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Author: Court Whitman

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High Performance Pathways is a purpose-built and specially selected collection of someone’s experience as they discuss how they understand, chase & discover high performance in their life. This content is collected during a One-on-One interview and then shared with you. Why? Because I believe everyone has a different pathway to high performance. And hearing about the paths that other professional’s have journeyed along is informative and inspiring. During each episode of High Performance Pathways it is my intent to do 5 things for you… #1 - Connect – you to someone else to build relationship. #2 - Question – to understand. #3 - Share – to raise perspective. #4 - Teach – to increase competence. And #5 - Inspire – to trigger growth. One additional note to cover as you continue listening...this webcast is raw. Meaning, there is no post-production editing. We record live and deliver it to you exactly as it was recorded.
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Katherine is proud of her Southern California roots and when we first met, she had a beautiful photo of the beach complimenting her workspace that absolutely captured my attention. Katherine was born in Walnut Creek, CA and she went on to attend the University of Redlands where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and later earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University.  Katherine’s professional certifications include: Graduate Certificate Program of Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in CA; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both California and North Carolina; Dually accredited, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor; International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. As a professional therapist, Katherine served with a number companies and in challenging positions that include: (1) Therapist at Palomar Family Counseling Services, in Fallbrook, CA; (2) Program Therapist at Vista Hill Juvenile Court Clinic in Kearny Mesa, CA; (3) Therapist at Forterus Healthcare in Murrieta, CA; (4) an Embedded Behavioral Health Prevention Specialist at Combat Logistics Regiment – 2 aboard Camp Lejeune, NC; (5) and a Military and Family Life Counselor for Magellan Health and MHN Government Services in Camp Lejeune, NC.  Each of these unique and varied experiences served as the catalyst for Katherine to step out on her own as a business owner of Blackwell Mental Performance where her mission includes “helping high performers overcome fear, anxiety and injury so they can crush their goals.” Handles:website:  @blackwellmentalperformanceInstagram: @blackwellmentalperformanceLinkedIn: the show
Elaine & Heath Brewer - founders of Humble Warrior Wellness Center - where together they dedicate their profession to the provision of restorative services and techniques with the goal to bring harmony and balance to the hyper-vigilant and traumatic work environments that veterans, first responders and emergency medical professionals experience in their daily work.  Elaine and Heath have been married for 15 years. Elaine earned a 200hr Baptiste affiliated Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Certified Warriors at Ease Yoga Instructor (Level 1 & Level 2), StrongFirst Training and Instruction SFG Kettlebell Course, Madd Dog Certified Spinning Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and holds a certificate in The Science of Well-Being from Yale University and Specialization in Integrative Health and Medicine from University of Minnesota. Heath is a Navy Veteran retiring after 20 years of service supporting Navy Special Operations with specific service supporting SEAL Team 2 and Naval Special Warfare Development Group as their Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician to include over 12 operational deployments. After attending a life-changing intensive outpatient program at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), a specialized branch of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Heath became intimately aware of the rejuvenating and healing properties of meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness techniques. Elaine, having also experienced trauma and loss associated with Heath's time in service, decided to shift her focus from her physical health background to incorporate mental health resilience and Elaine quickly recognized the restorative and therapeutic properties with the mind/body connection that yoga and meditation provide along with the undeniable benefits it offers those who have experienced trauma in their lives. So much so, that this shared experience between Elaine and Heath became the inspiration to create a wellness center for veterans, first responders, and emergency medical personnel called the Humble Warrior Wellness Center. Facebook- Warrior Wellness Center- the show
This is a must listen episode for all my Boss Ladies (Jen's word y'all).  Seriously, listen to Entrepreneur, Author, and Retired military officer Jen Griswold share her “heart for serving her community through teaching entrepreneurship and providing marketing resources to women who want to launch their own businesses.” After retiring from 20 years of service in the Air Force, Jen leaned on her skills and training to start her own home-based business which grew into a multimillion-dollar sales organization. Today, Jen leads the training, development, and production of a distributed team of over 9,000 entrepreneurs that produces over $20M in skincare sales annually.  Jen has been featured on the Today Show, in Arlington Magazine, NextGenMilspouse, and on a variety of podcasts about entrepreneurship and performance.With her military experience and community always close to her heart, Jen published “Mission Entrepreneur” on applying lessons from military life to modern entrepreneurship. She also founded a website and branding development company dedicated to helping women in business grow their impact through marketing. Her company - Mission Entrepreneur - is launching a social software product this year (2021) that will make design and technology accessible to anyone with a social media account. Connect with Jen on LinkedIn here or follow her Insta @JenGriz or her company on Insta @msnentrepreneur.  Or - just visit her website the show
Inspiring story of Ryan Cole and his journey from Marine Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician to Master Certified Combat Instructor to CounterIntelligence & Human Intelligence Expert to Founder at Condition 1 Coffee Company. Ryan is an Active Duty Marine who joined and attended Marine Corp boot camp in 2005 and ascended to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2 and currently serves as a CounterIntelligence & Human Intelligence officer for the Marines.  Ryan has served in a number of challenging positions to include:(1) Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician and Recovery Specialist (MOS 7011) aboard Marine Corps Air Station Ewakuni, Japan; (2) Master Certified Combat Instructor at the School of Infantry West, Camp training over 3K Marines on infantry weapons & tactics at Pendleton, California; (3) Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Sergeant for Human Exploitation Team Eight at Camp Pendleton w/a combat tour to Musa Qala District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan where he performed routine clearing operations, was involved in numerous direct-fire engagements and highly kinetic operations, established a source network to provide indicators and warnings, deter insider threats, and to identify high-value individuals/targets within the 2/5 area of operations; provided interrogation support, tactical site exploitation and gained information to answer priority intelligence requirements at the local, regional, and national level; (4) Asset Risk Management for Human Intelligence focused on the Middle East to include a combat tour in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan supporting U.S. Special Forces; (5) the Reports and Source Management Cell Chief responsible for oversight and publication of intelligence information report publication and source management in the Middle East;(6) the Intelligence Battalion Training Chief in Japan with work specifically in the  Philippines where he and his team were primarily responsible for conducting threat vulnerability assessments, route surveys and liaison with host nation personnel;(7) A Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Instructor, Course Support Team chief and Faculty Advisor at Marine Detachment Dam Neck in Virginia Beach, VA managing and facilitating ongoing training evolutions, service as an instructor role-player for debriefing, interrogations, military source operations, and counterintelligence operations, and hand-selected to assist in the development of a new live-scenario for the school program of instruction consisting of hundreds of scripts, injects, operational documents, and a major curriculum overhaul;(8) Appointment as a Warrant Officer and graduate of The Basic School in Quantico,  Virginia where Ryan was named to the General’s Honor Roll for graduating in the top 10% of the class. In addition to service in the Marine Corp - Ryan is an entrepreneur and Founder of Condition 1 Coffee Company. Connect with Ryan Cole on LinkedIn here or visit his website the show
Inspiring testament of Dan Calbi's journey from the baseball diamond to service in Army Special Operations to the classroom as a MBA Candidate at Columbia School of Business - chasing High Performance the entire way. Dan is an Army Veteran and MBA candidate at Columbia Business School, majoring in Finance, striving to begin a career in Financial Services. Dan and I first met in November of 2019 when Dan was selected for The COMMIT Foundation’s high performing veterans transition assistance program and as part of that service - I partnered with Dan as his Coach.  Dan thrives in ambitious organizations, like the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment and 101st Airborne Division, as a problem solver, creative thinker, a collaborative analytical leader, developer of top-tier teams and talent, and financially savvy driver of change and improvements.Connect w/Dan on LinkedIn here. Support the show
Listen to a motivating story of Noel Bulger - an underdog who is still striving to lead, compete, inspire, empower and foster the good and potential in others - in this final Episode (#45) of Season 2 of High Performance Pathways.  Merry Christmas!!Noel is an executive leadership & career transition coach, entrepreneur, aspiring author and podcast host. He is a US Marine Corps veteran who transitioned from active duty earlier this year after serving 9 years as an operations and logistics officer, foreign military liaison, and Naval gunfire & fire support instructor. Noel is currently attending Georgetown University as an Executive Coach working towards his International Coaching Federation credentials, while running his own franchise, co-founding a business, starting a podcast, and working on his first book. Noel describes himself as a father, a leader, an underdog, a competitor, a person who inspires, empowers, and fosters the good and potential in others. Noel is a graduate of The COMMIT Foundation transition program, a graduate of the Stanford Ignite Program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA.Connect with Noel on LinkedIn here or go to his website: the show
Inspiring and Informative testimony of Plant Medicine and it's impact upon Jonathan de Potter and the people he serves in search of peak performance and optimal well-being at Behold Retreats - unique and tailorable psychedelic retreats with ayahuasca and psilocybin.Learn more about Jonathan here on LinkedIn or explore his website Support the show
Incredible story of Jeff Carlson's journey from college baseball to the Coast Guard to the Department of State as a Special Agent and then into the private sector w/service at the signature companies WALMART and VISA. A must listen to episode for anyone in transition.Connect w/Jeff here on LinkedIn. Support the show
"You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. Your were created to be VICTORIOUS."  -Michael J. Penney on this episode of High Performance Pathways. A must listen-to show!Connect with Michael here on LinkedIN or go to his website the show
Story of US Marine Retired Garret Harrell who is involved in a number of things that include: President and Principal Consultant at Southern Cross Leadership Solutions President and Co-Founder for Harrell Squared Consulting, and work as a Certified Instructor in Resilience-Building Leader Program.  At Southern Cross, Garrett helps organizations develop high-performance work teams by (1) helping growth-minded teams identify and leverage their strengths-based and value-aligned competencies for greater success; (2) to discover the importance of being, individually, sharp and pointy, casting away the desire to be well-rounded. To focus individual talents toward concerted balance creating engagement that is transformational, not transactional; (3) to increase collective impact and performance for overall greater satisfaction, in both work and life; and (4) to be hyper-focused on the mission. And, ultimately, be better than prepared to accomplish it!Garret transitioned from active duty as a US Marine and into the private sector in 2020. He is a graduate of The Honor Foundation’s transition program and continues to focus his time and energy on supporting veterans in transition as the Director of Recruiting and the Raleigh-Durham Event Organizer for Elite Meet and as a Mentor for Operation Military Kids Club.Garret is a life-long learner and a graduate of Florida w/BA in Criminology, MS in Strategic Leadership from the University of Charleston, an executive leadership certificate from Notre Dame and a candidate for the 2021 Tuck Next Step Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Support the show
Listen to Rob Campbell - retired Army Colonel, husband, father, public speaker, author and founder of Rob Campbell Leadership. Rob has over 27 years experience leading organizations ranging in size from 24 to 5,000 people. In his career, Rob has overcome organizational challenges and led change. In Rob’s own words, he has “succeeded, failed and learned along the way.”  As Commander or CEO of a 5,000 person Infantry Brigade, Rob achieved Army-leading (#1 of 34 Brigades) results in personnel performance, soldier retention, promotion selection rates and other leadership accomplishments.  Rob’s core purpose: “To make a difference in the lives of others through optimistic leadership.” Rob believes that by connecting with, and leading people in very personal ways, organizations will soar.Connect with Rob on LinkedIn here or explore his website:'s books:At Ease: Enjoying the freedom you fought for. A soldier's story and perspective on the journey to an encore life and career.It's Personal (not) Personnel. Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and Boardroom.Support the show
Listen to Mack Brunson discuss 20 years of US Navy service to include his transition into the private sector as one of the VP-level managers within the Business Office for the Technology Infrastructure Services Group of PNC Bank where Mack is now hyper-focused on development, articulation and execution of business performance strategy and serves as the Talent Management Program Lead.  Mack is a visionary and a transformational change agent. A complex problem-solver. And an influencer of worldwide strategic work streams. Mack drives success through developing high-performance teams and promoting sound organizational processes and culture.  This is an episode you'll enjoy. Support the show
Inspiring story of Douglas Williams - College Basketball Player at West Point, a 4th generation military veteran with experience as an Army Engineer & Special Operations Civil Affairs Team Leader and MBA Candidate at the Wharton School of Business. Douglas share insights from his military career, the mental challenges associated with a constant desire to excel,  his inspiration to attend business school and his business idea for the pet care industry. Connect with Douglas on LinkedIn here.Support the show
Featured Guest AJ (Anthony Vaughan) shares his thoughts as an out of the box, radical hybrid who is obsessed with all things entrepreneurship & employee experience. A current 3x founder of companies, a Startup Advisor, an Executive and a proud Son. AJ’s rise within the world of HR/Entrepreneurship is one that is definitely not typical but his focus and dedication to putting employees first drives him to help forever change the world of work. AJ is currently working on a brand “The E1B2 Collective” which is a collective of brands and practitioners designed to make substantial impacts upon the employee experience within the world of startups and small brands.Connect with AJ on LinkedIn here.Support the show
This is an incredible and high-energy account from Will Harden as he explains his journey from childhood; to the US Air Force; through a battle with Cancer and into his first private sector job with Astranis where super-smart scientist and engineers are determined to make and deploy the best satellites in the world to connect more people together.  Connect with Will Harden on LinkedIn here. Support the show
Tune in to listen to David's 24 years of service as an Army Infantry officer that includes leading men and women during contingency operations in Kosovo and Bosnia; three combat tours in Iraq; and a combat tour commanding a battalion in Afghanistan – a total of over 41 months in combat. Interestingly - he culminated his service by overseeing the gender integration of the US Army’s Ranger School. David now serves others as Managing Partner for The Fivecoat Consulting Group (TFCG).  Find David on LinkedIn here or visit TFCG website here.Support the show
Started from the bottom now he's here. Listen to Tony Liles share his inspiring story of a life in full motion - to include growing up in a drug-exposed and abusive environment, the loss of his dad to drug-related violence, walking a similar path as a young adult in NC, and then deciding to travel a different path that led Tony to 20+ years of service in the US Army. The book Tony shares titled "The Body Keeps the Score" can be found here on AMAZON. Support the show
In incredible conversation w/my friend and colleague Dave Leach - a retired US Army Colonel, Husband, Father, Chief Operating Officer at Wear Blue: Run to Remember and Vice President of Leadership and Learning Development at BoA Merrill Lynch.  Tune in to listen to Dave's story of service and an ongoing commitment to the leadership development of others.  Connect with Dave on LinkedIn here. Support the show
Listen to Romando Harrison share his inspiring story about the impact of competitive sport, dealing with adversity, his process of self-discovery, and serving as a son to two parents while they battle Cancer - to include the loss of his mother to the disease in 2019.  You can find Romando on LinkedIn here.Support the show
An inspiring story of Ellen Fulton as she recounts the reason she serves as a Master Certified Coach, Counselor, Consultant and Coach Educator - to include her most recent initiative in Master Coach Education & Learning called the Conversations2Mastery program.  Learn more about Ellen and her incredible work on LinkedIn here or go directly to her website Support the show
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