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Mark Philpott talks to people from across the world about their inspirational, motivational and at times, life changing experiences.
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Planning Content of Your About and Contact Page - Review what we discussed last time - 3 things to improve on a submitted website - - Example of a great contact page - - Answer a question – Where do I go for help if I have a problem with my website? - Homework – write content for About Page and Contact Page Connect with Ivana at Websites 4 Small Business
On this episode Ivana covers all you need to know about Planning the Design and Content of Your Product Pages for your website. We first review what we discussed last time and remind people how to find previous episodes 3 things to improve on a submitted website. We have a look at a website submitted by a company called Eloments. Ivana then answers this common question. How do I get to the top of Google? Check out this free downloadable And the Homework for this episode is Write copy and design layout for Product Pages Connect with Ivana at Websites 4 Small Business
In this episode we review what we discussed last time and remind people how to find previous episodes  3 things to improve on a submitted website   Topic to be discussed Planning the Design and Content of Your Services Page   Answer a question How can I make money from my website?   Downloadable How to Create a Killer Services Page   Homework Write copy and design layout for Services page
Stuart has spent his lifetime fascinated by magic in various forms. From the time of his upbringing in a small US town to his dazzling performances across stages across the world, including on the magnificent Orient Express. A man passionate about this trade, as well as about using his talents to help, and to heal people wherever and whenever he can. We find out what got Stuart hooked on the slight of hand, the "unbelievable" , the unnatural, and how he has turned that into a career, and a way to see the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Mr Stuart Palm. Check out all of Stuarts amazing talents right here
Today's episode topic is, Additional Pages to Include On Your Website We answer a question a lot of people ask. We talk about how you can convert visitors into paying customers? A free Downloadable REMINDER - 24 Essential Pages to Include On Your Website How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine And this week's Homework is Come up with a list of additional pages to include on the website Connect with Ivana at Websites 4 Small Business
Cameron Dueck grew up in a Mennonite family on a remote turkey farm in the Canadian Prairies. His journalism career took off in Chicago, where he wrote about American agriculture while learning to sail on Lake Michigan during the weekends. He moved on to New York City, where he further whetted his appetite for the open sea and international news. He next joined Reuters as a correspondent in Singapore, where the idea of foreign ports and strange seas really took hold. When Cameron quit that job he jumped aboard a yacht to sail from Thailand to the Mediterranean, dodging pirates off the coast of Yemen and braving dust storms on the Red Sea. He earned a Royal Yachting Association Offshore Yachtmaster qualification before setting off across the Atlantic Ocean. He soon returned to daily journalism, joining the South China Morning Post and then the Financial Times in Hong Kong.
In this episode Ivana shares all about what are the most important pages to include on your website First off Ivana reviews what we discussed last time. We take a look at someone's website and Ivana 3 things to improve on this particular website, the selected website is Then we head into today's topic. Most Important Pages to Include On Your Website We then answer a question Where do I get images for my website? Here is a free Downloadable 24 Essential Pages to Include On Your Website And lets not forget to do our Homework, this week. Come up with a list of most important pages to include on website Websites 4 Small Business Connect with Humaneity at Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV Wasabi Publicity
Will Parker is a man who is used to adventures. After all he has driven the entire way around the continent of Australia on three separate occasions. In this episode we join Will with his epic adventure with his family as they set out and accomplish a twelve month road trip across the United States of America. In this enthralling episode Will shares with us his tips on behind finding the right type to do such a trip, the costs involved and how long it took to plan this life changing adventure. We get to hear about the amazing places Will and his family visited, and we also find out what states they missed and long to return to explore. If you are looking to do any kind of extensive road tripping then this is the man who can help you prepare and provide some useful tips on how to best spend your time and experience on the road if you are traveling with your family.
Planning the Design of Your Homepage Home page elements - Tagline – Benefit Driven - Focus on Customer and Solve Problems - Catchy Headlines - Links to Key Areas of The Website - Navigation - Keywords - Calls to Action - Visual Appeal - Videos - Credibility - Contact Info - Do not run text from left to right – create 2 – 3 columns Design tools - Canva - Pen and Paper - Whiteboard - Powerpoint Website Review FAQ Should I design the website or get someone else to do it? Downloadable: Homework Create a layout of a homepage Websites 4 Small Business
Melbourne in Australia has seen some of the toughest lockdown conditions in the world during Covid 19. Bill Kerr shares in the episode some deep and meaningful insights that the impact of this long term lockdown is having on him and those around him. Bill also shares some of his meaningful and unforgettable travel escapades and one in particular when Bill feared for his life. A Podcaster, Entrepreneur and all round great guy Bill presents his true authentic self in this episodes that will endear his presence to anyone kind enough to watch or listen to it. To connect with Bill visit Connect with Humaneity at   Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV Wasabi Publicity
South African born, living in Australia, owning a Basketball Team in New Zealand. We catch up with Mike Sutton and find out his great way of starting a business, it includes getting a few people together in a pub with a piece and paper and then making stuff happen. Before you know it you are a regular traveller between Australia and New Zealand setting up a Basketball franchise that does very well in year number one. Mikes story is inspiring, motivating and authentic. We hear about what great things can come from Covid 19 times, and how this man has big plans to make a difference in the world at the same time of running successful businesses. Connect with Mike at :
David and Alicia met online, they got married and have been living happy ever after. Alicia is originally from Venezuela, and she met David (British) in Florida. As they say, the rest is history. ] This adoring couple talk about their passion for eco friendly travel, and how they plan their holidays around organic eating, and sustainable living. Mindful to be supporting local farmers and restaurants when they travel as well as maintaining their own passion and desire for a balanced lifestyle. In this episode David shares many great tips on what they look out for, and how their recent domestic travel excursions have resulted in them finding some awesome destinations close to home. They call themselves 'Two Picky Travelers' and throughout this episode you will grow more and more fond of David and Alicia. Connect with them here Connect with Humaneity at Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV Wasabi Publicity
In this episode Website Design Guru Ivana Katz walks us through the process of making sure that you choose the right fonts and colours for your website design. This episodes agenda includes · Reviewing what we discussed in the last episode. · Quick website review - Aust Super Foods · Then we dive into today's topic - Choosing Colours and Fonts for your Website · Ivana tells us a story about a Client who had a colour palette containing 36 colours and 12 graphics  Example of good use of colour - Alexandra and Sally websites · Tools -,, . Competition details - Win a comprehensive website audit ( · Answer a question - How do I choose a design for my website? · Homework - Choose 3 complementary colours, choose colours for design elements, choose fonts To connect with Ivana Websites 4 Small Business Connect with Humaneity at Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV Wasabi Publicity
Kristian Livolsi is a serial entrepreneur and in this video, he shares his amazing story from being super successful to hitting rock bottom. From being a multi-millionaire to living in his car, and going home to tell his mother he had lost everything. Kristian has rebuilt his life, with new values, a new mindset, and transcendent energy. Kristian's amazing sense of purpose, self-belief, and all-round terrific advice in this episode will help you on your positive and meaningful journey in your life pursuits. Throughout this episode Kristian will share how to; Pick yourself up when you are down How to walk away from excuses How to focus on what you are passionate about. How to learn to fail and then fail again. How to end and walk away when something isn't right. How to believe in yourself in a way you never have. How to surround yourself with people who matter. Kristian's youtube channel is here with his podcast Kristian has also released a book Connect with Humaneity at Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV Wasabi Publicity
About Snezhana Djambazova –Popordanoska, MD, PhD in Psychology Snezhana is a world renowned Counsellor (counselling people from more than 100 countries), Mindfulness Coach, and a Motivational Speaker. As a Motivational Speaker she has been invited at many national and International academic conferences and public events, as well as a guest at few radio and TV shows, to name just a few: Motivational speech entitled “Another Way of Living”, Canberra, Australia. Connect with Snezhana at Web: Linkedin: YouTube Channel: Dr Snezhana ( Facebook: Snezhana Djambazova Popordanoska Facebook: AnotherWay Instagram: @anotherwayedu
The Travel Industry has been decimated by Covid 19 , and everyone of those who work in the industry has a story to share. This is Aimee Samm's story, from her first days of being introduced to flying as a career to what is happening today, how its impacted her life, and what she thinks will happen. Aimee shares inside knowledge on how air crew check out boarding passengers, as well as what makes the best passengers. How to overcome Jetlag, Aimee's way. We find out what was Aimee's first destination, and what airline she used to work for before something major happened. Where have been the most memorable destinations, and what is her favorite airport? Flying 19 hours non stop from the UK to Australia is no fun, or is it? Find out what this veteran of the skies has to say about modern airliners and what the job is really like. Connect with Aimee at Connect with Humaneity at Humaneity’s Collaboration Alliances BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTV
He quit his job as a Corporate Lawyer, brought a sailboat and single handedly sailed it from Amsterdam in the Netherlands across the Atlantic, and then across the Pacific Ocean to Australia where he met our show host Mark Philpott.   In this episode Menno Van Loon reflects on the decision of leaving behind the perceived safety of a regular job, and heading off on a five year adventure of a lifetime.   We get up close and personal about Menno's time aboard his boat, what every day was like, what route he took, and what encounters he had along the way.   What were some of the hardest moments?   What were some of the most pleasurable?   Now back in Amsterdam, Menno shares what it was like to readjust to "normal" life again, and what were the things he missed while away, and what he misses now that he is back "home".   For anyone who dreams of a big adventure in life, and who wants a little 'nudge' to get started Menno shares some useful tips in this episode about how to get started, but more importantly 'why' you should do it.   The world's biggest oceans may not be for everyone, but freedom is, and this is one man's true story about leaving behind a routine life, and taking on an adventure that soothes your soul and your mind.   Connect with Menno here   Connect with Humaneity at     Humaneitys Collaboration Partners BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTv          
In this episode Mark talks to Chris James. Chris has recently emigrated from the UK, with his young family and is loving life in Melbourne, albeit getting used to a new reality! Chris is a high-performance CEO & Co Founder with a deep experience in building companies, and driving growth. Most recently, he founded & scaled a premium health & wellness brand from scratch, and sold a 3 year Business Licence Agreement (EU) at the end of 2019. Chris Created & developed a range of award winning premium health products stocked at over 100 leading stores across the UK, including Harrods, Liberty London, SpaceNK, and Wholefoods markets is an Author (Random House, Penguin) ~ 'Mind Body Cleanse' by Chris James, voted as best self-help book in Your Fitness Magazine. He nailed the QVC Shopping Channel and sold out of stock in the first 60 hair-raising seconds live on air! And Voted as one of the TOP-10 Yoga teachers in the UK. Trained Teachers internationally. His hobbies include, Cricket, playing bass guitar, scuba diving, and surfing and in this episode Mark quiz's Chris on many of his traveling highlights as he has criss crossed the planet over the years. Connect with Chris at WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Connect with Humaneity at Humaneitys Collaboration Partners BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTv
In this video our resident chef Dion Taylor from HSG At The Gardens in Bundaberg, Australia walks us through another audience members recipe.   Today we are off to Bulgaria to explore a delightful dish. Thanks to listener Greta Dimitrova for sending us this recipe.   One of the most popular summer cold soup for warm weather.   It is called 'Tarator' emphasis on the third syllable (o). It is pronounced as spelled.   Recipe details. Serves 4-6 portions 1 English Cucumber 2 medium garlic cloves 400-450 grams of yogurt 3-4 stems bunch of fresh dill 3-4 stems of fresh parsley Handful of walnuts 4 Tbsp of olive oil. Salt to taste 1. Peel off the cucumber and cut in small cubes in a soup ball. Need extra space for the yogurt mix later. 2. Peel and crush the garlic cloves with a little bit of sea salt and add to mixture 3. Crush walnuts and add to mixture( I use simple grinding bowl, old method, no crush press or other tools for both garlic and walnuts but I do not crush them together) 4. Remove stems of dill and parsley, cut up the leaves ( minced dill and parsley) and add to mixture 5. Add olive 6. Mix everything together (the olive oil coats the mixture and is more even) 7. Mix the yogurt with a cup of water. If it is too thick you may add extra water. Stir with fork to get even consistency 8. Add yogurt mixture to bowl, stir and serve or better chill in the fridge and serve.    If concerned about garlic ... Can be omitted. Some restaurants in Bulgaria may not put garlic because is mostly a lunch soup and people may opt out of this when they have to return to office after lunch.     Connect with Humaneity at   Humaneitys Collaboration Partners BPO Heroes Websites 4 Small Business DickieTv    
With COVID-19 looming and a large majority of the population still in confinement, many are left feeling afraid, isolated, and emotional. Instead of dealing with these feelings head-on, for some, it may seem easier to eat their feelings away and avoid tough situations.  During this episode, Nat & Jess will deep dive into how unhealthy emotions can hinder our health and create unhealthy habits. Tune in for tips and tricks on how to address emotional eating head-on and create emotional freedom. TALKING POINTS: What is emotional eating  Why do people turn to food, instead of dealing with their emotions  Eating when stressed Eating when bored  Eating unconsciously  How being too far in the masculine can lead to emotional eating  The shadow side of eating  How meditation can help with emotional eating  The art of mindfulness and listening to your body  Healthy habits to combat emotional eating Tips and tricks you can start using today  Connect with Jessica at Connect with Natalie at   Connect with Humaneity at    
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