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Author: Tom Barry

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We’re an environmental Podcast inspired by the cult classic 90’s cartoon Captain Planet & The Planeteers. Each week we take a look at an episode of Captain Planet and examine the lesson it was trying to teach us. We dig into the harsh realities of climate change while exploring the history and science behind the issues. We bring you stories of environmental despair and the real-life heroes who give us hope. We aim to raise awareness and empower planeteers around the world!
2 Episodes
This week we use Episode 2 of Captain Planet as our guide to look at the devastating effects of acid rain. We talk about an Eco Emergency in Germany’s forests, and recount the terrifying story of The Great Smog of London. We end the show with an uplifting story about a badass Greenpeace activist who risked her life protecting our planet.
We explore the pilot episode of Captain Planet and it’s focus on oil spills. After recapping the episode, we talk about the science behind the issue, share environmental disaster stories involving oil spills, and recognize our very first Planeteer of the Week.
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