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Author: Richie Laxton (aka Richie L.)

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Christian Talk Radio Show Online, discussing today's issues from a Christian perspective and an attitude that Rocks! Join host Richie L. for the hottest topics, current events, and issues affecting this generation of Christians, plus interesting guests and the latest in cutting edge, Christian Music. It's talk radio that is thought provoking, engaging, slightly irreverent, comforting to the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO! Listen in LIVE online, NEW TIME, 4-6 PM Eastern Time, 3-5 PM Central, every Wednesday.
39 Episodes
On today's show, 4:06pm CT, 5:06pm ET: Dems Debate: Pete Buttigieg's debate performance gets enthusiastic applause — from conservatives - Biden fades into background as focus switches to Warren - Tulsi Gabbard drags debate hosts CNN and The New York Times on their own turf we'll analyze. Impeachment Saga: Pelosi strategy questioned after refusing authorization vote on impeachment inquiry - 6th Amendment issues lurking? - we'll examine. Plus, Radical leftists allegedly threaten pastor for agreeing to show new Jordan Peterson 'propaganda' film at church - we'll explore. or
On today's show, 3:05pm CT, 4:05pm ET: Impeachment: Trump addresses Ukranian phone call and whistleblower in two "pressers," impeachment probe rapidly widens as Dems fire off subpoenas, set testimony, Secretary of State listened in, talking heads say impeachment is a political process, but what does Constitution actually say? - we'll explore. Biden threatened Ukraine for investigating Son's Company, Hunter did talk to Joe about business according to The New Yorker - we'll analyze. Plus, BLS claims Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2018 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined. And, politicians quoting a lot of Scriptures these days, but how accurate are they? or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Dorian On The Move: Apocalyptic damage in the Bahamas, body count to rise, 13000+ homes destroyed or badly damaged, relief organizations mobilized, what is the Waffle House Hurricane index and why does FEMA use it? - and how can you help. Whoopi Goldberg smacks down actress on wanting "Political Blacklist" for Trump supporters - hear the audio. Plus, Should Gun ownership be licensed through the Federal government? - one presidential candidate thinks so - find out. And, modern patience lower than ever before - we'll analyze. or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Big Bro' Tech?: Apple apologizes for retaining Siri audio recordings - Doorbell-camera firm Ring teams with 400 police forces - American Airlines launches facial recognition to board passengers - Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system - one tech firm censors employees to keep itself out of the headlines - we'll analyze. Faith No More: U.S. town banned Christians from renting - Iowa college removes professor who reportedly shared violent Facebook posts about killing Christians - we'll examine or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Holy War: Sen Warren quotes Bible verses - gets interpretation wrong - says she's doing the Lord's work - Jewish magazine op-ed blasts Democratic 'silence' in face of anti-Semitism from US Reps. Omar, Tlaib - we'll examine. Un-Social Media: Report: Facebook has ‘significant work’ to address ‘bias’ - Company hired former senator to review complaints about its political agenda - Conservatives to Google: Explain your censorship! -we'll analyze. Plus, Bible verse results in fair housing violation for Christian realtor. or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Rattled: Dow plunges 750 points after bond market flashes a recession warning, Citigroup tanks 5% - Main yield curve inverts as 2-year yield tops 10-year rate - we'll examine. Dead Men Tell No Tales: Epstein found hanging in his lower Manhattan jail cell with bedsheet wrapped around his neck - had dirt on powerful people - Jeffrey Epstein's death was on 4Chan before officials announced it - guards were asleep - Judge overseeing key Jeffrey Epstein-related suit dies - we'll analyze. And, Notable Christian songwriter says he's no longer a believer - find out why. or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Rhetoric and Bullets: MSNBC uses a chyron on Tuesday evening that read “TRUMP-INSPIRED TERRORISM - host says Trump is talking about 'exterminating Latinos' - Joaquin Castro doubles down amid backlash over tweeting names of Trump donors - Protesters Descend on Mitch McConnell's Home, Threaten to "Stab the Motherf**ker in the Heart" - ‘Red Flag’ gun control bills pick up momentum with G.O.P. in Congress - Inquiries into license to carry classes up after mass shootings - Got Jesus? - we'll analyze. or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Free Stuff!: Dem Candidates call for more than $200 trillion in spending - Most have at least $1 trillion of proposals -interest on national debt may exceed spending by 2024 - Buttigieg quotes the Bible - Williamson lectures and yodels - we'll examine. Borderline: Rio Grande Valley passes 300K apprehensions, sets annual border record - we'll analyze. And, jury decides Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ copied Christian rap song. or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: Dazed And Confused: Robert Mueller testimony before Congress called by many "Painful" - stammering, stuttering, confused, - who was really running the investigation in to Russian "Collusion"? - Anti-Trump Harvard Law prof Laurence Tribe calls Mueller hearing ‘disaster - we'll analyze. Hacked Off: Ed Butowsky briniging defamation lawsuit against media outlets over DNC hack/Seth Rich Murder - who really hacked the DNC computers? - what evidence seems to indicate - we'll explore. Banned: the word Christian considered hate speech by one social media outlet? or
On today's show, 3pm CT, 4pm ET: A Tweet Too Far?: Fall out continues from Weekend Tweet from Pres. Trump about AOC and "Squad" - Rep Al Green calls for impeachment for bigotry - compares to Andrew Johnson - oops, Johnson not impeached for bigotry - Pelosi says "went easy on President" regarding resolution - rhetoric too high on both sides? - we'll analyze. Aborted: Planned Parenthood "secretly" fires its president for not being politically aggressive enough - we'll explore. Faith under fire: TX city tears down Jesus banner in front of church on church land - claims in way of future development - we'll examine. or
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