOVE to hear what you think! Holly x 
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