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In this episode, I chat with Claire Stewart Chartered Accountant Partner at Cartmill Stewart & Co. Chartered Accountants based in Northern Ireland. Claire is a small business advisor, mentor, and author. We chat about Cartmill Stewart & Co. how the business was formed and the types of professional services which it offers to clients both small and large. Claire talks about her path to becoming a Chartered Accountant and how she wanted to change the 'stereotypical' example of what an account was. We discuss the importance of goals in life and Claire explains that running a business is just a vehicle to reach personal goals. Claire shares her insights and thoughts on the importance of aligning goals with what you want to happen and how even though you might have a plan don't be afraid to take a different route. Claire shares her 3 best tips (which was hard) from her book 25 ways to help get your business off to a good start; - Get over your fear - Take a risk - Don't Network just to get a sale Finally, Claire gives some useful insight into how to get into a career as a chartered account, possible routes and her goals for the rest of 2018
In this episode, I chat with Mickey Quigg who currently works in New York for NY GAA as Development Officer. Mickey was previously a student of the University of Ulster and was also Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs & Vice President of Campaigns and Communications at Ulster University Students Union. We chat about his time at the University of Ulster and the roles which he has been involved in, as well as the skills which he developed and feels, have been important. Mickey talks about his current role as a development officer at New York GAA and what it's been like working in the United States. We discuss important skills which students need to develop and refine and the importance of communication skills in the workplace. Mickey share's his top 3 tips for Students graduating in 2018 and how these can help land a job or opportunity after University. Finally, we chat about LinkedIn and how useful Mickey has found it for building his own career profile online and professional network and why he feels Students should be embracing the power of Linkedin
In this episode, I chat with Debbie Rymer Principal of East Coast of Marketing Academy who have launched a CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing ) study center in Newry City offering Businesses & Individuals the opportunity to obtain a qualification in Marketing or Digital Marketing. We chat about The Chartered Institute of Marketing and explore opportunities which obtaining a professional qualification can present. Debbie shares her insights on how both businesses and individuals can directly benefit from the qualifications. Debbie talks about the importance of planning when it comes to making your digital marketing and social media efforts successful and how using a Digital Marketing Framework such as Dave Chaffey 'RACE' Framework help digital marketers plan and manage their activities in a more structured way. Debbie also shares examples of which previous delegates who have gained their CIM qualifications, as a result, have been able to secure employment opportunities and promotions. Check out for more details on upcoming courses as well as information on the full range of CIM Qualifications available.
In this episode, I chat with Emma Boylan. Emma helps small business owners, who struggle with marketing, fill their business with ideal clients as well as finding a faster path to way more money by Standing out and NOT sounding the same as every other business. Emma left her 9 to 5 job 4 years ago to fulfill her dream of starting her own business; when she saw that most marketing was all the same and that businesses were really struggling to attract the right clients and have a message that made them different. Emma talks about thinking about how businesses can influence people but understanding how your customer or clients think or feel. Emma shares her tips on how to cut through the noise of social media and reach your ideal client. Emma explains why people do business with people they know, like and trust. All business need to build this with their audience online by creating a tribe of people who are waiting for your next Facebook Post & her 3 tips on how businesses can get crystal clear on their business message today.
Niamh McAuley is video marketing manager with over 4 years of experience in camera operation and video content throughout the island of Ireland. She has been growing Purple Dot Videos for the last 3 years producing over 200 promotional videos for businesses throughout Northern Ireland.  In this episode Niamh shares her insight and top tips on how businesses and individuals can benefit from creating video using just their smartphone.   Niamh talks about other equipment which businesses can use to help improve their video, the mojo kit & ways to overcome the fear of getting in front of the camera.
Nikki Bradley is a young woman who has been on a truly unique and remarkable journey.  Diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at the age of just 16  - Nikki knows how to push limits and boundaries - from glacier abseiling to attempting a Guinness World Record. In this episode, Nikki talks openly about dealing with cancer to sharing her 5 tips for helping overcome Adversity.  She shares strategies for living with a disability. Nikki talks about the importance of Appreciating the Power of Laughter, Accepting Help and remembering why it's not all about you. She shares some of her plans for the future and how she now speakings in Schools to Young People & Businesses by sharing her story as well as chatting about the campaign which she launched Fighting Fit for Ewings
When it comes comes to Twitter for Business the name Tweeting Goddess AKA Samantha Kelly is synonymous with Twitter in general.  She is someone who I have gotten to know well over the past few years.  She has helped me connect with people in Ireland and around the world and given me the opportunity to speak at her Irish Biz Party events throughout Ireland and also to speak at the first Irish Social Media Summit which attracted speakers such as Ted Rubin & Brian Fanzo to name a few.   She is a Twitter superstar and in this episode she shares her insights and tips to how Businesses can use Twitter more to build relationships with Customers & the reason your Business needs to be using Twitter.   Samantha shares why people don't go on Social Media to be sold to.  The importance of taking relationships which you build online offline & her 3 key tips for using Twitter for Business.   Samantha also shares key hashtags which businesses need to look out for which can help increase the reach Tweets and the importance of finding your thing - "be you and be authentic" in her own words.  
Many of us hope for Financial freedom but very few people achieve it. When many of us hear the term Financial Planning a blank expression comes to mind.  For many people, they think the whole Financial Planning process is something of a complex process but it dosen't have to be.   There are many simple steps which you can take along the way which will help you move closer to Financial freedom John Sloan of Navigator Financial Planning helps me explore this a little further.  We chat about the different types of debt the Good Vs the Bad debt which many of us have - potentially causing a lot of stress.  John talks about what he calls the Superman syndrome what this means and why it's important for young professionals to think about.   John talks about the importance of writing down some simple Financial goals of what you would like to achieve and how a Financial advisor can help you reach your goals, we chat a little about putting a little aside each month and investing for the future.   This episode is packed full of great tips for Financial Planning if you need any further information make sure to stop by
Imagine developing a University or College project and turning it into a Business that generates sales of 1 Million that's what happened when Kyle Gawley co-founded Get Invited  - the Online Ticketing Platform In this Podcast Kyle talks openly and honestly about this business journey to date.  We chat about why it's actually ok to fail.  Why Bootstrapping is important and how you can but 250K of investment in a very short time. We discuss Kyle's latest journey in life to become a Digital Nomad and why Health and Wellbeing is very important in Business & Life.  This episode is packed full of great tips and advice and building a start up and life.  
From Hobby to Business to Pitching in Dragons' Den Niamh Hogan from Holos Skincare has had an interesting business journey so far.  In this episode of the Podcast I chat with Niamh about the early days of  setting up her business, how she got started and ended up pitching to Investors on the Irish Dragons' Den Niamh share great insights and advice to getting a business up and running and the importance of cash flow - without cashflow it can make it difficult to execute your business plan.   Niamh shares her 3 tips for Startups as well as pitching tips should you get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to an investor or in the Dragons' Den. Building relationships is key and these days social media can help you build relationships on a global level  - it's all about putting yourself in the right position.   Enjoyed this episode? Make sure to share the link with your friends   
Digital Technology has helped evolve and change the experience for travellers in 2016 - It presents many of opportunities for both businesses and customers to take advantage of to help improve and enhance the experience.  In episode 24 I chat with Kieran Swail Innovation and Technology Specialist at i3 SRC Newry  Kieran has mentored over 100 businesses through a range of different funding streams to help businesses in their path to become more innovative and do business better.   We discuss how businesses can think about using new digital technologies more effectively to improve the visitor experience especially from a 'pre destination' How technology can become an enabler pre - durning and post visit with technology being all around us.   We wrap up with some advice for Students studying Travel, Tourism or Hospitality how to get a start in the industry  - the importance of being creative and innovative and never giving up till you get what you want.  
This is an on location Podcast.  I am in Dubai and I'm chatting with my good friend Barry Cummings.  Barry runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai and works with a number of different clients across different sectors.  In this Podcast I chat with Barry about this move to the UAE over 10 years ago, how he found the country and what it's like to set up a business in Dubai. We talk about the difference of running a business in the UK and how it works in Dubai and why you need to have patience and tenacity to be successful in Business.   We also talk about a career in the Digital Marketing industry and what need to get thought abut if you are considering working in the Middle East.  Barry shares his insights, thoughts and offers great advice to those looking to work as a digital marketing professional in the United Arab Emirates.  
With 91% of Retail using 2 or more Social Media Channels  - Retail Businesses both small and large really need to be fully taking advantage of Social Media and the opportunities which it provides.   In this episode I chat to Emma Gribben which helps retail businesses get more out of their social media efforts.  Emma shares her insights on the importance of content within social media, what are the trends for retailers in 2016 and how social media can help you gain traction & the importance of relevant, meaningful messages Emma chats about the importance of taking your message and putting it in video format and how this will help you get more exposure.  She stresses the importance of knowing your market and carrying out regular research.  Retail businesses need to make it simple for customers to interact with them  - Emma share's some tips on how this is possible.   We wrap up the show with some tips for those looking to break into a Career in digital marketing and why experience is very important within this ever changing landscape.  
The topic of Career Branding has never been more important than now with the explosive growth of Social Media and Platforms like LinkedIn which enable people to develop their own professional network and apply for career opportunities. Episode 21 of the Podcast is a big one I get the opportunity to chat with global career branding expert Niels Reib from Denmark.  Niels shares many of this top tips and advice which he covers on his awesome courses which he runs via his online platform He chats about his Career Branding Roadmap which he has developed to help those starting out on the journey or those looking to make a career change and why your website or 'Home Base" as Niels calls is a tool which you need to have up and running. Niels finishes off with his Top 5 Tips for a effective LinkedIn profile which include: Picture  - Make sure you smile and it's a professional image  Your Headline Matters - this is a teaser of what you are all about Keyword - 5-7 of your strongest skills Summary - not to formal pick out 2-3 of your proudest moments Make sure you personalise your invites  Make sure to check out this website and follow him on Twitter @NielsReib  
They say an pictures says a 1000 words, in Social Media Marketing getting the correct image associated with your campaign can be a make or break.  Sourcing good stock images can be costly and also challenging in terms of the terms of use.   In this episode I chat to Top Northern Ireland based Professional Photographer Jude Malone from Cool For School.  Jude talks about her own experience in business as well as what goes into capturing the perfect image for your social media campaign and what's possible with your Smartphone device and why you don't need to spend thousands on equipment you don't know how to use.  
The World of the Internet and Social Media has become the way in which we communicate and share information.  When it comes to Social Media many of us can think of all the positive benefits which it has one being how easy it is for us to stay in touch with each other at a touch of a button.   But there is a dark side to the Internet & Social Media with many people experiencing Online Bullying as a direct result of the Internet and Social Media.  In this episode I get to chat to Northern Ireland based Anita Dennison who herself was bullied online while at School.  She has recently given a TEDx on her experiences and shares her advice on how to overcome online bulling and why getting help so important.  She has tuned this very negative experience into a positive one and now helps others in the same situation.  
Digital PR for your Business & what you need to know right now.  This info can help change the game for your Business.  You will need a Pen & Paper to listen to this episode.   I chat with the talented Leanne Ross Digital Communicator who has a real knack for coming up with creative and innovative ways to help businesses use Digital Communication methods to Reach & Win customers.  Leanne shares her story on how she got started in Digital Marketing, Why Personal Development is important, her 6 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for 2016 as well as a bunch of other great insights.   This episode is packed to the rafters full of tips which you can implement to your business right way.  
When it comes to business being able to communicate your key businesses message is vital.  In this episode I chat with former UTV & BBC presenter Sarah Travers & Sales and Business Specialist Camilla Long of Bespoke Communications who each share top advice how how to become a better communicator.  How to handle a media interview and how a to nail an elevator pitch in 3 key steps.   In this episode businesses get real tips on how to actually become a better communicator a skill which will help bring your business & career to the next level.  Grab a Pen & Paper and get ready for some amazing useful information you can action right away.  
In another packed episode I chat with Adrian Curran of WhatsThePointMedia about using Facebook for Business.  Many Businesses now use Facebook as a way to engage with their Customers but are customers really coming onto Facebook to be sold to? Adrian shares his insights and advice to how businesses can get more out of their Facebook efforts.  Adrian talks about what content works, why businesses need to think about a strategy and the importance of building a community around your Facebook Business Page.   In this episode businesses get real tips on how to actually use Facebook to make it work for a business, you will learn how to become your own media channel.  
When we are kids many of us have dreams of maybe someday becoming our own Boss and starting our own Business.  For Martin Murtagh of Newry City Tours he decided to do just that.  Winner of the 2015 Newry City Business Awards for Best Tourism Business, Martin's business has been growing and he currently has plans to launch City Tours in other parts of Ireland focusing on the scary or dark tourism industry.   In this episode Martin shares his 3 tips for those considering starting a Business in 2015 - he talks about keeping things simple, developing partnerships & surrounding yourself with the right people are key for success.   Visit to find out more 
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Ciara O' Hanlon

Loved this podcast! There is so much information and advice out at the moment that it can feel like we are being bombarded and that can lead to overwhelm (for me, it's like - I will never remember to do/feel/think/take on all this advice. What was different about this podcast was Joanne's down to earth and relaxed manner makes listening to her easy and enjoyable. Her sound advice to help us deal with the times that we are currently in was informative (in an easy way and not preachy!) and accessible. The use of language was powerful, reframing the 'have to' and the homeschooling info was valuable 👏

Apr 7th
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