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New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Slip Slidin' Away: U.S. may be barreling toward recession in next year, more experts say - U.S. will soon see average gas prices at unthinkable level, expert predicts - Existing home sales fell in April to the lowest level since the start of the pandemic - Russia-driven food shortage means cereal and corn will start running out in 2023, UN warns - Biden Finally Invokes Defense Production Act on Baby Formula After Months of Failure - we'll analyze. Angry Birds: Top Twitter engineer makes damning admission on hidden camera - Audit reveals almost half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake - we'll examine. Plus, leaked memo says Biden administration is preparing for violence after SCOTUS abortion ruling. And, Poll shocker, you won't believe how few pastors actually have a biblical worldview. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Poll America: Joe Biden Crashes to Fresh Approval Rating Low of Just 39% - Most Americans Disagree with Protests at Supreme Court Justices’ Private Homes - Americans Increasingly Believe Trans Identity Acceptance Has Gone Too Far - we'll analyze School Daze: California Refuses to Give Up ‘Woke Math’-‘The proposed framework would, in effect, de-mathematize math’- Public school teachers reveal they work with administrators to ignore the pronoun and name preferences of students' parents - Rep. Jordan Slams FBI for Parent Protesters Probe - we'll explore. Plus, Putin may have blood cancer according to secret recording. And, the other weekend mass shooting most of msm ignored. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Bidenflation: Baby Formula shortage worsens - Illegal immigrants get 'pallets' of baby formula amid shortage - Consumer sentiment crashing to lowest level in over a decade - bigger ticket items have most priced out of the market - recession ahead? - we'll analyze. COVID 4 Evah: NIH chief confirms coronavirus data concealed at China's request - Biden moves to give WHO health-care sovereignty over America - ABC News analysis finds COVID deaths rising among vaccinated - what a startling finding published in prestigious journal Nature found about the vaccines - we'll examine. Plus, whistleblower reveals FBI investigated concerned parents under AG Merrick Garland’s counter terrorism directive. And, Judge rules Durham can have most of the Fusion GPS emails - Investigation includes Democrats' scheme to deliver disinformation about Trump's 2016 campaign. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Supremely Upset: Protesters in front of Pelosi's house! - Tim Scott calls out treasury secretary for 'callous' claim that banning abortion is bad for economy - Law bans attempts to 'influence' Supremes, but DOJ silent on near-riots at justices' homes - proposed abortion bill would force Christian doctors to perform abortions against religious beliefs - we'll analyze. Vax Scene: Air Force admits all granted religious accommodations for Vax were for airmen already leaving Service - Military doctor claims Defense medical database totally corrupted as vax injuries scrubbed - White House warns of 100 million COVID infections this fall - we'll examine. Plus, 'Mama bears' sweep school-board elections in Texas county. And, skipping meals. racking up debt. how inflation is squeezing single parents. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Supreme Meltdown: 'The View' co-host attorney Sunny Hostin says Supreme Court justices are hypocrites if they don't want protesters at their personal homes - Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Monday that the protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices were a violation of both federal and state law - Sen. Susan Collins calls cops after pro-abortion rights message left outside her house - Bill Maher SHOCKED to learn basic abortion facts, admits Dem talking points are 'just factually inaccurate' - we'll analyze. It's The Economy S----d: High inflation may prompt people to change their summer vacation plans - Baby formula shortage causing panic - Tech giants lost more than $1 trillion in value in the last three trading days - we'll examine. Plus, Pastor Andrew Brunson to U.S. Christians: Get ready for persecution. And, lawmaker looks in to CDC tracking of millions of Americans Cell phones and Constitutional issues related. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Supreme Iintimidation: Protests at Justice Kavanaugh's home 'one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed,' says reporter - Pro-choice group targeting churches has links to Revolutionary Communist Party - White House finally warns protesters, Justices 'must be able' to do jobs without 'concern' for 'personal safety' - MSNBC guest's outrageous comment - find out. Brave New Schools: A book included in NYC schools blames all racism on white people - Parents scorch school board over books that are 'pornographic' - Biden education secretary attacks anti-CRT, anti-grooming bills - we'll analyze. Plus, mobs looking to storm churches just got a wake-up call from state attorney general. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Biden's cognitive issues worsen, Pro abortion activists to protest in Churches on Mother's Day, parents sue Arizona School district, WH refuses to condemn Supreme Court leak, Black man challenges Pro abortion supporters on lives matter, Former FBI official says Hillary Clinton's 'disinformation' used to deceive 2016 voters - we'll analyze. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Disinformation Board Confusion: DHS head Myorkas and Sen. Rand Paul spar -lawmakers seek info on Mayorkas' disinfo board, demand list of social media companies - both repub and Dem lawmakers still unsure what Disinformation Board is all about - we'll explore. Shock Polls: Stuuning answers from Americans on economy, voter registration, politics, Hunter Biden, Roe v. Wade and more. Plus, group posts apparent home addresses of six 'extremist,' 'Christian fundamentalist' Supreme Court justices, plans 'walk-by' protests at their homes. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Supemely Upsetting: Court decision draft seems to indicate abortion goes back to the states - Senator says overturning Roe v. Wade won't outlaw abortion - hear what president Biden had to say on abortion many years ago as Senator Biden - we'll analyze. Hey Joe: Parents loose it on president's remarks that children belong to the teachers -pushback growing from parents against agendas being shoved on their children by schools - we'll examine. Plus, Computer repairman who turned Hunter Biden laptop to FBI now suing politicians and several media outlets for defamation. And, CDC 'tracked millions of cell phones' to see if you obeyed lockdowns. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Supeme Leakage: Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Overruling Roe v. Wade — “Time to Heed the Constitution,” Returns Abortion to Elected Officials - Chief Justice John Roberts confirms authenticity of bombshell SCOTUS leak - Roberts called the unprecedented leak a "betrayal" and announced that he has ordered an investigation - after pushing gender neutrality and fluidity, now stunning admission about who can actually get an abortion - we'll examine. Food Shortage: Politicians admitting food shortages coming - find out who said 'catastrophic' food shortages are an opportunity to implement radical policies and 'never a let a crisis go to waste.' Plus, Christian champion names 'worst offender seeking to pervert and harm our kids' or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Shut Up: Will Biden's Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth' monitor U.S. citizens? DHS goes public - CNN guest's appearance goes viral as he delivers hysterical rant on the need to control unfettered free speech - we'll analyze. Brave New Schools: DC elementary school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family members - not your fault for white privilege - Legal group urges probe into whether Missouri schools gathering personal student info without parental consent - College to natural sciences professors: Instead of ‘women,’ say ‘people with uteruses/people who menstruate’ - we'll explore. Plus, Faith Under Fire: Supreme Court Backs Christian Group in Boston Flag Flap - Surprisingly number of people expressed curiosity about scripture - Christian champion names 'worst offender seeking to pervert and harm our kids'. And, Economist Says US Inflation Is Much Higher Than Claimed. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Blowback: Outrage grows over DHS "Ministry of Truth" board - 1st Amendment under assault - we'll examine. Media Matters: GOP's Maria Salazar, former TV journalist, rips media to their faces - CNN sounds alarm, 'Disastrous day' for Dems' 2022 chances - we'll analyze. Plus, In the first hour, Michael Letts of joins us to share his thoughts on NJ Gov Murphy's fight against high Caliber guns. In hour 2, Sheri Few, president of United States Parents Involved in Education, or USPIE, will share with us what schools have done with Federal COVID money. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: It's The Economy S----d: US economy shrank 1.4% at beginning of 2022, marking worst quarter in 2 years - is stagflation back? - recession looming? - Rasmussen Poll says: Biden to blame for higher gas prices - we'll analyze. Vax Scene: Bombshell NIH study finds those with shots had fewer N antibodies even after COVID infection! - Flip Flop Fauci says pandemic phase over - then says misunderstood next day - 3 weeks earlier said was going to get worse - tells interviewer last week concerned about his reputation - we've got the audio. Plus, SHUT UP: DHS creates unit to police speech, new Disinformation Governance Board - land owner in Austin, TX offers Elon Musk 100 acres to build new Twitter headquarters. And, home owner in Illinois finds 63 year old bag of fast food still crispy! - find out whose. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Meltdowns Over Musk: Elon Musk condemns Twitter censorship of NY Post’s Hunter laptop story - responds amid uproar over his plans for Twitter, 'extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all' - MSNBC’s Reid says Musk Wants Old South Africa in the ’80s Back - senator calls for new laws to 'promote algorithmic justice' over the 'dangerous' influence of Elon Musk - Twitter’s top lawyer cried over Elon Musk purchase - we'll analyze. Biden Their Time: Hunter Biden business partner visited White House 8 more times! - doubt gone Joe Biden knew son's dealings - paid $800,000 debt for Hunter e-mails reveal - poll out of Harvard held several stark warnings for politicians — the youngest voting bloc in the country isn’t the least bit impressed with either party’s messaging we'll explore. Plus, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director fires back at people calling for Chris Pratt to be cancelled for his faith in Jesus. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Angry Birds On Musk: MSM melts down - Sen. Elizabeth Warren says Elon Musk's deal to buy Twitter 'is dangerous for our democracy' - some users erupt and delete as Musk takes over Twitter - Psaki responds to Elon Musk buying Twitter by floating 'reforms' to combat 'misinformation' - we'll analyze. Borderline: Huge victory for border security': Court temporarily blocks ending of Title 42 - 130 lawmakerss signi a letter to Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas questioning his suitability for office Plus, find out how U.S. company plans to bring back wooly mammoths! And, NC parents concerned about school Satan club. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: The Heat Is On: John Durham has issued trial subpoenas to members of the Clinton campaign and DNC - Ex-director of national intelligence predicts more indictments coming from Durham - Top Hunter Biden business partner made numerous trips to Obama's White House, met with then-Vice President Joe Biden - we'll examine. School Daze: Teacher’s union boss on parental rights bills says ‘This is the way in which wars start’ - N.J. to require 2nd Graders to learn about Gender Identity, You can have 'boy parts' but be a girl - University professors unhappy by Florida Gov. DeSantis' attempt to hold faculty 'accountable' - we'll analyze. Plus, Twitter is set to accept Elon Musk's $43 billion offer to buy the platform - Google Search engine launches 'inclusive language' function to cut down on politically incorrect words. And, Supreme Court tackling case about praying football coach. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Hey Joe: Poll shows 3 of 5 Americans blame Biden for inflation - Ex-top California Democrat says 'wokeism run amok' is why Biden is hemorrhaging Latino support - Biden confuses Title 42 with mask mandate - Analysis shows Biden thumbing nose at 'Remain in Mexico' court orders - Constitutional crisis looms if president continues to defy decisions - we'll examine. School Daze: Psaki: Teachers should talk with kindergartners about if they're 'a girl or a boy' - Florida health department condemns giving children puberty blockers for children - State releases examples of ‘Problematic’ CRT elements in textbooks - we'll explore. Plus, New deadly pill hits the streets and It’s 100 times STRONGER than Fentanyl - find out. And, Alice Cooper talks decades of sobriety and Christianity to the UK's Times. or
New Time! On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Borderline: Law Enforcement ‘Finding Fentanyl in everything’ from Skittles to vaping pens coming across border - Fentanyl Deaths in American border communities skyrocket - Illegal alien child sex offender deported 10 times in the last 2 years arrested in Texas, AGAIN! - 26 states form border security 'strike force' - Biden admin resumes migrant flights to suburban New York - we'll analyze. Major MSM Fail: CNN+ to have plug pulled - CNN axes senior executive as 'doomed' streaming service unravels - Warner Media says more high-level layoffs are in store - MSNBC anchor says the 'dehumanization' of rights bills is comparable to Russian soldiers raping children in Ukraine we'll examine. Plus, COVID 4 Evuh: CDC asks Justice Department to proceed with mask mandate appeal - NBC medical expert says carry extra masks on planes, coerce your neighbors to wear them - A top FDA official says we simply can't be boosting people as frequently as we are." And, MSNBC analyst claims ‘Jesus Christ would be called a groomer’ if ‘alive today.’ or
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