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In this first episode, and after a short introduction, I will take you on a quick tour of the universe as seen through the lens of mathematics, theoretical physics, and cosmology. I promise you: if science is your thing, you will want to listen! You may agree, or disagree with my conclusions after I am done retelling 2 fantastic encounters with Doctor Dahesh—believe me, I’ve been there! But, one thing for sure, this will have been one of the most educational podcasts you’ll’ve listened to.
Long before the advent of the Space Age, Doctor Dahesh would reveal the existence of a multidimensional universe that is interwoven with imperceptible and sentient rays called Spiritual Fluids, which radiate from the World of the Spirits. Please Join me on this short, yet fascinating journey into the mechanics of existence according to the Daheshist Faith.
Doctor Dahesh was an exponent of science literacy as a path to discerning evidence of a Creator. Meanwhile, Scientific Atheists prop up the Darwinian Theory of Evolution and pass it off as incontestable scientific fact 
only the dim-minded dare question. This episode, which is rich in crucial Daheshist revelations and poignant snapshots from the history of Daheshism, is the opening statement to my case against the Materialist Worldview that has pervaded the secular West — one that I will lay out, in earnest, in a future installment.
Part 4: Escaping Atlantis

Part 4: Escaping Atlantis


This episode is an unscheduled, urgent stop on my way to showing that well-practiced science is a gateway to the Divine. It takes us deeper into the realm of Daheshist Revelation and is dedicated to Lebanon, my country of birth and the cradle of my childhood memories. It is a brutally honest talk in which I share what I have learned from the writings of Doctor Dahesh, whose name is—tragically—still anathema to the descendants of those whom he sought to deliver from the yoke of sectarianism.
In this episode, I tackle head-on but a small number of gaping flaws inherent within a purported scientific theory that is the cornerstone of intellectually-fulfilled atheism. So, is the popular stigma associated with attempting to argue against Darwinism warranted? Or is it artificial, born of the fearmongering that Darwinists and Scientific Atheists have been engaging in as part of their agenda to scare us into believing the implied conspiracy theory that anyone who dare challenge Darwin is out to insidiously establish a Theocracy?
Part 6: The Good Fight

Part 6: The Good Fight


To anyone who has ever been bullied into accepting Darwinism at face value, or intimidated by the implication they lack the wherewithal to understand its core tenets: this is the episode you have been waiting for! Come, let us escape from this carnival show of smoke and mirrors, as we shield our minds from the gaslighting and equivocation that has led to good, honest science being highjacked by Scientism!
And so we’ve come to the inevitable riddle of passage awaiting earnest champions of science in quest of Truth, if not linguistic clarity! (Seriously, have you ever heard a paleontologist long-windedly describe the intricacies of the tympanic part of the temporal bone?) Now, all aboard and take a deep breath, as we prepare to submerge in a vast, tempestuous ocean; that is, Darwin's rabbit hole. Within its murky depths, purported transitional fossils abound and wax vindication of random whale evolution… But, is this narrative the slam dunk it's cracked up to be? Let's find out!
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