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The Todd Huff Show is conservative, not bitter. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.
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California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu reacted to the U.S. Catholic Bishops who want to deny Communion to Catholics who support abortion. Singer Macy Gray wants to change the American flag.
The radical leftist media suggests that President Biden is intimidating to Russian President Putin. The White House is planning to celebrate July 4th by hosting an event that focuses on our "independence from the virus."
In Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, President Biden met Russian President Putin. This is the first meeting of the two leaders since Biden took office. They did not hold a joint press conference. As usual, Biden made a gaffe.
VP Harris's team is said to be upset with the President over the border crisis. She claims she was handed the responsibility to handle immigration because Biden didn't want to deal with it himself. Meanwhile, she accepted the job, but has not made a trip to the border to see it for herself. True leadership is when you step into a problem and tackle it head on with no thoughts about how it will look. Leaders take risks and make hard decisions. Most politicians want to have the appearance of being successful, but they don't want the actual responsibility.
President Biden is continuing his trip overseas. During a press conference he slammed former President Trump and the Republican Party.
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is giving interviews to white journalists again. World leaders met in the U.K. for the G7 Summit. VP Harris's trip to Central America has been described as "cringeworthy."
CNN has brought Jeffrey Toobin back to their network after a disgusting Zoom call late last year. Inflation hasn't been this high since 2008. VP Harris snaps back at journalist for asking about the border.
Critical Race Theory is a curriculum being pushed & taught in schools. It divides instead of unifies. Parents are standing up and saying they do not want these lessons taught to their kids.
Hunter Biden's text messages have been released and they are disturbing, but no one in the MSM cares. In a leftists mind, government can solve all our problems, but maybe in this situation, they should clean up their own house first. Another example of Democrat and media hypocrisy.
VP Kamala Harris is in Guatemala after 75 days of seemingly ignoring the border crisis. She's there speaking on illegal immigration and its root causes. During a speech yesterday, she warned migrants against coming to America. "Don't come." However, she still will not visit the border. She sees it only has a grand gesture.
The Democrat lead bill, For the People Act, is in trouble of not being passed. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin came out over the weekend to give his reasons for voting against the bill. By doing this he blocks the voting rights bill and preserves the filibuster.
Jen Psaki is hoping for a slow news day, so she can talk about the White House cat. VP Harris was touted by President Biden as Border Czar, but has yet to make a visit to the border during the crisis. Big announcement about expanding the Todd Huff Show.
Fauci Emails

Fauci Emails


For over a year, Dr. Fauci has been the voice of Covid-19. The media has hung on his every word, even when he contradicted himself. When his positions were questioned, people were scorned and called conspiracy theorists. Now, Dr. Fauci's emails prove we should've been asking questions about masks and the origins of the virus all along.
Conservatives and Christians must engage in culture. Christianity is rooted in truth and if we don't involved ourselves in what's going on in this country we will lose the war on traditional values. Sitting back and not defending our culture, our religion and our way of life will lead to a morally bankrupt America.
Changing Their Tune

Changing Their Tune


There is a growing interest in investigating the origins of Covid-19. A year ago it was xenophobic to even mention that the Wuhan lab could be the cause of the pandemic. Facebook is now allowing posts that question where the virus started whereas a year ago those posts were starting to be censored.
An Atlanta mayoral candidate was giving an on camera interview about defunding the police when his car was stolen by a few teenagers. We share an interview with Jay Height from Shepherd Community Center. He shares what his organization is doing to help end childhood poverty.
In order to not see American freedoms vanish, we need to be able to persuade and educate those in our spheres of influence on conservative ideas.
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting advice from reporters "all the time", including his own brother CNN's Chris Cuomo. Project Veritas has exposed Facebook for censoring its users in attempts to ease vaccine hesitancy.
Florida Governor DeSantis signs a bill to stop censorship against Floridians from Big Tech. Florida is welcoming of the free exchange of ideas. Liberals want to shut down and censor ideas that do not agree with their agenda.
There is evidence in the states that have "reopened" that it's safe and working for businesses and leading to normalcy in daily life. The refusal for more liberal states to do the same is a refusal to follow the science.
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