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In our podcast we bring to you brands which are mindful in their practices and processes. A mindful business adopts and employs sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices.
. We launched our first episode on July the 22nd., 2019 with a new episode every two weeks.
11 Episodes
The Farmer’s Dog was founded on the belief that, like people, pets should be enabled to lead their best possible lives. Their first product is a subscription service that delivers wholesome, freshly-cooked meals for dogs - an antidote to the unregulated, highly processed, preservative-fueled world of commercial pet foodThe Farmer’s Dog launched in 2014 after co-founder Brett’s battle to solve the stomach issues of his dog, Jada. After testing every pet food on the market without success, Brett tried a fresh, home-cooked diet at his vet’s recommendation. The results were staggering - Jada was cured. Having witnessed first-hand the power of fresh food, he teamed up with Jonathan to rethink the pet food industry from the ground-up and create the simple, healthy product they wished had existed for their own dogs (and dogs everywhere!).
Through her curiosity and love of knitting, Laurie Gonyea discovered the magical and therapeutic properties of yarn spun with pure silver. However, this extraordinary material was not being produced in the U.S. for the hand knitting market. Laurie set out to change that. The result is a collection of modern, elevated essentials that are kind to your skin and the world around you. Each collection is designed and made in the US, infused with pure silver throughout the pieces and is produced in limited runs. Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, pure silver inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and promotes healthy skin. Silver also has great thermal properties and conducts energy, keeping your feet warm.
Bradford and Bryan Manning are two blind brothers on a mission to cure blindness. At a young age, they were diagnosed with an eye disease that causes blindness over time. To fight back, they left their former careers to start Two Blind Brothers, a small charitable clothing company that donates 100% of the profits to drive life-changing research for a cure for blindness. Their condition inspired a special attention for details, a passion that carries over into the construction of their clothing line. Two Blind Brothers focuses on quality, comfort, and "sense of touch."
Swahili Coast partners with artisans in East Africa to craft ethically handmade, fair trade, adventure-ready accessories.It connect them to global markets using principles of fairness, dignity, and respect. Swahili Coast strives to support the creation of worker-owned cooperatives and provide continuing support through fair exchange and promotion of workers rights in the East Africa region.
Muskaan's lipstick is more than just a pretty shade - it's a way to show your true colors. Look good and do good with Muskaan. Portions of the proceeds go towards funding a rotating lineup of local and global charity partners. They believe giving back is truly the most beautiful thing. Plus, they perform due diligence to ensure that the donations are given in the hands of those who need it most. Muskaan takes the time to make sure our formula not only meets high industry standards and certifications but more importantly that it exceeds customers' standards. Look and feel good knowing your shade was mindfully created and lovingly made with your heart in mind.
Hats that empower women & capture the energy of the Sacred Valley, infusing it into your everyday life. #WearYourIntention
We talk with Kimberly McGlonn, a passionate founder/CEO, Grant Blvd about her mission and her vision in training returning citizens women to create clothes in West Philadelphia. Following her brand's goal to be inclusive, she has a wide range of sizes made from clothes that she gets from thrift stores.
ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by providing economic opportunity for women. We talk to Jen Milam, director of merchandise planning, about how the brand works to be transparent and accountable in an industry where women workers often cannot meet the basic needs for themselves and their children. She talks to us from their headquarters in Nashville, TN. You can book an #Airbnbexperience at their HQ in Nashville, ​TN and leave with a piece of jewelry.
"Nature is the best designer as it has had 1000s of years to perfect it." - Rony Joseph, designer and owner of Listen to how nature inspires him to designs your everyday kitchen products using minimalist principals. He talks about how he has in the 15 years of business hasn't bought new outer boxes - he is always able to find reusable boxes, savings that he passes on to his customers.
"Business best in the world" and "Business best FOR the world" - Susan Correa, Founder and CEO of Art and Eden talks to us from NYC, passionately about her desire to create sustainable organic and affordable children's clothing. Art and Eden is mindful in their sustainability practices from the cotton seed to the final product. Listen to learn more.
The environmentally conscious you, doesn't want to use plastic straws and you are tired of paper straws dissolving in your smoothie, here is the answer for you. Palm Straw co-founder Dave Mash talks about their bio-degradable plant-based​ straws.
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