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All things photography and wedding related (and some other random things we think are interesting ;-P).
3 Episodes
This podcast will give you the easy hacks to manipulate the camera settings to give the images you want. It's easier than you think to take great image if understand the basics of  what aperture, shutter, ISO, and flash are. This is an easy listen and you don't even need to have your camera in front of you to follow along and start taking better pictures today!
The biggest question we see couples having regarding photography coverage is "How much time do we need?" This podcast will break it all down for you. If you just want the quick answer, without the explanation jump to minute 10.Enjoy!Want to check out our work? See Cherryville Photography on the web at



What have you always wanted to ask, but thought it sounded mean? Why are you so expensive, why do you all always wear black, are you REALLY that happy all the time?Ask away and we'll answer!
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