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Blue Fish Radio is produced and hosted by Lawrence Gunther ( The show features interviews with people that have expertise and first-hand knowledge about fishing, fish and aquatic ecosystems. Lawrence Gunther applies his expertise, experience and engaging style to both educate and entertain listeners. Each show lasts 30 minutes and is streamed by a number of broadcasters.

Production and distribution of the Blue Fish Radio Show is intended to share valuable lessons and successes so more people can become stewards of their aquatic resources. By empowering local champions with knowledge, future generations of fishers will have the opportunity to pursue the tradition of fishing, and by doing so, maintain a vital link between people and nature.

If you have a story to tell about how you made a difference in your community, or would like to nominate a local champion to be interviewed on Blue Fish Radio, please send an email to:
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Dr. Alexandra Morton has dedicated her life to researching and understanding B.C.'s complex and interconnected coastal ecosystems. Dr. Morton’s new book “Not On My Watch” chronicles her effort and ultimate fight to get the truth out about the ruinous impacts of open pen salmon farming on wild pacific salmon. Her commitment to conduct science in the face of overwhelming opposition, and to speak truth to those in power bent on silencing her voice, is not only turning the page on an exploitative and destructive industry, but serves as a shining example of what it means to put nature first. Link below to hear Alexandra Morton discuss what she’s sacrificed personally and professionally to protect wild salmon on The Blue Fish Radio Show:
Mr. Todd Sellers is the Executive Director of the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation. Over the past 15 years the Foundation, under Todd’s leadership, has put Lake of the Woods on the map to gain the attention required to document and reverse a number of troubling trends. A lake that crosses international borders, touches two provinces and one State, and measures 100 km in width and 160 km in length, it’s known as the jewel of north-western Ontario. Link below to hear how this remote lake is now the focus of numerous governments, international bodies, and a vocal stakeholder community on The Blue Fish Radio Show: To register for the April 14 Lake of the Woods workshops with Environment and Climate Change Canada and make your concerns known about water quality and fish health visit:www.LOWWSF.comTo learn more about what ECCC is doing and to submit your own recommendations before the April 30 deadline
Peter Krahn is a professional chemical/environmental engineer with 38 years experience specializing in forensic criminal environmental investigations. Now retired, Peter is developing a selective fishing technology for sustainably harvesting salmon and Steelhead to replace destructive gill nets. It supports scientific data collection, and supports selective harvesting, the removal of invasive fish species, and the release of wild fish. Listen to Peter Krahn and Dave Brown from the Public Fishery Alliance on The Blue Fish Radio Show talk with host Lawrence Gunther
Kevin Estrada is the owner of Sturgeon Slayers guided fishing in B.C. with a focus on “Catch, record, release”. Kevin leadership on Sturgeon conservation includes his championing the first ever Parliamentary bill on sturgeon that called for transitioning from gill nets to sustainable harvesting. Kevin also leads a citizen science initiative to tag and track juvenal Sturgeon, which now includes high school students. Link below to hear Kevin speak about his passion and work to conserve Fraser River Sturgeon on The Blue Fish Radio Show:
In a recent IJC report, “Assessing Progress: Climate change and algal blooms in Lake Superior”, Dr. Jay Austin, University of Minnesota’s Duluth Large Lakes Observatory, says “Lake Superior is one of the fastest-changing lakes in the world”. Dr. Austin knows this because he and his team have been measuring just how fast summer lake water temperature is warming, the decrease in duration of winter ice cover, and the increase in blue-green algal blooms. And, in 2016, 2017 and 2018, the number and intensity of storms causing erosion and shoreline infrastructure destruction. According to the IJC, “the high resource value of Lake Superior needs to be protected to maintain public trust that important resources can be saved”.Link below to hear Dr. Austin discuss his research with editor Lawrence Gunther on The Blue Fish Radio Show, and why Lake Superior serves as an ideal model for measuring climate change impacts
Oceans are warming, fish are moving, so what can Canada’s Ocean Tracking Network tell us? We speak with dr. Frederick Whoriskey of Dalhousie University and the Executive Director of the Ocean Tracking Network. From Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char, to Greenland and Great White sharks, and more, we find out how Canada’s east coast fish species are faring, and why Striped Bass are on the rise. Link below to hear dr. Whoriskey on The Blue Fish Radio Show:
One health recognizes that every action taken in nature generates a reaction, that we need to be healthy to fully appreciate nature, and that we are dependent on nature for our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.
The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters works hard to inform outdoor anglers and hunters about outdoor opportunities and restrictions. Mr. Mark Ryckman, Manager of Policy at the OFAH, speaks with Lawrence Gunther about the challenges in 2020 and this new round of stay-at-home restrictions. It’s not all bad news thanks to strong advocacy by the OFAH to keep Ontario fishing. Link below to hear Mark discuss what was learned in 2020, and how anglers are having to pivot once again:The OFAH reached out to government officials to seek additional clarity and confirmed that fishing and hunting activities remain permitted, so long as they are consistent with public health guidelines. The OFAH is committed to sharing updates to ensure anglers and hunters are well informed. You can find out more details at
Dr. Steven Cooke and his Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory at Carleton University recently completed a survey called, “Covid-19 restrictions and recreational fisheries in Ontario”. Understanding how people engaged in outdoor activities such as angling during a pandemic is crucial to learning more about the “one-health” relationship people have with nature. Link below to hear Dr. Steven Cooke in conversation with Lawrence Gunther about the take-aways from the survey on this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show:
Krystyn Tully, co-founder of Swim Drink Fish Canada, is our feature guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show. After nearly 20 years with the organization, Krystyn has decided to transition into the next phase of her career as an environmentalist. Krystyn shares her insights, advice, concerns, and hopes for Canada’s environmental movement. Link below to hear Krystyn Tully in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on The Blue Fish Radio Show:
Much like North America, Africa too has its own Great Lakes. The African Centre for Aquatic Research and Education Collaborates with freshwater experts around the world to address the challenges facing Africa’s Great Lakes. Turns out they too are wrestling with many of the same challenges we are here in North America. Link below to hear ACARE’s CEO Dr. TED Lawrence discuss with Lawrence Gunther Africa’s Great Lakes, ACARE’s knowledge transfer goals, and why an African aquatic safari should be on everyone’s bucket list on this episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show:
The new book, “Days of Rivers Past” is loaded with stories and photos chronicling the glory days of Steelhead fishing along B.C.’s coast. The author Robert Hooton is a now-retired 37-year career biologist with the B.C. government and avid Steelhead angler and is the featured guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show. Bob explains how the start of his career was tempered with a cautionary tail by the fishing sage Roderick Haig Brown, and how it led to Bob’s carefully chronicling his angling experiences over the past 45 years. Bob shares his passion, concern and collective wisdom that every angler needs to hear to ensure the future of fish and fishing. Link below to Listen to Robert Hooton in conversation with Lawrence Gunther:
Dr. John Dettmers with the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission Recently published an article about sport fish in the Great Lakes called “Whether to Manage for Economics or the Ecosystem?”. I reached out to Dr. Dettmers to be a guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show as it was clear he held another important piece of the Great Lakes fisheries puzzle. In short, what is the role, history, status and future of prey fish , mainly Alewife, Smelt and Cisco, and what does this mean for the salmon and other sportfish? Link below to hear Dr. John Dettmers on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:
Dennis Zimmermann of Big Fish Little Fish Consultants located in White Horse YT speaks with Lawrence Gunther about community interests and values, and catch and release fishing in the Yukon Territories. Denis also reveals his favorite Yukon fish species to pursue and fishing locations. Link below to hear Denis Zimmerman week on Blue Fish Radio:
Iron Maiden from the UK, formed in 1975, is one of the world’s most epic heavy metal rock groups having over 100 million record sales. Adrian Smith, Iron Maiden's lead guitarist and self professed Compulsive Angler has been keeping busy over the past year writing a book about his fishing adventures around the world, including numerous stories about his 30-year career with Iron Maiden, called Monsters of River and Rock. Link below to hear Adrian Smith speak with Lawrence Gunther about his new book on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:
Dr. Chris Somers is the scientist / angler behind the Saskatchewan Sportfish Research Group that focusses on what fish do after we let them go. Dr. Somers tags and tracks Walleye, Northern Pike, Burbot and Common Carp year-round. Dr. Somers discusses fish behavior and welfare, and his favorite outdoor fishing spots in Saskatchewan this week on Blue Fish Radio.
For every Great Lake except Lake Erie, there is an observed decrease in the fish populations caught in offshore waters. A new report from the International Joint Commission (IJC) looks at the decline in fish populations in the offshore regions of Lakes Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Superior.Link below to hear senior IJC scientist Dr. Joseph DePinto explain to Lawrence Gunther why the IJC is calling for water quality and fish health agencies to form a Multi-agency cooperative ecosystem monitoring and modeling advisory committee to address the potential collapse of great lakes fish stocks:Link below to read the IJC report, “Understanding Declining Productivity in the Offshore Regions of the Great Lakes” in which they describe how the problem started with invasive zebra and quaga muscles:bf-1223860975&mc_cid=afb399fbbf&mc_eid=cf58f5b8bc
In 1975 while paddling the Fraser River Mark Angelo imagined a world that included paying respect to rivers and the life they represent. Over many years and with the assistance of countless others, Mark’s dream eventually lead to the United Nations declaring World Rivers Day – one Canadian’s dream now celebrated in over 100 countries. Link below to hear Mark Angelo in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on the importance of the relationship anglers, paddlers and so many others have with their favorite rivers, which Canadian rivers need to be on your bucket list, tips on selecting the right river adventure equipment, and how people of all interests and backgrounds have come together to celebrate and give back to the rivers that meant so much to generations of people over the centuries on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:Link below to view the trailer to Mark Angelo’s new documentary “Last Paddle” due to start its international film festival run in January 2021 ).
Research scientist Leigh McGaughey from the St. Lawrence Institute for Environmental Science is our guest today on Blue Fish Radio. Two years ago we first heard from Leighwhen she launched the Great River Rapport initiative with the goal of collecting data and local knowledge about the health of the St. Lawrence River. Leigh is joining us again to let us know how the project is unfolding, and the crucial roles anglers, indigenous fishers, conservationists and scientists have in creating this remarkably comprehensive collection of historic and current data and knowledge. Link below to hear Leigh in conversation with Lawrence on Blue Fish Radio.For more about the Great River Rapport visit: more information and how to register for the free River Symposium visit: 27th is World River's Day. Join people in Canada and around the world as we celebrate our life-giving rivers. Organize an event in your community or attend one!
Think you know everything you need to know about carp? Curious to learn what the status is regarding invasive carp and the Great Lakes? Can you tell the difference between a Grass Carp and a Common Carp? Our guest on Blue Fish Radio has all the answers and so much more! He’s Brook Schryer, Aquatic Program Specialist with the Invading Species Awareness Program. Link below to get informed about the latest news every angler should know and why, on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:For more about the Invading Species Program or their on-line reporting and tracking map database as well as
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