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In this episode I chat with Rheanna Downey and Molly Jenson of the band, Shhhhh. Don't worry they're not trying to shush you, that's just their name. We cover a lot of ground in our conversation but central to it all is the idea of trusting yourself and the creative process. Whether that be, believing you are never too old to pursue what you love or just trusting that the next song, book, painting, or inspiration in general will  come to you. Molly and Rheanna share all about how they met, what it is like writing and playing together, and about all the things that are lighting them up these days. Also, stick around to the end to hear them play one of their new songs! Follow Shhhhh on Instagram: shhhhhthebandOr follow on Facebook: shhhhhthebandVisit their website: 
What on earth could chemistry, music and comic books have in common? Quite a bit as it turns out!In this episode I chat with Dr. Colleen Kelley, Founder of Kids Chemical Solutions. Colleen found herself captivated by the question, “Why do my students think chemistry is SO hard?” After a great deal of research, Colleen decided to do something to make the subject of chemistry accessible and fun for even the youngest learners through her comic book series called The M.C. Detective Agency: Chemical Solutions Required. Colleen shares all about her process for developing these books - from how she came up with the characters and plot lines and even shares a bit about the magic of chemistry in our every day lives.  Visit Colleen's website Colleen's book series 
In this episode I got the pleasure to chat with Bass Player, Jeremy Radio.  We chat about his long career in music and what it is like to dream big dreams. Then see them come true, while also maintaining a great love and appreciation for the work. Jeremy shares what life on the road has been like, what it is that makes music last and how spirituality and individuality play a part in the music he creates. Jeremy has so much joy and gratitude and was such an awesome guest. Whether you are a musician or not, this episode has something for everyone. Jeremy  just released an album with his band Thousand Dollar Movie, he produces  music with Gigantic Record Company, and plays bass for John Mark McMillan Follow Jeremy on instagram: @jeremyradio 
In this episode I chat with Justin Wilson, a Tattoo Artist, Navy Veteran, Painter, Writer and more. Justin shares how he developed his passion for art and tattooing. We also discuss how identity plays a critical role in how we see ourselves and our abilities. Justine has tattooed all over the world and is currently residing and working in San Diego, California. To follow and learn more about JustinInstagram:  Website: 
In this episode I chat with Heather Penny - Coach, Speaker, and Author. Heather works with clients both privately and in the corporate world to identify the false beliefs holding them back and replace them with true beliefs. We discuss the challenges that come along with cultural and societal expectations to constantly burn the candle at both ends and how detrimental it can be both personally in addition to our creativity. If you find yourself in need of encouragement as you balance all the roles and responsibilities in life, this is the episode for you!To follow and learn more about Heather Website: Instagram: @heatherpennyphd
In this episode I chat with Melissa Heinemann and Lisa Bencivenga of Gigi's Getaway - an outdoor preschool dedicated to teaching through play. We chat about how play and nature can be tools for learning and how (in the words of Maria Montessori) play is the work of children. Melissa and Lisa share about the things they've learned from their students, how they've had to be flexible in an outdoor environment and even share some crazy stories like having multiple funerals for the same dead bird.  Learn more about Gigi's     
We got to chat with our friends Jenna and John Moore. Jenna runs a creative vending movement called WonderboxSD, which features local makers, merchants and artisans. Her husband John has a mobile book store and booth in Liberty Station both under the banner of Gentleman John Books.We talked about their creative and entrepreneurial journeys and what it is like to pivot and shift with your ideas.Connect with Jenna and
I don’t know about you but I definitely remember seeing comments on my report cards that read, “spends too much time daydreaming”. But is daydreaming really a bad thing? And how does daydreaming relate to creativity? We talk about this and more in this episode with Paula Intravaia from The Cloud Club Collective. Connect with
In this episode with Jess at Raisingslow we talk about making the choice to slow down and the impact it can have on us, our kids and our creativity. Jess shares with us how she was forced to reevaluate her pace of life and how minimizing the mental and physical clutter has helped them to live a fuller and more creative life. Connect and get some free resources from Jess at raisingslow.comFollow Jess on instagram @raisingslow
Made to Create welcomes back Laura Haver to talk about her journey as a writer and aspiring author. We talk about how comparison can be the "thief" of our creativity. Laura is also the founder of Author Moms, a group dedicated to providing space for moms to develop their writing skills, share ideas, and work towards authorship. Follow Laura on Instagram @lauramhaver Find out more about Author Moms @authormoms Reach out to Laura for coaching and free goodies at Find out more about Made to Create live workshops on Instagram @iammadetocreate
Hello Creators! I just wrapped up 30 Days of Creativity, where I committed to sharing something creative that I did, observed, or was inspired by every day for a month. In this episode my husband, Cody and I talk about the surprising lessons we both learned along the way. We also dove into what's been going on with our creative journeys since our last season.See all my posts from my 30 Days of Creativity on Instagram @iammadetocreateStay up to date with Made to Create and Join our brand spankin' new email listSign up for the next Art of Restoration Event
Hello Creators! We're back with conversations about creativity and debunking the myth that creativity looks like one specific thing... Creativity can look like 1000 different things and everyone is creative in some way! As we get back into the swing, I'd love to just let you know what's been going on in our lives and give you a teaser about what's coming. Thanks for being here!To stay up to date, follow me on Instagram @iammadetocreate
In this episode I sit down with Lindsay Lederman to find out more about an area of creativity I have always been fascinated by, Art Therapy. Lindsay is the Clinical Director of The Art Therapy Project in New York. We talk about Lindsay's path to finding her passion as an Art Therapist, what happens inside the walls of an art therapy session, and how covid has both created challenges and opportunities for Lindsay and other therapists. Check out this episode to hear all the amazing ways that Lindsay and the team at The Art Therapy Project are using creativity to do amazing things in the lives of others all over the country. You can find Lindsay's work on instagram @thearttherapyprojector visit their website at
Hair stylist, singer, motivational speaker, mom, and non-profit leader! Lindsey has led such a full and creative life. The twists and turns of her story have allowed her to bring exactly who she is to the world. All by saying "well, let's see what happens..." and "give more than you take". Through her non-profit What You Deserve, Lindsey is using her creative spark to help moms in need and ultimately empower and encourage women to know and find their intrinsic value. I was definitely inspired by her story and I know you will be too!Find Lindsey on Instagram @lindseykinghairCheck out her non-profit at and on instagram @whatyoudeservesd
Sometimes chasing creativity is as simple as making it fun and setting some attainable habits. In this episode Laura Haver and I sit on on my patio to talk about creativity, writing, being a mom and how to have fun with all of it. Laura is an author and coach helping busy & overwhelmed parents have fun & connect w/their kids through play, coaching & communication. I was so encouraged as a parent, creative, and just as a human being in this conversation with Laura. I know you will be too!You can find Laura on Instagram @chasinghaversTo be coached by Laura or learn more, visit her website:
It was so great talking with my new friend (and new favorite IG follow), April Dillow. We talk about creativity that was born out of hard times. Which I think is appropriate for our current 2020 woes. Let's talk about how to be creative during difficult seasons!Follow April on Instagram @thestampedlily
You are going to love this awesome interview with Interior Designer and Owner of Serendipity Design, Pam Martin Johnston. We discuss her journey to interior design (spoiler alert, it was also somewhat serendipitous), the difference between interior designers and interior stylists and how creativity shows up in the aesthetics as well as functionality of interior design. Pam has such a passion for serving and loving others and I loved hearing how she is able to bring that into every space she designs. You are going to fall in love!...and who knows, maybe you'll decide you need a little remodeling done too : )Find Pam on the internets!Website: serendipitydesign.coInstagram:  @serendipitydesign.coFacebook:  @SerendipityDesignerEmail:
In part two of my conversation with Cody, we do a little catch up after 7 weeks of lockdown. And then we dive into my personal creative journey which sparks SO MUCH great conversation. You'll get a peek into our marriage and family life, but most of all you will hear the different ways we came to our shared philosophies of creativity. This was a lot of fun!
Part 1 of a two part conversation with my Husband, Cody. We talk about his creative journey, and what creativity looks like in these strange days of being quarantined. This conversation really does go to some cool places and Cody and I both hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for part two in the second half of April. Stay safe, healthy, and creative out there friends!Find Cody on Instagram: @codyjvermillionLearn more about the non-profit he co-founded, Uncommon [good]: @uncommongoodsdAlso, check out the book Cody mentions, "Get Weird" by Cj Casciotta
Story Time with Matthew Luhn

Story Time with Matthew Luhn


Such an inspiring conversation with storyteller, animator, artist, and all around amazing creative, Matthew Luhn! Don't know that name? Well, you certainly know his work... From the Simpsons, to your childhood commercials, to Pixar... Matthew has had an amazing creative career. And through it all, he continuously pursued his dreams and goals while building up his skill sets along the way. Listen as he shares stories of the early years of Pixar, his random side jobs, and what he is up to today. Plus we get amazing insights into his creative process and wisdom on what matters most! Find Matthew online at matthewluhnstory.comGrab a copy of his book The Best Story WinsMade To Create is now an affiliate of Love Your Labor, a program designed to prepare you for natural child birth. If that interests you, check out their free webinar using our unique affiliate link and help out the show! Click here: Love Your Labor Affiliate Link
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