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Entrepreneurs and business leaders this podcast is for you!
We are focusing on tips that can help you grow branding, communication, and sales! Unlike many others, we focus on tips for offline and online marketing from Strategy, Innovation, and Mindset. We share insight to help get you on track and keep you inspired on your journey.

Elizabeth Marasco is the CEO of Brady Events and Marketing Inc. She is also the Editor In Chief for Kudos Magazine. With over 20 years of marketing, event production, and public relations experience, she shares insights on how to thrive in the digital age.

Follow along to practical tips to help your business or organization thrive! Success is yours! Sometimes you need a road map or directions when you get off course. Be a part of this exciting journey - focused on Business Success and Personal Development!
63 Episodes
Let's chat about business life as an entrepreneur.....real low key relax, unwind for a minute.....and figure things out. :)
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Success starts with taking care of yourself. Too often business leaders will walk into a burnout mode by not taking the time for self care. This is vital for yourself and the team you lead. Here is a little food for thought on overall wellness and how it impacts our performance.
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Baby Steps to Progress

Baby Steps to Progress


Take baby steps to make progess, the rest of the details will fill in. Too often we get stuck into thinking about all the details or wanting to take it all on at once. Break that cycle and stop the overwhelm by taking the first step We are hosting a free 5-day workshop to teach you how to utilize online events to connect with qualified sales leads, sponsors, or investors. Take a baby step today and sign up for this FREE training at
Finding inspiration and goodness if you are in a rut. You have a way to navigate through difficult times.Ready to take your online marketing to the next level? Join our FREE Facebook group. can also follow me at you success in your business!
Don't Waste Head Space

Don't Waste Head Space


Why are you on social media? Are you there to network, connect with family, maybe learn, and grow? If that is the case, start paying attention to how you are interacting with it, are you putting drama in your life that doesn't belong there? We are all going to go through hiccups, trials, and tribulations in life. That is life. The question is are you going to grow through those experiences or fall into the trap of drama spewing for hours. Stop wasting your time. Get you head out of your rear and start focusing on growing your business. Where you put your attention and energy, will grow in your life. Focus on something good that you want.Ready to finally fix your online marketing? Join our FREE Facebook group out our podcast:
Learn, Grow, and Adapt, keys for business success; Stacia Loo Kennedy shares insights on marketing in 2020. #BEAM30
If you missed our live webinar to help you transform your business and mindset during a crisis, you can catch the reply. Visit
Don't let fear consume you! Right now is the time you should be transforming and adapting for success. Now is the time to sign up for the FREE webinar Transform Your Business Mindset. on the link to sign up.
Get It In Writing

Get It In Writing


Growing your business can be fun, exciting and wonderful! Especially if you have contracts in place. Here are some things you should consider when working with clients, vendors, and freelancers. Get it in writing! If you are serious about your business growing you need to meet with an attorney to get the proper contracts. An upfront cost can save you so much headache and pain. #elizabethmarsaco #BEAM
How to attract event sponsors? 😎If you are producing an event or project, bringing on sponsors in so many ways, including helping raise funds, awareness, and support for your vision. 🤓There are so many ways to bring sponsorship opportunities to your project, including logo branding loot, videos, literature, communication pieces and more! I want to encourage you to look at working with sponsors that have the same market niche or market target. 📌How can you be helpful to their goals? 😘🎯Think outside of the box! What can you bring to the table that is unique, exciting and brings visibility? 📦Listen to the full podcast 🎧 #eventmarketing #elizabethmarasco #BEAM #eventplanningtips #b2b #eventplanning #marketingrelationships #sponsors
Are you paying attention to your business metrics? IIt is important to understand the insights from social media and to understand what the numbers mean. For instance, just because you have a higher fan page fan count, but that is NOT the number you should be paying attention to! If you want to know what you should be looking at, start by listening to this message.#BEAM365 #ElizabethMarasco #businessanalysis #socialmediamanagementtips
Turning trash into a multi-million dollar industry. Can you apply some of these concepts to your business? #trashtotreasure #beam365 #growyourbusiness #increaseprofits #innovativethinking
You be YOU! Stop trying to take on the personalities of other people online. Here are a couple of things to consider so you don't lose yourself. #beam365 #elizabethmarasco #marketingtips
In the fast-paced world of social media, there are always changes happening around the corner. A couple of things to take note of is Instagram is potentially looking to eliminate the LIKE button. Also, right now, facebook algorithms are showing favor to facebook groups, events, and friends' newsfeeds. Although this may stress some people out, remember the value in creating great content that sticks instead of little gratification on the front end of getting "likes." Start preparing to create content that will stick with your "online tribe." #socialmediatrends #instagramnolikes #greatcontentmatters #BEAM365 #elizabethmarasco
Today's business world is changing and so is the workforce.Take a look at opportunities the marketing is demanding and bringing forward to change. Start looking at opportunities like the lack of skilled labor. Are there things you can do to bring education and opportunity to fill this void?Also recently more corporations are using Open Book Accounting. Sharing financial details with all the layers of an organization. There have been some favorable proof this may be motivating every layer of a company to work more efficiently and find ways to improve performance and reduce cost. What are your thoughts on this new practice? Would you use it?#BEAM365 #BEAM30 #ElizabethMarasco
Community Events happening in Mid Michigan - October 15th, 2019COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR FOR EXPECTING MOMS AND DADSCommunity BABY SHOWER HEALTH FAIR TODAY 2PM -5PM🙌😄😎STROLL THROUGH STYLE HEALTH FAIR, drop by after work and take a stroll.Swing by Flint Farmers' Market for tools and support for new moms and moms and dads! Hurley Medical Center will be onsite sharing tons of insight and tools for healthy pregnancies:📍 parenting classes📍 nutrition tips📍 car seat safety📍 dental coverage during pregnancy📍 snacks, cooking demos 🥳📍 and prizes.South Flint Soup Kitchen is asking for support through donations. They are trying to raise $10,000 to feed homeless and food insecure. The South Flint Soup Kitchen opens its doors six days a week to share a wholesome meal with anyone who is hungry.Located on Fenton Road provide over 30,000 meals per year to the homeless and food-insecure families of South Flint. Here is a link to make a donation to them directly now,
Poverty by Ignorance

Poverty by Ignorance


Ready to ditch a poverty mindset that is holding you back from your goals? There are lessons we pick up in life that are not always good, that keeps us held back our true destiny. If you are ready to move your business into the profit zone. Listen to this podcast. Sometimes the simple lessons need to be revisited, and misleading information needs to be flushed out. #BEAM365 #ElizabethMarasco #buildsuccess
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