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Snow Talk with SIMA provides in-depth interviews with industry leaders and brings an insider look at what makes our industry work. From leadership to operations to life in the industry, Snow Talk with SIMA brings our vast snow and ice network a little closer together.
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Paul has 35+ years of experience in the snow industry, leading his company with his brothers in residential and commercial accounts. He is an active member of SIMA, past member of the board of directors, and currently serves as Vice Chair for the SIMA Foundation board.
Bob Marks is an experienced snow professional, who recently served as COO of emi landscape in Macungie, PA, overseeing a multi-million dollar operation, hiring personnel, developing training, and serving as the primary contact for clients. Bob recently took ownership of emi and is stepping into the CEO role.
Mary Abbott, PhD, RN, MSF, is the managing partner of Mow Beta! Mowing & Snowplowing, a family-owned business specializing in tough mowing jobs as well as snow and ice management in central Arkansas. Mary shares the stressors and successes of being a snow contractor in a fringe market where snow droughts can last years.
We sat down with Seth Bergerud, Product Manager - Parts & Accessories for Douglas Dynamics, and caught up on the latest innovations and best practices related to snowplows and accessories.
Dale Keep, owner of Ice & Snow Technologies, in Walla Walla, WA, is a long-time industry leader and SIMA supporter. He’s an industry expert in operations engineering, training, deicer science, and liquids benefits and implementation. SIMA caught up with Dale to talk about the industry, how its matured, what makes it challenging, and a whole lot more.
Wayne Michalak, CSP is the founder of The Greener Side in Michigan. His business career started at the age of 10 when he began towing his parent’s lawn mower down the street behind his bike to mow a couple of lawns. Today, The Greener Side Inc. services 180 high-end commercial accounts and utilizes over 100 contractors and employees. He is a husband and father of 3 wonderful kids, and is currently church deacon. Wayne is the 2021 Chair of the SIMA Board of Directors.
"I like people second guessing and saying 'I don't think she can do that,' because my reaction is 'Watch me'."Laura Ingram, CSP is a second-generation snow contractor who serves as Director of Operations for Ingram Enterprises, co-running the business with her father and her sister. Having grown up in the snow industry, she trained as a math teacher and taught for several years before coming back to work full time in snow. In 2020, she became the first female Board Chair for the Snow & Ice Management Association, and helped guide the association through one of the most challenging times in its history.
Michael Anderson, CSP is the founder and president of Snow & Ice Pros, Inc. in Highland, IN. He has over 25 years of experience in the snow industry and was the first Certified Snow Professional in Indiana. Michael has served the industry in many capacities, including as SIMA Board Chair and as a key engaged volunteer for many years. He has helped mentor many snow professionals and continues to help keep the focus on professionalism in the industry.
Xtreme Snow Pros is a snow-only contracting company based that services areas of New York and New Jersey. Chris Marino, ASM serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of the company, managing all aspects of the business with his wife Dawn. Chris is a long-time advocate for the snow industry and recently joined SIMA’s Board of Directors to continue to give back to the industry he loves.
Signature Land Services was formed by Jennifer and Tim Schrage as a premier provider of asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, site work, and commercial snow removal in the Anchorage market. Jen is company president and oversees major client relations, marketing, and contract management; Tim serves as vice president.
Jay Rotennelli, ASM, is a snow veteran with 20+ years of experience in the industry. As VP of Business Development at Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service in Maine, Jay helps organize and manage client relationships, subcontractors, and more. His passion for the industry has led to his involvement in SIMA and the New Hampshire Green SnowPros program, allowing him to engage and help mentor fellow snow pros.
As part of our Operations series, we are speaking with Nick Sharf, CSP, Operations Efficiency Manager. Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping.
Steve Wheatcroft is an entrepreneur with many years of experience leading in snow, as well as starting and growing new companies and initiatives. He currently serves as CEO of ULS, a large landscaping design, construction and maintenance company that specializes in snow and ice management. He also is the founder of Spectrum Equipment, which provides end-to-end equipment management solutions, including sales and rentals of heavy equipment and snow attachments. He also helped create the Western Canadian Snow & Ice Summit, a regional snow-specific show that includes education, networking, and equipment expo.
John Janes speaks upon his role at Caterpillar and how he has built a foundation of partnership with the snow and ice industry. He also describes how his military experience molded his journey into developing his work ethic and establishing the rules of leadership that guides him to this day.
Cory Wise joins us for a conversation in leadership that centers around his unique situation of leading a snow and ice company in a market that is traditionally a low-snow market. He talks about the strategy and approach his company uses as well as how that dynamic taught him a lot about leadership and snow and ice management.
In this episode, we continue our conversation with Michael Merrill, CEO of North Country Snow and Ice Management in Glens Falls, NY and In the final part of our talk, Merrill gives his take on the job market as a whole as well in the snow and ice industry. He also touches upon immigration, autonomous equipment and what the future holds for snow and ice labor.
In this episode, we’re speaking with Michael Merrill, CEO of North Country Snow and Ice Management in Glens Falls, NY and In the first part of our conversation, we hear his take on snow and ice labor through his professional journey and insight. We also learn why he views himself as a “reluctant” consultant, and why we should take into account the concerning shift in the concept of labor.
In our latest installment, we’re speaking with smart building expert Sean Hartnett of Microsoft. We learn the definition of a “smart” building, how technology has assisted snow and ice contractors to become better predictors and how it is changing the industry in the long term.
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