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Nick Vandergragt and Joseph Ben-Ami discuss politics, current events and whatever else comes to their over-active minds, all from a common sense, conservative point of view.
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July 28

July 28


Nick and Joe discuss the horrendous mistreatment of a woman by Quebec's public healthcare system
166.3 Vaccine Passorts

166.3 Vaccine Passorts


Nick and Joe discuss recent polling showing the federal liberals up while the conservatives are mired in a distant second place
Nick and Joe discuss the appointment of a new Governor General in Canada
Nick and Joe discuss the recent heat wave in Canada, how alarmists are claiming that it is evidence of climate change. and the quasi-religious nature of the climate change movement
Nick and Joe discuss how the Ford government is badly missing the mark by planning to use the "notwithstanding clause" to drastically lengthen draconian election spending laws.
Nick and Joe set aside emotion and look at the facts surrounding graves at residential schools in Canada and discover things are not entirely as they have been portrayed in the mainstream media.
Nick and Joe take on those municipalities that have decided to cancel Canada Day celebrations in response to recent discoveries of burial sites at residential schools.
Nick and Joe discuss legislative efforts to eliminate hate
Nick and Joe ask the question why do voters continue supporting politicians who lie, cheat and otherwise deceive them?
Nick and Joe discuss former Green Party leader Elizabeth May's assurance that she is an earthling the move on to the status of social conservatives in the CPC
Nick and Joe discuss the decision by Canadian Green MP Jenica Atwin to quite her party and join the Liberals after an internal dust-up over her anti-Israel tweets.
Nick and Joe discuss a series of tweets made on Ottawa's public health twitter account lecturing about racism, bigotry, misogamy and white supremacy and privilege.
Nick and Joe take talk show host Evan Solomon to task for attacking reluctant COVID vaxers during his syndicated radio show
162-4 D-Day, Part 2

162-4 D-Day, Part 2


Nick and Joe continue their discussion of D-Day including best films depicting the event and other stories of the day.
Nick and Joe discuss the seventy-seventh anniversary of D-Day which occurred June 6.
Nick and Joe discuss the subject of homelessness and the government's response
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