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The Heart To Heart Show with James Casino
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The Heart To Heart Show with James Casino

Author: James Casino Jr.

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Welcome to the Heart To Heart Show with James Casino. Changing the world through love. Sharing practical advice from my heart to your heart on subjects that matter most to us. Life is about relationships. Whether it’s our work, ourselves, our family, or that someone special, improving our relationships through love will increase the happiness and well-being of our lives. Please enjoy the show and thank you for listening.
12 Episodes
Learn why forgiveness is so important to maintaining love and peace in our hearts and in our relationships. 
Learn what you should do and shouldn't do when dating in real life and online.
Learn how to apply 7 simple steps in your life to get the job you deserve and love.
Improve your communication skills in every area of your life by following these 7 simple steps.
Learn why it's important to love ourselves in a healthy and proper way.
Learn why love is the key to a truly happy and successful life.
The do's and don'ts of falling in love and once you are in love then learning how to stay in love. 
Learn how to control and eliminate most stress from our relationships, school, work, finances and our health.
Learn the root cause of all the hate in the world and what we can do personally to fix it.
How to maintain our happiness during a breakup. 
How one thought can change our lives and the lives of all people around the world.
A brief story of who I am and what lead me to my new passion in life.
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