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A show all about travel. Our guests share their, often amazing travel experiences from all across the world. Travel tips, places of interest, as well as often the beaten track holiday locations. If you love traveling then this show is for you.
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Barnaby Davies was born in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. He studied as a trombonist at the Royal College of Music in London before going on to work as a ‘roadie’ for the biggest bands and artists in the world. From Madonna in Moscow to AC/DC in Athens, there was always an adventure. Episode Time Stamps 01.15  - A little about Hastings in the UK 03.00 - Pirates and World Mini Golf Championships 04.40 - Who does Barnaby dedicate his show too? 11.20 - Go and visit the Sound Mirrors 13.40 - Barnaby’s first overseas trip and what his Dad did. 15.30 - Trombone trip to Belgium 17.00 - A piece of the Berlin wall 18.15 - The definition of optimism 19.50 - When are you happy? 24.00 - Philosophy of Life 26.28 - Touring with Madonna 29.40 - On the road as a roadie 33.00 - Metallica Memorabilia 38.00 - Getting the truck stuck in the snow 40.00 - Guinness World Record 42.00 - How to chase a world record 43.00 - Blowing out candles by farting 51.00 - Human trafficking 54.05 - What traveling has given Barnaby Connect with Barnaby on Social Media at A tourism report is here:   The other link to taking my FREE Human Trafficking online course is here:   Connect with Humaneity at   Music Credits Rock Angel , DJ Quads, Sparks   Collaboration Partner BPO Heroes  
In this episode Mark speaks to Atdhe Trepca who is a director working in Los Angeles and New York. His narrative and photography projects have been curated by popular publications and festivals across the country. Likewise, his commercial work has been serviced to major studios, television networks and popular brands. The common thread between these works is a dedication to human behavior, a design oriented vision with an affinity to celluloid film, and a high standard for compelling storytelling. Check out and support Atdhe at IG: @Are_You_Happpy YT: Are You Happy TikTok: @areyouhapppy Connect with Humaneity Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Website -     Music Credits - Rock Angel Dj Quads - Sparks  
This month Dion brings to life his own creation of Australian fusion cooking. The dish is Chilli Prawns with Lime and Quinoa.  Ingredients for today’s recipe: Chilli Prawns with Lime & Quinoa Serves 4 500g green prawns (peeled, tail on) 1 punnet cherry tomatoes 4 x baby capsicum 250g fresh butter beans 400g diced tomatoes 1 small bunch parsley 2 cloves garlic 2 birds eye chillies 1 lime Olive oil Salt & pepper 2 x cups white quinoa Method: Quinoa- Use a large pot, add the quinoa and cover with approx 1ltr water, salt & pepper. Add to the stove top on high heat and cook for approx 15mins, or until the grains are clear and soft. Drain any excess liquid off and Set aside with a lid on. Prawns- peel the prawns, leave the tail on for some extra visual appreciation. Sauce- Peel and finely slice 1 brown onion, the garlic cloves and set aside together in a small bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Cut the small capsicums into 1/4’s and remove the green stalk and seeds. Finely chop the chilli and upto to you if you want to keep the seeds for the extra heat. Take a large frypan with a lid and place on the stove top to moderately heat. Add a generous splash of olive oil to the pan, allow to heat and then add the sliced onions and garlic. Cook for approx 5mins, then add the chopped tomatoes, capsicum and chilli. Add the tin of crushed tomatoes and allow to simmer. Season the sauce with salt and pepper. Once you’re happy with the sauce flavour, add the prawns to the top of the sauce mix and cover with the lid for approx 4mins. This helps to steam the prawns at the same time. Turn the prawns over in the sauce and continue with lid on for another 4mins and they will be cooked through. Add the chopped parsley and gold through the sauce mix. Serving- Place the cooked quinoa across the bottom of a large serving platter. Spoon the prawns and sauce mix over the top of the quinoa and garnish with lime quarters. Enjoy!!   Music Credit - Mexicana En Lele - The Gang  
Wander Within in the Workplace. With the massive changes in the workplace, it’s easy for employees to feel afraid and out of balance. Even with new “work from home” policies, many find themselves feeling always on, overworked, out of time, and stressed. During this episode, Nat & Jess will share tips and tricks for creating greater balance (and productivity) in the workplace.  The importance of incorporating health and wellness in the workplace Easy ways to start adding wellness into your work day How to avoid burnout Healthy foods that can keep you focused, refreshed, and energized Why yoga and meditation is key to starting (and ending) your day  Top supplements for greater focus and cognition  Why setting a work routine is important Is your current job not a health fit? Here are a few good places to start to look for work How to deal with the stress of being laid off, as well as uncertainty  Discuss the “Wander in the Workplace” corporate workshop offerings (i.e. Mention “GTC” for $100 off the price)   Supplements we recommended on the show: L-Theanine — Is a nootropic and cognitive enhancer that reduces mental fatigue and stress. If you take 100 mg of caffeine (8oz cup) with 200 mg of L-Theanine, you'll experience heightened focus, awareness, and energy, without the jitters of caffeine (Note: I do not recommend doing this every day, but only when you need the extra focus at work) Nutritional Yeast — Nutritional yeast is a great source of protein, B vitamins, and trace minerals. It will give you tons of energy!  And Nat recommended Vitamin C, which is great for your immunity and overall wellbeing  Music Credit Mexicana En Lelé — Le Gang [Music promoted by Audio Library]
Joshua travelled to Afghanistan to go to war, and after 10 years in the military he commenced a 30 month, 119 country, 6 continent travel crusade.  We have a great time talking about countries like Poland, Japan, Slovenia, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Dubai and others. Find out where his worst Uber experience was, where the most memorable sunrise was, what country emotionally challenged him the most, and what city he couldn't wait to get out of. What's really in the potatoes in Poland? What's the best lake to swim in Slovenia? Where did he have his most memorable dinner? What is the best value for money travel destination in Joshua's mind? Check out his work at Music Credit - Flying High, Fredji Collaboration Partner - BPO Heroes    
Kevin left the US to go and studied in Shanghai, China and that was his first awakening to global travel. Since then he has combined his passion for teaching and travel blogging into a synchronized platform that allows him to see the world over. Located currently in Brazil, Kevin talks about his time in Vietnam, suggesting some great places to visit and how to get to them, then he shares journeys to Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Kevin talks about the current situation in Brazil with Covid 19 and what his future plans are associated with his addiction to both coffee and travel. Check out Kevin's Travel Blog at  Music Credit - Flying High Fredji
From humble beginnings in the Philippines we track Janes travel stories through life and find out this soulful human has much to care about on how she leaves every place she's visited. Over 50 countries visited and counting, but her sharing about Bear spray, Rockie Mountain trips, and snowshoeing are classic reminders that while we are all impacted by the amount of travel we can do, there is perhaps no better place for us all to discover than our own country right now. Jane shares her opinion on what travel bloggers miss out on, how she see's things moving forward, and how she is coping with the eternal travel bug that she has. A reflection on a road trip to Norway, listening to the salt plains in Chile and what is the best place to live out of Canada or the USA.  Janes joyful disposition makes this episode both a joy and fun as we rush quickly through our time.           
James has spent a lot of his young life living and travelling around the world, we find out where and for how long and then we focus on his upcoming journey of a lifetime. James is about to commence walking across the entire continent of Australia from East to West, unsupported, pushing his own supplies the whole way. This 4000km adventure will take James around 100 days to complete and he will have to deal with sleeping in the desert, watching out for roadtrains and many other harsh tests along the way. James explains in this episode the plan.
Mel talks to us from a spectacular place in Australia that you need to know about and then we meander through her journey to becoming a International Travel Writer. We find out in what country she was born, where her first trips were too, and then we explore the Maldives and Zanzibar in some details. If you have ever wanted to go to the Maldives or Zanzibar then this is an insightful honest account of what you can expect to find to see and do in these places.  I put Mel on the spot and ask her to give us all her honest impression when it comes to value for money destinations, yes or no. Listen in now to find out what Mel thinks. Connect with Mel online here Instagram: @thewritewaytotravel Twitter: @MelindaHealy  
Perhaps to a large extent South America is the forgotten continent. Chad talks to me about many of the wonderful places there are to go in South America. When is the best time to visit? Where should you start your South American exploration from? Is it safe to travel there? What kind of holiday can you expect to have? Where is the best food? What to pack when you go? Where are the hidden gems of destinations?  All that and more in this the 150th episode of the Global Travel Channel. Check out Chimu Adventures at   Music Credit - Mexicana Le gang Collaboration Partner - BPO Heroes 
Show listener Karin Van Den Eede from Belgium sent us the recipe for todays show. Dion gets to it in the kitchen and knocks out this wonderful dish. Listen to Dion as he explains what ingredients are required and a step by step guide to how it comes together.   Todays Recipe. Flemish White asparagus INGREDIENTS 12 white asparagus 1/2 lemon (the juice) 2 hard boiled eggs 75 g sweet butter 1 handful of flat parsley Salt Freshly ground pepper   PREPARATION STEP 1 Peel the asparagus from head to toe using a peeler and cut the latter (about 1 cm). 2ND STEP Cook the asparagus the English way: Bring a large amount of water to a boil. STEP 3 Salt and add your asparagus and cook for about fifteen minutes (more or less depending on the size of them). I love them al-dente. STEP 4 Check the cooking with the tip of a knife, it should come in like butter. STEP 5 Drain the asparagus and let cool if you prefer to consume it cold or lukewarm. If you prefer to eat them hot, you will need to make the sauce at the same time as cooking. STEP 6 Make my Flemish sauce by coarsely mashing hard-boiled eggs with a fork. STEP 7 In a skillet or frying pan, melt the butter over high heat with the lemon juice while whisking until the butter froths. STEP 8 Remove from the heat and add the crushed hard-boiled eggs and the chopped parsley. STEP 9 Salt and pepper, mix. STEP 10 When ready to serve, arrange your asparagus on serving plates and distribute part of the sauce. STEP 11 Serve with 2 or 3 small pieces of toasted country bread and the rest of the Flemish sauce.   Music Credit Mexicana En Lelé — Le Gang Voice Over - Julia Sheehan Collaboration Partner - BPO Heroes.
Born in Haiti, he moved to New York City as a young teenager and then started seeing the world. In this episode Berny shares with us his early years of travel, where he went to party a lot, and then what place meant more to him as he got older.  Berny chooses two countries that stand out from his global travels to date, both are interesting choices.  I also chatted to Berny about the pressing topic of BLACK LIVES MATTERS and at the end of the episode we spend some time talking about what is happening in the USA at the moment and Berny shares what he thinks a solution could be. A great insight from a Man who has travelled a lot as well as been seen as a minority for a long time.  GLOBAL TRAVEL CHANNEL PODCAST RELEASED Listen here   Born in Haiti, he moved to New York City as a young teenager and then started seeing the world. In this episode Berny shares with us his early years of travel, where he went to party a lot, and then what place meant more to him as he got older.   Berny chooses two countries that stand out from his global travels to date, both are interesting choices.   I also chatted to Berny about the pressing topic of BLACK LIVES MATTERS and at the end of the episode we spend some time talking about what is happening in the USA at the moment and Berny shares what he thinks a solution could be.   A great insight from a Man who has travelled a lot as well as been seen as a minority for a long time.   Music Credits Mexicana En Lelé — Le Gang  
In this the second episode of the Global Travel Channel Wellness Series with Natalie and Jessica we talk about how important Self love is. Nat and Jess share some tips and tricks on what you can do to take special care of yourself first and foremost, making sure that you are always taking some time in your day for you. There are plenty of useful nuggets in this episode for you to start making every day count for you whether you are at home or on the road travelling. 
Jessica Lascheit is the CEO of Australian based company BPO Heroes. BPO Heroes is an outsourcing company and in this short episode I chat to Jessica about how her business can help people right now with outsourcing requirements as well as getting an explanation on what types of functions can be outsourced. 
I chat with Dr Deborah Mills who is a Travel Doctor. We find out how one becomes a Travel Doctor. Deborah answers a host of questions from the shows audience, as well as providing plenty advice on other travel related questions such as, What is the best remedy for jet lag, what are the essential items to have in ones medical travel kit, does Vitamin B stop mosquitos, if you have to apply insect repellent and sunscreen which one do you apply first, and can tonic water stop Malaria.  The doctor also gives her tips on travel coming out of Covid 19 and what the world of travel will look like for all of us on the other side.   
Greg was a Journalist, he wanted to become a Comedian. So he did, we hear of his journey from one to the other and how passion, drive, determination and self belief got him there. As he has circled the globe over the years Greg has seen humanity through different eyes, and has concluded that laughter is what we all need. This man learnt his art alongside the like of Jerry Seinfeld, he's shared stages with Celine Dion and Jay Leno yet has remained humbled throughout the years.  In this, at times hilarious encounter, Greg and I chat about many of his travel experiences, and one particular flight to Australia where he didn't even leave the airport before returning to the US.  Its time for a laugh folks, I give you Mr Greg Schwem.  
We launch the Global travel Channel Food Series Season 1 with Dion Taylor a chef from the Bundaberg region in Australia's state of Queensland. Dion has been inspired his whole life about food from around the world and after time in the UK learning his trade he travel to many parts of the world to evolve as a culinary specialist. In this our first episode of the series Dion walks us through the preparation of a dish from Mexico, it is called AguaChile. Sent to the show by a listener Luisa Gonzalez the dish is easy to prepare and will leave your taste buds wanting more.   
Travel comes in all shapes and sizes yet the magnitude of Robert DeLaurentis's record breaking flight in his twin engine turbo prop aircraft from Pole to Pole is astounding. In this episode we hear about the level of detail that went into planning for this epic adventure. How when he left his home base of San Diego, USA he felt his chances to succeed were around 50%.  With a NASA experiment on board and a belly full of courage, determination and inner peace Robert took to the air and headed south. He met his match on an incredible crossing to the South Pole and he relives this truly remarkable experience as things started to go haywire inside the cockpit. Then Covid 19 started to infect the world and it wasn't long before Robert, his plane and his plans were derailed. We catch up with Robert as he continues a journey that will not only see him enter the record books but will result in a human being inspiring a world, as well as finding something within that he didnt know he had.
Born and raised in Montana in the USA Alex shares about her first overseas travel experience to Venice, Italy. That trip changed her life, and her appetite for travel ignited. We dive deep into Alex's travel experiences by playing a fun game in which Alex has to remember how certain travel experiences changed her life and made her feel. With over 50 countries visited Alex surprisingly keeps coming back to a few favourites as the memories role and as her life journey evolves. We get deep and personal talking about her eating disorder and how travel has helped her to taking over those demons. Find out what this ex Ballerina ended up doing in her life and what she thinks the digital nomad landscape will look like in the future. 
Leslie Rose Petersen is from Wisconsin in the Unites States, in this episode Leslie shares with us her amazing experience in becoming an Au Pair and traveling to Australia to enjoy many parts of the country while being based in Sydney. Leslie tells us of her incredible experience on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as her visit to the Daintree Rainforest. She then headed off to Melbourne, Australia’s sporting capital to take in the Australian Tennis Open and while she was there she got up close and personal with one of the games male stars, listen to find out more. After giving some tips on places in and around Sydney that people should visit we head over the Tasman Sea to New Zealand where Leslie tackled her first Sky Diving experience. A trip to Milford Sound and Queenstown left her wanting more of New Zealand. Then its off to sample some of Asia’s finest in Singapore and Taipei. Definitely this young lady packed in a ton of travel during her time away and what impact did that all have on her? , Listen in to find out. Then finally Leslie is invited to a date in 2025 ! What could that be? Ladies and Gentlemen, Leslie Rose Petersen is your GUEST for this episode. Don’t forget to VOTE for Leslie in the upcoming 2019/20 Global Travel Channel Podcast Awards. All you have too do is go to and vote for her in various categories. It’s easy and literally will take you a few minutes. This episodes music was created by Fredji - Flying High The Global Travel Channel Collaboration Partner is BPO Heroes. This Podcast episode or parts there of can not be used for any purposes without prior consent from Mark Philpott  of the Global Travel Channel.  
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