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Author: Jason Evangelho

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A show about the thrilling world of desktop Linux, open source software and the community creating it. For beginners and veterans alike! Hosted by Forbes' Jason Evangelho and friends.
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Enjoy a short piece of bonus content that wasn't included in Episode 4. It's a community-submitted LIGHTNING ROUND of questions for Ryan aka DasGeek! Special Guest: Ryan (aka DasGeek).
The ever-enthusiastic Ryan (aka DasGeek) joins the show to discuss his Linux origin story, an amazing year with Steam Proton, and how Valve changed the Linux gaming landscape forever. Plus: L4E listeners give their best tips for Linux beginners, and we hear from a band that created their latest album entirely on Ubuntu Studio. Special Guest: Ryan (aka DasGeek).
Episode 3: Go Make Stuff

Episode 3: Go Make Stuff


In the first Community Voice segment, listeners sound off about Manjaro 18.1 and the LibreOffice versus FreeOffice situation. Plus an awesome way to browse those man pages and learn some new Terminal commands!For the Linux Gaming Report, the big boss at Bearded Giant Games discusses his 'Linux First Initiative,' an unusual origin story, and what it takes to survive as a one-man indie game studio. Then Atroxity takes us out with some atmospheric electronica. Special Guest: Constantine Bacioiu (aka Zapa).
A jam-packed episode kicks off with a weekly software discovery, then we glide into a community spotlight with Linux Lads' Conor Murphy. The meat of Episode 2 revolves around Endeavour OS as we take a deep dive into the new Arch-based distro. Plus, The Linux Gaming Report debuts, and the show closes with some incredible electronic jams from Polish FOSS musician Unfa. Special Guests: Conor Murphy and Liam Dawe.
Welcome to Linux For Everyone! In this first episode, I recap my first year with Linux and explain how it changed both my personal and professional life. Plus, Songs from the Source debuts, and I'll get you prepared for our first Distro Challenge: Endeavour OS.
Episode 0: Welcome /home

Episode 0: Welcome /home


As I enter year 2 of my Linux journey, a brand new adventure begins. Welcome to Linux For Everyone, a podcast about desktop Linux, open source software and the people creating it.
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Very fun episode, I remembered when I started with Linux.

Aug 1st
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