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Author: Cafecito Break

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RAW with RA. The Soul is Uncontainable...
RA is a Visionary Wisdom Keeper, Radio Host and Producer of Cafecito Break Podcasts. She is also a former Line Producer for MTV Networks. Follow. Like. Share. Subscribe.
@cafecitobreak #ra #therappodcast
15 Episodes
Disobeyed A Hunch

Disobeyed A Hunch


Have you ever ignored a hunch? RA disobeyed her hunch and lost her favorite EV Reporters mic at The Podcast Movement. In this reflection, RA shares three lil stories about listening to your intuition.
It's the 11th hour. A perfect time to tap into your inner wisdom. The ancestors remind us to appreciate our time together. There is no love in deprecating one another. Together we can plant seeds of prosperity. RA shares a powerful message of tapping into faith, letting go, and trusting God. Recorded 11/11/18 Live at St Pauls Lutheran Church Thank You Tribe. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. Contribute. @cafecitobreak
This is Soul Wisdom

This is Soul Wisdom


Everything is distracting you away from you. It's interrupting the present moment. It's programming your mind to accept and not to question. Does this feel right to you?
Someone asked RA if she was a Trump Fan... #triggerwarning
RA admits it. She was fooled. At one point she was taken by the man hating feminist vibes. In this episode she shares a reflection about fathers and men and offers an apology.
RA chats chaos, life, death, drama and boundaries.
When my father passed away, I came undone. After the tears stopped... Emptiness. In that emptiness I found a pearl called Gratitude. (reflection recorded 2017 after Hurricane Maria)
Someone or something is always listening, watching. All are moves are data mined. Do we have any privacy? Should it matter? Do you care? Does it worry you? Often I hear, well I am not doing anything wrong. Well RA thinks that is Tremendo Bullship reasoning. From RA's Point of View... RAW learn mas: cafecitobreak.org or rosangelperez.com
Are you noticing the 1984 SJW trend? ay ay ay
Have you watched Celine Dion’s commercial regarding her new gender free clothing line for children? Is this something we should celebrate or be alarmed by?
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