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A show about the thrilling world of desktop Linux, open source software and the community creating it. For beginners and veterans alike! Hosted by Forbes' Jason Evangelho and friends. Proud Member of the Destination Linux Network (
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My birthday is November 17th, so I thought it would be fun to do a "birthday special" AMA for Episode 17 where the community can ask me anything. The result is a stripped down format with some very candid answers about Linux, life, learning and love. This episode also features an extended "Welcome Home" intro celebrating this show's awesome global community!
Welcome to a decidedly Peppermint-y and even slightly philosophical episode about Linux, forever distros, and the unexpected lessons you can learn from using a "Frankenstein" OS. Zebedee Boss of Destination Linux (aka The Peppermint Man) joins me for a fantastic discussion that marks a turning point in my journey. Plus: Don't settle for boring! The discovery of the week will have you creating your perfect GRUB screen in seconds! To close the show, it's another track from Songs from the Source favorite Unfa -- and this one isn't just recorded on Linux, it's ABOUT Linux! Special Guest: Zebedee Boss.
A streamlined episode featuring Chris Titus Tech, a content producer who made the switch to Linux in 2018 after 20 years working in various Windows Server support roles including IT Director. Chris and I have walked similar paths, but he has some unique viewpoints on the wide world of Linux. And yea, I ask him if Ubuntu is still the devil :DPlus, another Song from the Source that's an homage to both 70's Italian Disco and 80s Darkwave Synth? Special Guest: Chris Titus Tech.
It's Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade season, and I've got the fever. So many new discoveries, and so many noteworthy improvements! From Ubuntu to MATE to Pop OS, there's a lot worth paying attention to. Plus: Xfce may not be known as the "lightest on resources" desktop environment for long...Want more? Liam makes his monthly Linux Gaming Report appearance to share one of his favorite games, a listener sends an amazing idea to my inbox, and I debut my OWN Song from the Source! PSA: Linux For Everyone is now availble on YouTube (![Interlude Music: Jason Evangelho aka Hurricane Blonde (][Welcome Home Tag: German] Special Guest: Liam Dawe.
By popular request, I share my current "Linux toolkit," the collection of software and hardware I use on a daily basis for work and play. And be sure to listen for your chance to share your own favorites on the next episode. Then, a meaty discussion about gaming on Linux Mint as I reboot the original "Linux Gaming Report" at Forbes. Plus, another Linux Origin Story and a new Song from the Source! INTERSTITIAL MUSIC: "Cloudness" by Jason Evangelho
How do we define 'flagship' Linux hardware? Does this flagship hardware actually exist? In this episode I pose some tough questions that deserve an ongoing discussion. Plus, a Discovery of the Week for people seeking a complete Google Drive solution, a quick chat about AMD's Radeon RX 5500 announcement, and a repeat performance from Demonic Sweaters!
My interview with Zorin OS co-founder Artyom Zorin goes way beyond just talking about an awesome Linux distribution. Artyom also reveals what the Zorin Group is building to increase adoption of desktop Linux in schools, governments, and developing countries. Plus: A breakdown of the Ubuntu MATE 19.10 "Paper Cut Release," a community-submitted Linux Origin Story, and a rocking Song from the Source courtesy of Demonic Sweaters! PRODUCTION NOTE: I apologize for the slightly downgraded audio quality of the interview. I chose the wrong encoding option when beginning our chat! Special Guest: Artyom Zorin.
On this episode I have a very candid conversation with Linux advocate Christopher Scott, a Microsoft employee who's fighting for change inside the company, and trust outside of it. Plus: * A Discovery of the Week to get your game library organized * Slovenian FOSS musician Luka Prinčič introduces a fantastic Song from the Source* Liam Dawe stops by to tell you about one of his favorite Linux gamesWant to share your thoughts about Christopher's comments, or Microsoft in general? Do it here ( on the new DLN community forum!This episode is also available on YouTube ( Special Guests: Christopher Scott and Liam Dawe.
Codeweavers CEO Jeremy White ( and Wine developer Andrew Eikum ( sit down for a terrific interview about the history of Wine, Codeweavers' partnership with Valve to create Proton, and the future of gaming and software on Linux. Plus: Michael and Ryan from Destination Linux join me to discuss a brand new podcast network, and the community sounds off about Huawei laptops with Deepin Linux. LINUX FOR EVERYONE NOW ON YOUTUBE! Special Guests: Andrew Eikum, Jeremy White, Michael Tunnell, and Ryan (aka DasGeek).
Michael and Ryan from Destination Linux join me to tease a huge announcement slated for September 15, then we settle in for a discussion about Purism's Librem 5 delay, and the overall landscape of alternate mobile operating systems. Plus a Discovery of the Week that archives the webgames of the past, Manjaro levels up. then some sweet electronica from open source musician Ten Of Eleven!POST-RECORDING UPDATE:In this episode we were puzzled over Purism not posting any actual photos of the Librem 5 that was shipping. Apparently they did post more than a mockup of the Librem 5, but curiously, they only posted it on Mastodon. Here's the link for you to check it out: Special Guests: Michael Tunnell and Ryan (aka DasGeek).
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I really like the short episodes to listen in the bus.

Oct 29th


7:33: really cool tools

Oct 17th
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Jim Bob

Followed you here from Linux Choice, this podcast has joined the toolbox I use to help nudge people away from Windows. Keep up the sterling work 👍

Aug 28th


Very fun episode, I remembered when I started with Linux.

Aug 1st
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