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Author: Rosa Castano

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A place that has been cultivated to create space for the exploration & conversations on all things Holistic Wellness, Self-Development, Spirituality, and Empowerment! I invite you to step into the collective with an open mind, but most importantly and open heart.
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Gina Piccalo is an astrologer and spiritual coach whose clients include award-winning journalists, network executives, PhDs and celebrity designers. She divides time between her home in Nashville and Los Angeles. A longtime journalist, who spent a decade on staff at the Los Angeles Times, Gina earned her Natal Chart certification from Seattle's Kepler College in 2014. She can be found at   IG: @ginapiccaloastrology   IG: @rosamcas//@spiritrisingcollective   Thank you for listening!   USE CODE: SPIRITRISING in the REDEEM COUPON tab for your 15% off.
Valerie Martin (LCSW, RYT) is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work centers on supporting women in their healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and unhealthy relationship patterns, so they can flourish in the life they are meant for and shine their brightest. She believes that through our own growth, we become better equipped to connect authentically with each other and work toward greater justice and compassion among humans, animals, and the earth. Valerie teaches at Inner Light Yoga, and hosts the podcast “What’s the F***ing Point?” exploring the intersection of spirituality, psychology, ecology, and philosophy.   Valerie’s Nashville-based therapy practice: Blog, podcast, coaching and other offerings: Private womxn’s community, Seeds of Power: Instagram: @valkaymartin   IG: @rosamcas // @spiritrisingcollective
On this episode we chat with Ann Sensing on who she came to Sound Baths and what they are! A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants 'bathe' in the soundwaves produced by  instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls.    IG: @ann.sensing // @soundbathnashville IG: @rosamcas // @spiritrisingcollective Would love for you to rate and review this Podcast and help spread the word! What other topics would you like to hear from? Either send me a DM on IG or email me at
Chatting in this episode with Jo-Jo Jackson on all things Ayurveda! We dive into the Doshas and what it means to follow Ayurveda practices! IG: @yogibassist Spirit Rising Collective: @spiritrisingcollective & @rosamcas
Kimberly Novosel's passion for meditation and her mission to change lives led her start Flourish Meditation studio. She came to Flourish from the indoor cycling world, and before that she spent over a decade in the entertainment industry as a wardrobe stylist and artist developer and manager. As a Flourish teacher, her classes are contemplative, creative, and uplifting, with lots of space for you to discover what you’re meant to and nothing but what you need in the most unexpected of ways.   @kimberlynovosel & @meditation @rosamcas & @spiritrisingcollective
This episode I talk with the Mystical Matcha Queen herself, Tiffany Napper! In addition to being a creative visionary and helping brands and entrepreneurs launch their products and services, Tiffany is a wellness advocate, yoga instructor, and matcha enthusiast. Her e-book "Mystical Matcha" aligns easy-to-make recipes with the zodiac signs and includes a sipping mantra for each beverage to truly encourage moments of self-care amidst our busy days. IG: @tiffanynapper IG: @spiritrisingcollective & @rosamcas
This episode we chat with Holly Ramey! You can also check her out over on her Podcast "Tarot Talk" Holly Ramey is an intuitive healer, tarot reader and yoga instructor. Holly started to explore Buddhist meditation as a teenager, and in 2005 she became a student of yoga. Holly is a 500 hour certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, and has studied Vinyasa Flow at Laughing Lotus and advanced training at YogaWorks. She is also certified in both Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga. In 2015 Holly received her Reiki Master attunement with Deborah Hanekamp. Holly uses her skills as a teacher, healer and student of life to help students connect to their own divine wisdom. In 2008 Holly left her successful career in the fashion industry to join the yoga community. She worked as a teacher and studio manager at YogaWorks in NYC for four years before transitioning into a full time teacher and healer. She opened Medicine Space, a unique healing sanctuary in Union Square, NYC with Elizabeth Nuese in 2015. Holly has recently relocated to Nashville, TN and is a new mama to her daughter Ruby Moon.  She continues to work with clients privately in person and via the web. She believes that we can heal the world by healing ourselves. @hollydramey @spiritrisingcollective & @rosamcas
Juliana has been an avid reader from a young age and found the Enneagram 5 years ago and dove head first. She firmly believes in using the Enneagram as a way to gain a high level of genuine self-reporting and self-acceptance for yourself and others. Juliana teaches "Enneagram and Work Culture" workshops for small business or large groups. She also does one-on-one coaching called, "Enneagram and True Leadership" for people in business owners or anyone in an authoritative position in the work place. This coaching teaches how to upgrade into a more integrated level of healthy leadership as well as how to leverage the Enneagram during the hiring process.  For more info you can email her at    IG: @julianacox   @spiritrisingcollective // @rosamcas
In this episode, Liz discusses how to step into your own power when it comes to your health and wellness!   Instagram: @immaculate.confessions
Hi my name is Rosa. I started this podcast to explore all things Holistic Wellness, Self-Development, Spirituality, and empowerment. As I started down my journey I realized there wasn't a good resource to help clear all the muddy waters that is the wellness industry. I figured if I was struggling to get clear answers others might be too. I wanted to create a platform where experts in their field could have a voice and discuss their field.  I also wanted to create a place where I could hold space for those with empowering stories and sharing those with the world.  Thank you so much for being here...come on in!  Instagram: @spiritrisingcollective & @rosamcas Please like, share, and review!
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