DiscoverThe Meisha Rouser Show : Leadership and Professional Development, with Organizational Psychologist and Master Certified Coach
The Meisha Rouser Show : Leadership and Professional Development, with Organizational Psychologist and Master Certified Coach
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The Meisha Rouser Show : Leadership and Professional Development, with Organizational Psychologist and Master Certified Coach

Author: Meisha Rouser

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Leadership and Professional Development: Join organizational psychologist, Meisha Rouser, to learn how to overcome obstacles that keep you from success. By listening you will become a more effective leader, manager, team member, and colleague. Become an expert in communication, change management, conflict resolution, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, productivity, and stress management. Learn leadership development tools that will positively enhance your professional life, personal and family life as well. The Meisha Rouser show is your personal Master Business Coach.
41 Episodes
41: Simple Coaching Tips

41: Simple Coaching Tips


Coaching your employees is something that does not come naturally for many manager. Learn some quick and easy tips you can apply now to greatly improve your coaching skills to enhance others performance.
Change is not something that happens overnight or as a result of one action. It takes multiple actions and time. Learn the 12 Principals of change to help ensure things move smoothly.
Helping teams to be more collaborative and grow is a challenge for everyone. This show dives into a fabulous tool, the Generative Relationship STAR, which will give you new insights as to how to grow the productivity of a team.
Every day we engage in some type of negotiation. In this show you will learn some easy and useful tips and tools on how to improve your negotiation efforts.
Join me in this engaging interview with Rachel Pfeffer, Co-Executive Director of the National Training Lab Institute (NTL), as we discuss her insights on shared leadership.
Companies are suffering through tension and dissonance between Millennials and Boomers, and realize that they can't just wait for management to age out for the problem to go away. On this weeks show I talk with Lee Carraher, author of Millennials and Management, on how to motivate, collaborate with, and manage the millennial generation, who now make up almost 50% of the American workforce.
You’ve got a business colleague who’s hostile…a client who’s furious…a staffer who’s deeply cynical – how do you get people to do what you want in tough situations. Join me and my guest Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Just Listen, to learn the secret to how to get through to anyone, even when productive communication seems impossible.
Do you find that meetings tend to be dominated by a few people? And, at times it can be difficult to hear what others really want to say? This show will explore how to foster an environment that allows for everyones voice and opinions to be heard and included.
Some leadership tools and advice are timeless - they hold strong even thought the environment or situation has changed. This show identifies what all leaders need to know to be an effective leader and some tools that have stood the test of time.
Mike "The Millennial" Mitchusson shares with us the top nine biases managers make when doing performance reviews or interviewing candidates. And, more importantly, how you can put in safe guards to keep from making these rater errors.
Great Leaders practice the art of listening. Listening is all about giving attention to what is happening in any given moment. As a deliberate act of paying attention, mindfulness encourages leaders to center on what is actually happening in the present (ideally without judgement) and to be keenly aware of our inner responses to what is unfolding externally. This insightful show will share how one can master the art of listening.
An interview with James Kouzes, co-author of the bestselling book, The Leadership Challenge. Join us as we explore his new book "Learning Leadership". Kouzes shares his insights on a practical and proven framework that will enable you to develop your leadership potential as well as your emerging leaders.
In ancient Greece the Classical Elements of earth, water, air, and fire were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of the world. Join me on this weeks show to hear how my guest used the concept of these elements at Boeing to help teams and individuals maneuver through change.
Entrepreneurs have to wear many hats in order for their business to be successful. Thus, it can be hard to select which activities you should be spending your time and energy on that will have the greatest impact. This show will cover the fundamentals every entrepreneur should know to ensure their success.
In today’s work environment, mindfulness is a personal and professional strategy that will improve your performance and productivity. Gain important insight to the many benefits of mindfulness. Learn how you can decrease stress levels while improving focus and clarity, listening and decision-making skills, and your overall happiness and well being.
Dr. Shann Ferch, author, professor, psychologist, and consultant, joins me this week to talk about Servant Leadership. We will explore a deeper understand of what it means to be a Servant Leader in todays business environment. You'll love listening to Dr. Ferch share is vast expertise through fascinating storytelling.
Leaders are measured on their ability to get things done, which requires time management, prioritizing, and effective productivity tools. On this show I uncover one of most effective productivity tools available and share my top 10 tips to becoming more productive to ensure your focusing on the right priorities.
Welcome back Doug Nathan who will be sharing with us the power of our voice to move us through change. By understanding how we move through analytical, heart felt and emotion communication it will help us as leaders to not only understand others, but can also help leaders to inspire and connect with others.
Credibility is positively correlated to success in every sphere of life. If you can’t define credibility or identify its elements, you can’t take advantage of opportunities to boost your credibility and your success. This show will identify what these elements are so you can identify your strengths and weakness in order to take positive steps to boost your credibility and trust in the eyes of others.
The transition to management isn’t just a promotion and a pay raise — it’s a shift into a new type of role that requires a whole new skill set. Tune into this weeks show to learn how to start out strong in your new role, and avoid making mistakes you’ll regret.
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