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The Supreme Court announced on Friday that they found Roe vs. Wade & the Casey case to be unconstitutional with a vote of 6-3. We knew this decision was coming, due to the draft leak, but it has now been made official. We are going to systematically unpack this decision and what it means for America moving forward.
J6 Dog & Pony Show

J6 Dog & Pony Show


The January 6 Hearings continue. Context matters in all situations including this one. The Dramacrats are using this hearing to spin the narrative that Trump tried to overthrow the government. The idea that our government almost collapsed on January 6 and comparing this day to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is ridiculous.
President Biden calls for Congress to freeze the federal gas tax for 90 days...just in time for the November midterms. The plan is to show that Biden and the Democrats are saving America. They want to frame the upcoming election as some external factor causing these problems but do not take responsibility for their failed policies. Suspending the gas tax is a political display of desperation.
Gun control legislation has been introduced by the Senate. The NRA is asking for people to contact their Senators to vote no on the bill.
Election Integrity

Election Integrity


It doesn't matter who you voted for in the 2020 election, everyone should be worried about election integrity.
You've probably heard liberals pushing the phrase, "overthrowing our democracy," in the wake of January 6th. This is a strategic move by the Democrats to accomplish their objectives of moving this country towards socialism. However, our government is not a pure democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. In a republic, the power is in the hands of citizens & laws are made by elected representatives. In a democracy, laws are made by the majority and the will of the majority has the right to override existing rights. We'll talk about why knowing the difference is important & the goals of the radical left.
27 House Democrats voted against giving more security to the SCOTUS Justices & their families. Why would they give themselves more security post-January 6 if our democracy was about to topple, but the Justices don't need it? The protests continue outside the homes of the Justices (illegal), but crickets from the media. Kavanaugh had a would-be assassin outside his home. How is this consistent?
We're breaking down some of the numbers comparing big oil profits to big business and government profits. We're being gaslit by our own government. Big oil is not our enemy. The government is our enemy. They have the power to lower prices for American citizens, but they choose not to.
Last week, Justice Kavanaugh's life was in danger, but fortunately, good guys with guns stopped a bad guy with a gun from entering his home. Speaker Pelosi blew it off and said no one was hurt. However, the House finally passed a bill to provide more security for the Supreme Court Justices & their families.
January 6 Hearings

January 6 Hearings


Review Of 2000 Mules

Review Of 2000 Mules


2000 Mules focuses on the 5 key battleground states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona) during the 2020 election. If what allegedly happened in this documentary is true people will begin to ask, "what's the point of voting?" There is overwhelming evidence, based on this film, that the 2020 election was tampered with.
President Biden is in California for the Summit of the Americas. While in town, the President made an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.
A California man was arrested outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home Wednesday morning. The alleged perpetrator was found to have been armed with a gun, knife, and other weapons. The plan was to capture and kill the Justice. Security has been set up outside of the Kavanaugh's home since the draft of the Roe vs. Wade decision was leaked. Fortunately, good guys with guns stopped a bad guy with guns.
A red flag law, in general, is when someone can go to the authorities and "out" someone as a potential danger to society. Law enforcement and the courts would then intervene to preemptively determine if a crime has been committed &/or temporarily remove firearms. Due process, or fair treatment through the normal judicial system, would be determined in the final legislation. It could very easily turn into a slippery slope.
The top issue according to voters heading into the 2022 midterm election is inflation. Americans have recognized that President Biden's handling of inflation is atrocious. 71% of Americans disapprove of how the Biden administration is dealing with the economy. Food prices are 10.8% higher than they were last year at this time. Gas costs have more than doubled since Biden took office almost 17 months ago. Gas was $2.39 on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021. Today, the national average is $4.86.
Logical fallacies are deliberate techniques the Left uses to avoid actually having a rational debate about real issues.
The right to bear arms was founded on the premise that we should be able to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, but it goes back one step further. God has given us the right to protect ourselves from anything that is going to infringe upon our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In the eyes of some, the concept of the second amendment is antiquated.
The radical left tries to tie the beliefs of an evil murderer to responsible gun owners.
According to President Biden, he just can't catch a break. With sinking approval ratings and one crisis after another, the White House is trying to salvage the confidence of the party leading up to the November election.
Gun Law Debate

Gun Law Debate


As tragic as the shooting in Uvalde is, we can't hold the gun responsible for something a person decides to do with it. An evil man decided to use a gun for evil purposes. We have the right to defend ourselves and our liberties from a criminal and even from the U.S. government. The second amendment protects this right given to us by God.
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