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A Moment with Erik Fleming

Author: Erik R Fleming

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As an African American native of Chicago, having been an elected official in the Deep South, this is going to be my take on politics. 2021 Black Podcasting Awards Nominee for Best Black Political Podcast.
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This hot mic reflects on the tragic shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee and the real reason why these tragedies are allowed to happen. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Artinese Myrick, Lead Organizer for Live Free Illinois, makes the case for a permanent Office of Gun Violence Prevention to be created in the City of Chicago. This podcast also highlights the victory the Divine 9 achieved recently in the Florida Legislature. --- Support this podcast:
Fears and Misconceptions

Fears and Misconceptions


This hot mic episode delves into how fears and misconceptions greatly impact our politics. --- Support this podcast:
My, My, My!

My, My, My!


In this first episode of Season 7, I point out President Biden’s hypocrisy towards the District of Columbia and I express my disdain for anarchy and fascism being normalized in our political conversations. --- Support this podcast:
This episode talks about how Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, made a miscalculation while trying to be an agent provocateur concerning race, and got canceled in the process. --- Support this podcast:



This hot mic episode deals with elected officials that are more concerned about entertaining than legislating, especially one in particular. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Dr. Jacqueline Battalora, author of The Birth of a White Nation, guides us through the origin of “white” in America; Dana Brownlee, author of The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up, talks about antiracism work in the workplace; Sumati Thomas, Pollster with Change Research, discusses the nuance and importance of political polling; and Dr. Sarah L. Webb, author of Corporate Colorism, explains why ending colorism is essential to ending racism. --- Support this podcast:
Menace to Society

Menace to Society


This hot mic episode deals with the concept of a menace to society from a black and white perspective. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Robert Chelsea, the first African American male to receive a face transplant, makes an appeal for more Black organ donors; Elizabeth Leiba, author of the new book I'm Not Yelling, talks about why it was important to write this book; and Dr. Robin DiAngelo, author of the books White Fragility and Nice Racism, discusses the challenges of getting white allies to understand their role in systemic racism. --- Support this podcast:
In this jam-packed episode, Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst, discusses recent homeland security issues; Tara Jaye Frank, DEI Consultant,  talks about her new book, The Waymakers; Melba Pearson, The Resident Legal Diva, analyses recent police-involved shootings; and Ellen Buchman, CEO of The Opportunity Agenda, explains the work of her organization. --- Support this podcast:
Speaker’s Race

Speaker’s Race


After 15 ballots, a Speaker of the United States House of Representatives was chosen. In this episode, I do my best to explain why that happened. --- Support this podcast:
As we start the New Year, Dr. Reneé Carr, The Problem Solver, talks about the importance of psychology in creating public policy. Later, I make the case why 2023 should be the Year of Mental Health. --- Support this podcast:
As we close out 2022, Loki Mulholland, Activist and Filmmaker, explains what he views as his obligation as a storyteller through film; Dr. Ayo Sekai, Professor and Publisher of UWP Books, defines linguistic imperialism and its impact on public policy and Katherine Stewart, Author of the book, The Power Worshippers, dives into the details of religious nationalism in America. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Jennifer Taub, author of Big Dirty Money, explains the effects of white collar crime on society; Barbara Harris Combs, author of Bodies Out of Place, talks about how society seeks to control African Americans and Attorney Areva Martin gives her takes on current issues people are talking about. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Tonija Hope, Director of the Ralph Bunche International Affairs Center at Howard University, touts the importance of the Center; Marriage Counselor Chris A. Matthews explains why successful Black marriages are vital and Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of the book Strongmen, defines authoritarianism and why we need to be vigilant against it. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Joshua Tom, Legal Director of the ACLU of Mississippi, discusses the recent legal victory in Mississippi to keep the State Legislature from funding private schools. Then, Drocella MugoreWera, The Diversity Trust Builder, explains the importance of advocacy for refugees in America. --- Support this podcast:
Attorney Patrice Sulton, Executive Director of DC Justice Lab, discusses her ground breaking work revising the District of Columbia Criminal Code; Dr. Cecelia Martin, author of the book, Incarcerated: Escaping the Prison of Your Mind, explains what TEEM Leadership is and Award-Winning Actress Victoria Rowell talks about her new film projects, as well as issues she is passionate about. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, the legendary April Reign explains how African American social media influencers, like herself, can impact future political campaigns. Next, Dr. Garen Wintemute, Director of the UC-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program, discusses the rise of political violence in America. Finally, Ianta Summers, Principal at Summers Public Affairs, talks about female political activism. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Attorney/Columnist Will Cooper and Minister/Activist Coach Felecia Killings give their insights into the results of the 2022 Mid Term Elections. I also interviewed Leadership Consultant Juliet Hall on her new book, Own Your Opportunities: A Story of Self-Discovery and Self-Determination. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we address violence, particularly gun violence, in the African American community. Pastor Michael McBride, Director of the LIVE FREE Campaign, and Dr. Shani Buggs, Assistant Professor at the UC-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program, give their unique perspectives on how to end the violence. --- Support this podcast:
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