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JUXT are a software engineering firm. We build, we consult and we share our many libraries with the community. We choose to only use one programming language, Clojure, and in this podcast we will talk about various things related to what's going on in the company at the time.
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Episode Notes In October 2023, Nathan Marz announced the Clojure API to Rama, a new programming platform for building distributed applications that was released last August. Red Planet Labs revealed Rama for the first time by building and operating a Twitter-scale Mastodon instance that’s 100x less code than Twitter wrote to build the equivalent. Soon after this announcement, we invited Nathan as a guest on the JUXTCast to find out more. In this episode, we delve into some of the conceptual foundations of Rama, the influence the Clojure language has had on its design and discuss some of the many difficult problems Nathan and his team have had to solve in the course of developing Rama. Not to be missed! For more information about Rama and it's Clojure API, you can read this post on Red Planet Labs blog: "Introducing Rama’s Clojure API: build end-to-end scalable backends in 100x less code".
Episode Notes In this episode, JUXT Head of Delivery, Joe Littlejohn, is joined by JUXT software engineers Aaron Knauf and Mariusz Saternus to talk Platform Engineering, and their experiences delivering effective developer platforms in large tech organisations. Link to Jeremy Taylor's webinar "Bitemporality and the Art of Maintaining Accurate Databases" — as mentioned by Joe at the top of the episode. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
Episode Notes In this episode, Jeremy Taylor, James Henderson, and Malcolm Sparks are joined by Kent Beck to discuss programming, bitemporality, and the state of Agile. For more insights, please visit this post about the podcast.
Episode Notes 'The Holy War' song: 'A first look at the XT20 venue': Banking Transformation Summit: Babashka Conf: Babashka Talks 2023: XTDB: JUXT 10-Year Anniversary Talks:
Episode Notes This podcast episode focuses on some topics that are mentioned in S5E1 "Post-Conj Roundup, Databases, and the LLM era":
Episode Notes Clojure Conj: “Design by Pratice” by Rich Hickey: “Vector Symbolic Architectures in Clojure” by Carin Meier: “Clojure Isp: One tool to lint them all” by Eric Dallo: “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” by Ted Codd:
Episode Notes Micah Martin: 8thlight: Clean Coders Studio: Uncle Bob on Twitter ( Uncle Bob on Github ( Limelight: Speclj: Twitter: @slagyr Github: @slagyr
Episode Notes Kpow for Apache Kafka: Factor House: Slipway: Apache ECharts: LinkedIn: @dtw Github: @_d_t_w
Episode Notes Strange Loop:
Episode Notes Papers We love: PDFxStream: Metacrawler: pdfQL: ‘Clojure Programming: Practical Lisp for the Java World’ book: ‘Real World Ocaml: Functional programming for the Masses’ book: PWLConf 2022: Github: @cemerick LinkedIn: @chasemerick  Twitter: @cemerick
Episode Notes Felinne Hermans: "Hedy: A Gradual programming language" by Felienne Hermans (Strange Loop 2022) Focus Retreat Center: Twitter: @focusretreats Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: @focusretreatcenter
Episode Notes Veradept: elm-conf: ‘Waltzing with Bears’ book: ‘Software Estimation’ book: DoomCheck: Twitter: @jhbrown94
Episode Notes Dave Yarwood's Talk in 2019 about Alda: Github repo: “Learn You a Haskell for Great Good” book: John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”: “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (The Mit Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Series) 2nd Edition” book: Music Macro Language (MML): Sibelius: Finale: Alda’s website: Slack channel: Mariel Pettee’s “Dancing with Myself’: Github: @daveyarwood  Twitter: @dave_yarwood
Episode Notes Talk: Roam Research: Flutter: Clojurians Slack channel: #clojuredart YouTube channel:  Twitter:  @cgrand @BaptisteDupuch
Episode Notes "The Early Days of id Software: Programming Principles" by John Romero (Strange Loop 2022) Semantic Versioning - Rust: Trustfall: Cargo-semver-check: “Crafting Interpreters” book: Playground at Predrag’s blog: Predrag on Twitter: @PredragGruevski Predrag on GitHub: @obi1kenobi
Episode Notes Sarah Withee’s website: Code Thesaurus: HacktoberFest 2022: Digital Ocean:   Twitter: @geekygirlsarah GitHub: @geekygirlsarah LinkedIn: @sarahwithee
Episode Notes CloudFlare - Balto - “The Evolution of a Planetary-scale Distributed Database" by Kevin Scaldeferri (Strange Loop 2022)” - Benson Hill - Stlgo Meetup - Venture Cafe - LinkedIn - @kennetheversole  Twitter - @kennetheversole
Episode Notes Jared Smith  ElmConf - JavaScript Fatigue  ELM Semantic Versioning Atom Editor Email: Twitter:
Episode Notes Felix GV's talk at Strange Loop ( "Open Sourcing Venice – LinkedIn’s Derived Data Platform" by Felix GV ( Venice in Github ( Felix GV on Twitter: @felixgv Felix GV on Github: @FelixGV Felix on LinkedIn: @felixgv
Episode Notes Uncle Bob Wikipedia intro ( Clean Code book ( Clojure Polymorphism ( Persistent Data Structures ( The Logo programming language ( Smalltalk programming language ( Scrum ( Extreme Programming ( Clean Agile book ( Future of Programming talk ( More-Speech project ( Uncle Bob on Twitter ( Uncle Bob on Github (
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