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The Great Lakes Water Quality Board (WQB) of the International Joint Commission (IJC) recently released a report: Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin. Blue Fish Radio is pleased to have Gayle Wood,, Canadian Co-Chair of the GL Water Quality Board, as our guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show. Gayle provides a first-hand overview of the report's findings and recommendations developed over four years to help ensure against major disasters and environmental loss.
A Win For Upper St. Lawrence River MuskieBlue Fish Canada is pleased to introduce you to four of the advocates behind the push to end the development of Blind Bay on the Upper St. Lawrence River. Each tells their portion of the advocacy that successfully ended plans to commercially develop prime Muskie spawning habitat. Together Host Lawrence Gunther explores with the four guests what needs to come next.Guests include:John Peach, Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper and Executive Director of Save the RiverJeff Garnsey 3rd generation Muskie guide and Chair of Save The RiverDr. John Farrell, Professor of Aquatic and Fisheries Science & Director, Thousand Islands Biological StationJake Tibbles Executive Director Thousand Island Land Trust
Dr. Barrie Gilbert is a world renowned expert on animal behavior and advisor to Nature Canada, the NGO championing a new National Marine Conserved Area for Lake Ontario’s East Basin. On this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show Barrie explains that the NMCA would bring additional needed scientific research to the area, improve safeguards for fish habitat, and shine a light on the vastly under-utilized and bountiful fisheries in the area.
This podcast is a recording of a panel discussion I organized and hosted with the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Science featuring virtual fishing tournament organizers, Fish biology researchers, and the inventor of the My Catch app. The five presentations take the first 30 minutes and is followed by a live Q/A session with the over 280 webinar participants who caught one of the two Facebook streams or YouTube stream. We drilled down on topics such as confidentiality, data protection, and how the app facilitates both fisheries research and tournament coordination.
In the summer of 2021 Blue Fish Canada submitted input on proposed changes to the Lake Nipissing recreational fishing regulations, and in January 2022 the new regs were released. Kim Tremblay is the Lake Nipissing Management Biologist for the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, and our guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show where we discuss the new fishing regs, and the nation-to-nation fisheries collaboration and understanding between the Government of Ontario and Nipissing First Nation. Listen and learn what it takes to juggle competing interests when developing and updating the Lake Nipissing Management Plan. This podcast follows the episode featuring Chief Scott McLeod from Nipissing First Nation.
The Government of Ontario recognizes the Nipissing First Nation’s Chi-Naaknigewin (Constitution) and Fisheries Law, a first for Ontario. This recognition supports a new approach to fisheries management and nation-to-nation relationship building. Chief Scott McLeod of Nipissing First Nation is our guest on the Blue Fish Radio Show. Chief McLeod offers a brief historic and legal overview of their fishery, followed by a wide-ranging conversation that explores everything from the spring spear fishery, the catch-and-release recreational fisheries, and the responsibility that comes with modern fishing technologies.
Twice named by WIRED as Europe’s Hottest Startups, the Fishbrain angler app leads the pack in popularity. On this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show, Fishbrain’s founder and CEO Johan Attby dives deep into the software company’s mission, accomplishments, targets and challenges, including how Fishbrain applies artificial intelligence and social networking to fuel its exponential growth.
Brad Fenson has been an outdoor enthusiast and writer for over three decades. Through determination and hard work Brad continues to make his living by applying his craft. On this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show Brad offers advice on how to build a career as an outdoor communicator, and how he’s pivoted from writing exclusively, to become a producer of multi-media content such as his new “Harvest Your Own” podcast. Join us as we discuss the philosophy of harvesting your own on Blue Fish Radio.
Brett Kissel is young, hard working, a father of three, and has earned 22 Canadian Country Music Awards with his five albums, 15 top-ten hits and three number one songs on the radio. Brett is also the producer and host of Sportsman Canada TV’s new show Backwoods and Back Stage. Brett is our guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show, and shares his thoughts on family, fishing and hunting, and how living life gives him the strength, motivation and experience to make an authentic living as an entertainer. He also has a lot to say about where we are heading and what it all means for nature.
Dr. Hannah Harrison from the University of Guelph shares her learnings gained through numerous interviews with commercial fishers during the past two years. Dr. Harrison shares her insights on where community supported fisheries are now, and what we the public need to do to ensure these artisanal fishers have the respect and support essential to their continued operations such as working waterfronts. We also discuss what it takes to resolve resource sharing conflicts – all this and more on The Blue fish Radio Show.
In November 2021 Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark was diving with a colleague at the mouth of Halifax harbor when they encountered a 3-meter Great White shark. The shark made a number of passes before the two divers were able to reach the surface and board their dive boat. Chris is a regular diver and marine ecosystem expert with Dalhousie University, but the encounter still caught him by surprise. Chris shares details of the encounter and what the return of white sharks to Atlantic Canada may mean for the ecosystem, tourism, fish and fishing, on The Blue fish Radio Show
Dr. Steven Cooke is always on top of the latest trends with the science to ensure we anglers fine tune our practices to the betterment of fish. ON this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show Dr. Cooke shares research results concerning topics such as the post-release behavior of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, hook removal best practices and things to avoid, and handling bass do’s and don’ts’s when ice fishing.
Dr. Andrew Trikes from the University of British Columbia and his research team at the Marine Mammal Research Unit just published their findings on Chinook salmon abundance specific to the foraging habits of both southern and northern resident Killer whales. The research results, published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, have caused people to re-think what may be causing southern residents to experience pour nutrition. Dr. Trites is our guest once again on The Blue Fish Radio Show, and we talk about the research and what other factors may be impacting southern resident Killer whales.
According to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, recreational fishers are routinely violating the 400-metre protection buffers around Southern Resident killer whales. The Foundation is now calling for a complete end to recreational salmon fishing in southern B.C. Joining us again on The Blue Fish Radio Show is Chris Bos, Coordinator of a south Vancouver Island Chinook salmon hatchery, President of the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, and Director with the Public Fishery Alliance. Join Chris and I as we discuss the need for science-based precautionary conservation measures in the fight to save these whales and BC’s billion-dollar marine recreational fishery.
Dr. Michael Murray served as a senior biologist with the National Wildlife Federation for over 20 years. His knowledge of Great Lakes fish health and impacts of legacy and emerging toxins is tremendous, as is his experience in how different governments develop and implement fish consumption Advisories. In my role as Chair of the Great Lakes Fish Health Network, getting to meet and know Dr. Murray has been extremely helpful. More collaborations to come, but for now, it’s my honour to have Michael as a guest on this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show.
Watersheds Canada has taken shoreline restoration to new depths with their new “Fish Habitat Enhancement Toolkit”. The free Fish Habitat Enhancement Toolkit provides grassroots organizations and community groups with project guides, updated protocols, and accompanying videos to identify suitable sites and successfully enhance various types of fish habitat. Project materials include walleye spawning bed enhancement, in-water fish habitat enhancement with woody debris, and cold-water creek enhancement. Melissa Dakers, Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager with Watersheds Canada, discusses how her organization is partnering with groups across Canada to improve unseen natural fish habitat in lakes and rivers on The Blue Fish Radio Show.
Pure Fishing’s General Manager of Canadian Operations, Rob Walton, is the new president of the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association and the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation. Listen to Rob’s conversation with Lawrence Gunther about the role of industry to support conservation, sponsor anglers, give voice to public fisheries across Canada, and promote the mental and physical health benefits of fishing to the ever-growing number of people learning to fish. Rob also speaks about on-going advocacy and public outreach initiatives on this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show:
Former Globe&Mail journalist Mark Hume recently penned a 4,000-word opinion piece that appeared in the Globe&Mail on June 12 2021 called “fish are caught in the middle of the catch-and-release debate”. It’s a brilliant examination of the history of angling, and why catch-and-release fishing is a justifiable and essential element of our conservation strategy. Mark is no stranger to exploring and sharing stories about fishing having written five books on nature with a 5th to come out later this fall. I reached out to Mark through a mutual friend, author and previous guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show, Bob Hooton. Link to hear my conversation with Mark as we discuss what prompted him to write the article, what groups are against catch-and-release fishing, and why we fish, on The Blue Fish Radio Show.
MP Bob Zimmer has spent the last year travelling throughout B.C. to meet and speak with public fishers about their access concerns. His videos documenting his consultations have been watched over 450,000 times. Clearly, public fishery access along the B.C. coast is a hot topic, and no wonder given that it generates $1.1 billion of economic activity spread out over numerous coastal communities. Link to hear MP Bob Zimmer speak about what he’s learned on The Blue Fish Radio show.
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