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This was our first test run at podcasting, so content and audio quality is not the greatest. Still, if you're interested in the history of JUXT it might be worth a listen! You can also find the video on youtube here Chapters: Intro 00:00 Malcolms Origin Story: 00:58 Jon's Story: 03:15 Lucio's Origin Story: 6:44 Are CompSci degrees worth it these days?: 09:09 Are degrees like philosophy more important for programmers than Comp Sci?: 10:05 How much do you actually learn at University?: 11:21 'Stack Overflow Programming’: 13:26 How software developers are seen by society: 16:26 The origin of JUXT: 18:09 Outro: 28:18 Outtakes: 28:51
Topics: Crux news, Edge news, debate on Clojure Spec and talking to our newest hire Carlos about what its like to be new in the industry.
Topics: Open Source, making the world a better place and Technology in the government (specifically the NHS) and how we could fix it.
This one was done in a bit of a rush so no video or chapters! Starting from the next episode we will be bringing them back though.
00:00 Introducing Jason Paterson 03:34 JUXT News - Heart of Clojure, Crux tutorials, XT20 05:35 JUXT Media - doing things ourselves 06:27 Lucio bursts in to the podcast room late 07:00 Lucio's current project 08:25 The first JUXT value, Authenticity 10:00 Open source software discussion 17:25 How we onboard new people/is forcing people to install arch linux from scratch a good idea? 20:00 JUXT's procedure repository
Watch the XT20 venue tour as discussed at 19:20 here The Video for this podcast has some extra features, see it on the JUXT youtube channel here Chapters: 00:00:00 Introducing the members of this weeks cast 00:00:21 Håkan talks about his early programming days 00:01:06 Håkan talks about the early days of Clojure 00:02:55 The first Clojure conference 00:05:12 Heart of Clojure 00:06:14 Talking to Håkan about the creation of Crux 00:10:56 Talking about our new conference, XT20 00:17:26 Toy of The Week: A new weekly topic??
Jinx discussion at 15:17
You can find the new library here
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Episode Notes Alexander Oloo ( is one of the speakers. Listen to this quick interview about his life and interests ahead of the conference. List of Dragon Ball video games - Wikipedia ( Georges Lemaître - Wikipedia ( Google Chrome - Wikipedia ( Clojure South (@clojure_south) / Twitter ( Learn to Program the World's Most Bodacious Language with Clojure for the Brave and True ( What is Nil Punning? - LispCast ( clojure.core | ClojureDocs - Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples ( Gris - Wikipedia ( Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Wikipedia ( Wine regions of South Africa - Wikipedia ( Pretoria - Wikipedia ( Museo Nacional del Prado ( History of pizza - Wikipedia ( alekcz/pcp: PCP: Clojure Processor -- A Clojure replacement for PHP ( (edited)
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Episode Notes Kira's Blog Sarah Mei Firefox Swirrl British Columbia
Episode Notes Hopfield neural network Grace Hopper Alan Turing Ada Lovelace Donald Knuth Black Jack Game implementation by "Mel" The New Hacker's Dictionary by MIT press Cognitect open source initiative Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs SICP Semantic Web Clojure literals The keep function in Clojure Sunshine coast in Queensland Australia Datomic Datascript Datalevin XTDB Datalog introduction on Wikipedia. Early Stuart Halloway talks about Datomic and Datalog
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Episode Notes Rich Hickey’s Guitars IEEE Magazine One of the earliest papers mentioning Clojure Graham Hutton about the universality of fold Cuban band Elito Reve French Synthwave artist Carpenter Brut and his release party Deep learning library Deep Diamond Alan Kay on software engineering as pop culture Interactive Programming for AI Books
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Episode Notes dvc pmap Dune
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