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Author: Richie Laxton (aka Richie L.)

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Christian Talk Radio Show Online, discussing today's issues from a Christian perspective and an attitude that Rocks! Join host Richie L. for the hottest topics, current events, and issues affecting this generation of Christians, plus interesting guests and the latest in cutting edge, Christian Music. It's talk radio that is thought provoking, engaging, slightly irreverent, comforting to the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO! Listen in LIVE online, NEW TIME, 4-6 PM Eastern Time, 3-5 PM Central, every Wednesday.
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On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Don Sylvester joins us in the first hour to discuss economic impacts of COVID-19. BUSTED: Declassified list of Obama Admin. Officials who may have ‘Unmasked’ Michael Flynn includes Joe Biden - other prominent officials names on the list - we'll examine. How much of our food supply chain is foreign owned and controlled? Are food shortages ahead? - hear what one Texas Rancher is saying. Plus, Gov. Inslee to Washington state restaurants: Want to reopen? You'll have to help us track citizens' movements. And, find out who has put a Bull's-eye put on expressions of faith during coronavirus pandemic. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Don Sylvester joins us in the first hour to discuss the economic effects of COVID-19. Depression?: US private payrolls drop by 20.2 million in April, the worst job loss in the history of ADP report - Billionaire Sam Zell Sees Economy Permanently Scarred by Pandemic - we'll analyze. Tinderbox: Hair-salon owner ordered freed from jail by TX AG - Michigan House, Senate sue Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over state of emergency Extension - Texas sheriff sends SWAT team with guns drawn to arrest armed lockdown protestors - we'll examine. Plus, Mutated: Scientists say they’ve identified mutated COVID-19 strain — and issue a dire warning about new contagion. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Don Sylvester joins us in the first hour to discuss the economic impacts of the COVID-19 situation and what things may look like economically moving forward. Censored: Two CA doctors news video on COVID-19 banned from YouTube - hear part of the clip - we'll examine. Plus, Quarantine fatigue setting in - 72% of locked-down Americans say they’ll reach ‘Breaking Point’ by mid-June - we'll explore. And, Amazon, Walmart, Target, FedEx and Instacart workers to hold ‘unprecedented strike’ on Friday over virus risk. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Don Sylvester joins us in the first hour to discuss financial and economic issues from a Christian perspective. Today, he will share his thoughts and insights on how the coronavirus may have deeply impacted our economy for many years to come. In the second hour, our guest is Christian poet Traci Neal who will share with us her Christian poetry and a message of hope for today's youth. Plus, Media Meltdown: Fox Execs take pay cuts - CNN not returning to offices until at least September - Axios wants a taxpayer bailout - CNN scorched after being caught in blatant lie over Chris Cuomo's 'quarantine' - we'll examine. And, Federal judges find that majority of government bans on church services are constitutional - we'll analyze. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Amerika/USSA: 'Tyrant' Ky. governor puts nails on road, police presence greet Christians at church - Michigan Governor determines what stores can and cannot sell - Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse - we'll examine. Faith Under Fire: California churches sue Dem governor over ban on gatherings drive-in church services sanctioned by Miss. Gov. cited by Greenville cops - U.S. government jumps in to protect church rights amid Coronavirus - U.S. government jumps in to protect church rights amid Coronavirus - 'There is no pandemic exception to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards' - 'There is no pandemic exception to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards' - we'll analyze. Plus, Chinese scientists and doctors who blew whistle on Coronavirus disappear - we'll explore. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: MediaMatters: All COVID-19, all the time - Hydroxychloroquine - is it as dangerous as the media is making it out to be? - why aren't they asking the tough questions of health experts and politicos? - we'll examine. Politicians Rage On: One Governor says "Scientific fact...churches are dangerous" - Chicago mayor busted for getting hair done after lecturing others not to - DC Mayor claims 1-7 in city will contract COVID - First U.S. food-worker deaths come as VP Pence says ‘You are vital’ - lawmaker wants to prosecute Trump for 'crimes against humanity' for touting coronavirus drug - Bernie quits - we'll analyze. Plus, is 3rd Great Awakening kicking in to gear? -we'll explore. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: COVID-19 Rising: New cases doubled since the weekend to more than 200.000 - more than 4100 deaths - nearly all states in "Stay at home /shutdown" mode - Dow slides - we'll examine. Corona Payup: Communist China government being sued in International Criminal Court by US legal firm - other nations and persons asked to join. Plus, The Other Virus: Power seeking politicians? threats of arrest - 1st and 2nd Amendments suspended - gun stores closed -church buildings closed - liquor stores open - civil liberties groups alarmed - we'll explore. And, Big Corona Brother: Alabama and Massachusetts are handing the addresses of people with Coronavirus over to police. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Financial Educator and 401K expert Don Sylvester joins us in hour 1 to discuss his take on the COVID-19 Economy. Has the Constitution been killed by the Coronavirus? - Govt. scans social media to see who's disobeying quarantines - city dwellers flee to rural areas - we'll examine. Oops: Congress fumbles - Lawmakers ready to vote on 4th, 5th coronavirus spending bill to fix 'mistakes' in $2 trillion bill - full text of stimulus has not been released, but vote expected - we'll analyze. Plus, should churches ignore government orders to close? - violation of freedom of religion? or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Coronafear: Experts warn virus spread in US certain - US Soldier in S. Korea tests positive - CDC warns may become a pandemic and businesses, schools need to be closed - DHS official won't rule out that coronavirus was created in a lab - Dow dips - world stock markets tumble - Trump White House flip flops - we'll analyze. Dem Throwdown: Divisiveness among 2020 Democratic hopefuls hits new low - Vandalism hits Bloomberg campaign offices across the U.S. - Joe Biden says he’s ‘Candidate for the United States Senate’ - we'll examine. Plus, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition - why Over Half of U.S. Churches Use Armed Security Teams after Recent Shootings. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Coronascare: Did Coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? - Chinese doctors: Coronavirus can reinfect people, and the second infection can lead to heart failure - worse than Chinese Govt. letting on? - we'll examine. Blooming: Michael Bloomberg surges in poll and qualifies for Democratic Debate in Las Vegas - Is Mike Bloomberg 'cheating' with his money? - we'll analyze. Plus, Apocalypse Right Now?: 10 plagues that are hitting our planet simultaneously, we'll explore. And, Professor Alan Dershowitz involved in yet to be filed lawsuit against former Obama administration heads - find out why? or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: New Hampshire Berns: Bernie Sanders pulls in 26% in NH Primary - Biden bails - Van Jones says 'People are depressed' by primary process" - Top Nevada union warns about Sanders, Warren - Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO rips Bernie Sanders we'll analyze. Carona Panic: Top Hong Kong medical expert predicts more than half the global population will contract coronavirus - Chinese citizen journalist disappears after exposing horrors of coronavirus the gov't is trying to suppress - we'll examine. Plus, U.S. household debt exceeds $14 Trillion for the first time - Fed chief issues stark warning to Congress on deficits. And, Woman wins back right to hold Bible study - Condominium board retreats after banning even Christian music. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Iowa Cau-chaos: Joe Biden calls possible fourth-place Iowa finish a 'gut punch - shakes establishment support - James Carville sounds the alarm as Sanders surges in primary - media has meltdown over caucus failures - we'll explore. State of the Dis-Union: Trump touts - Pelosi rips - Limbaugh weeps - Van Jones warns Dems - we'll analyze. Plus, Impeachment Drama: Trump acquitted - Mitt Romney votes to convict - more Impeachment Articles to come? - we'll examine. And, Kanye West reveals record labels have contracts prohibiting artists from talking about Jesus. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Feel The Bern: Democrats grapple with Bernie surge in Iowa - Sanders builds a deeper Jewish identity on the 2020 trail - CBS News savages Bernie over mindbogglingly expensive plans - we'll analyze. Impeachment Drama: Democrat senator Joe Manchin would vote to subpoena Hunter Biden - McConnell says GOP doesn’t have votes to block impeachment witnesses - Establishment Media Zone in on Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption - we'll examine. Plus, Tears, fear and panic grip China as coronavirus spreads - Viral video of 'whistleblower' nurse suggests the coronavirus outbreak is much worse than Chinese gov't admits - we'll explore. And, Marine Corps censoring Christian message on complaint of anti-faith group. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Hill's on a Tear: Hillary Clinton tears open wound with her attack on Sanders - “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,” - Tulsi Gabbard suing Clinton for defamation over 'Russian asset' comments - we'll examine. Impeachment Drama: Chief Justice Roberts admonishes House prosecution, White House defense - Cipollone Impeachment Brief claims ‘Overwhelming’ evidence – 6 times – but, Dems now say it’s not enough - we'll analyze. Plus, 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond turns - peaceful... And, China quarantines whole city of more than 11 milion over Coronavirus outbreak. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Impeachment Drama: House members send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate - along with other "evidence" not in the Articles - Pelosi and ranking Dem house members claim Trump cheating, trying to rig election - we'll analyze. Big Bro Fed: Sharyl Attkisson: Feds admit to spying on me - Former U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein is accused of leading operation - we'll examine. Plus, CNN’s Van Jones Buries 2020 field after debate: ‘Nothing I saw tonight would be able to take Donald Trump out.’ And, NC Election Board threatens to call cops on members for reciting Pledge of Allegiance. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Impeachmentzilla: Big 3 cable networks carry - Judge Napolitano says he'd vote for impeachment - Dem. Jonathan Turley, Law prof, tells Congress: Impeaching Trump would be historic mistake - did Hamilton define impeachment in Federalist 65 in broad political terms as talking heads, politicos and legal experts are claiming? - find out. Several counties in Virginia declare themselves as 2nd amendment sanctuaries - Virginia legislature considering restrictive gun legislation - ban on all semi-automatics? - we'll explore. And, Asia is ‘new hotbed of Christian persecution’ or
YouTubers Are Lobbying FTC to Fight Child Privacy Law ExpansionBy Mark Bergen, Lucas Shaw, and Ben BrodyNovember 5, 2019, 5:00 AM EST Service agreed not to run ‘personalized’ ads on kids’ videos Move ‘will cause more harm than good,’ according to petitionLISTEN TO ARTICLE 4:06SHARE THIS ARTICLEShareTweetPostEmailIn this articleGOOGLALPHABET INC-A1,301.86USD-10.73-0.82%A group of online video creators is protesting the Federal Trade Commission’s plan to regulate kids’ videos on YouTube, claiming new rules will hurt them financially and reduce the quality of programs on the world’s largest video site.On Tuesday, producers of prominent children’s YouTube channels will appeal to the FTC to change its recent settlement with the video service and will circulate a new petition online urging certain changes.In September, the FTC fined YouTube and its parent, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, $170 million for violating privacy laws by tracking children online. With the settlement, YouTube also agreed not to run “personalized” advertisements -- which rely on web browsing behavior and other targeting data -- on videos it decided are aimed at kids.“Shutting off personalized ads on creators’ content will cause more harm than good, especially for children,” reads the petition. “Quality family-friendly content will shrink, while more mature content will grow -- yet kids will still be watching.”The petition was started by Jeremy Johnston, a creator whose channel, J House Vlogs, has nearly 2 million subscribers. Johnston said he has met with multiple FTC commissioners about the issue. “I was surprised about how little they knew about the YouTube creator perspective,” he said. Johnston described his meetings with the agency as “really productive.”Videos for kids are among the most-watched on YouTube. Cocomelon, a channel of nursery rhymes, is the third-most-popular channel on the site, according to SocialBlade. Like Nastya, a child video blogger, ranks fifth.Tough SpotThe popularity of kids’ programming has put YouTube in an uncomfortable position. The company has maintained that the site isn’t for children, and doesn’t allow viewers under the age of 13. It created a separate app for kids, but its audience is about 1% the size of YouTube’s total reach.The internet obliterated many of the safeguards on children’s media. While television networks have strict regulations about what material they can and can’t show -- and some kids’ TV networks don’t accept advertising -- there are no such rules online.The FTC is in the process of reviewing how technology companies collect data on minors, a practice regulated under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. The agency fined ByteDance Inc., which owns the video app TikTok, $5.7 million earlier this year. The law was also used in the case against YouTube. The FTC now is weighing updates to COPPA.Many video creators are anxious about those updates and the new restrictions on YouTube, which go into effect in January. The rules place the onus on the creator to identify if their programming is for kids, rather than YouTube. And the creators could face significant fines for not complying.When the restrictions on personalized ads go into effect, some YouTubers may see a decline in their revenue from the video service. Those rule punish creators unfairly, Johnston said.”The truth of the matter is that parents aren’t as concerned about personalized ads as the FTC makes it out to be,” he said.Spokeswomen for YouTube and the FTC declined to comment.The creators behind the petition want the FTC to delay enforcement of any new laws and keep them from applying to a wider swath of videos. Of particular concern is the way the agency defines a video for children. During an FTC public meeting last month, agency staff discussed a shift in the definition from online media “directed to kids” and those that attract minors.“‘Child-attractive’ could be anything on YouTube,” said Melissa Hunter from Family Video Network, another organizer behind the petition. “We feel that’s way too broad. And that shows a lack of understanding about YouTube.”YouTube has said it will comply with the new rules, but it has also encouraged creators to express their views. The company sent a notice to creators over the summer informing them of a workshop with the FTC. “It is important they hear from creators and small businesses that could be deeply impacted by potential changes,” a YouTube representative wrote, according to an email viewed by Bloomberg News.
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Impeachmentzilla: All impeachment, all the time on the big 3 cable outlets - middle America yawning - Democrat Jonathan Turley asks, "Are Democrats building a collapsible impeachment?" - we'll examine. Food Shortage in America?: potato , corn and grain crop production damaged by extreme weather - several, state governors declare states of emergency and disasters for farmers - shortages and high prices already appearing at major grocery stores and Walmart - USDA numbers not showing true impact - media ignores - we'll analyze. Plus, Kanye West to appear at Joel Ostein's Church. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Government Gone Wild: Gallup poll finds mentions of Government as top U.S. problem near record high - Is permanent bureaucracy a mortal threat to America? we'll analyze. Whistlebuster: Trump's son tweets name of alleged whistleblower - Schiff: On second thought, I shouldn't have misled everyone over our contact with the whistleblower - we'll examine. Plus, Mexico Now Says Different Cartel Responsible for Mormon Family Murders. And, China destroys Meg-Church during worship services. or
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Dems Debate: Pete Buttigieg's debate performance gets enthusiastic applause — from conservatives - Biden fades into background as focus switches to Warren - Tulsi Gabbard drags debate hosts CNN and The New York Times on their own turf we'll analyze. Impeachment Saga: Pelosi strategy questioned after refusing authorization vote on impeachment inquiry - 6th Amendment issues lurking? - we'll examine. Plus, Radical leftists allegedly threaten pastor for agreeing to show new Jordan Peterson 'propaganda' film at church - we'll explore. or
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