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In our podcast, we bring to you businesses that are mindful in their practices and processes. A mindful business adopts and employs sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices. Some of our past guests are Redecker, from Germany, MUDD Jeans from the Netherlands, Ricron Panels, Phool Co from India, Alabama Chanin, Reel Toilet Paper from the USA, Hinterland, Unscented Co from Canada, and Desserto from Mexico. We launched our first episode on July the 22nd., 2019 with a new episode every two weeks. Keep in touch with updates by subscribing to our newsletter at
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We speak with John Salzinger founder and Seungah Jeong CEO of MPOWERD, about their company mission and passion to give back.  In 2012 MPOWERD created Luci, the first inflatable solar light with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation. They create sustainable, affordable, and thoughtfully designed products that suit the needs of the many. The belief that everyone deserves access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, no matter how or where they live has driven them to create their sustainable products.  For over 3 billion people, everyday tasks are made more difficult (and dangerous) than they should be. Access to clean energy can improve health, create education equality, economic empowerment, all the while combating climate change.As a B Corp, they use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As a social enterprise, they reinvest a majority of their gross revenue to achieve sustainability, increase their reach to enable them to fulfill their mission. Aside from the Give Luci Program - which donates lights to their partners - their sustainable business model means that the more they sell here at home, the more affordable they can sell to emerging markets and nonprofits. As a member of the American Sustainable Business Council along with other members like Patagonia, Ben and Jerry's, Greyston Bakery, Avocado Green Mattress, advocate for policy change and inform business owners, policymakers, and the public about the need and opportunities for building a vibrant, broadly prosperous, sustainable economy.  Listen to their journey in this episode. talk with Orr Vinegold, founder of UNREST, driving impact through ethical & sustainable businesses. He is hugely passionate about turning businesses into a force for good. UNREST supports founders ready to re-imagine what profitable companies can do for the planet and people. The program provides start-ups with the opportunity to take their business idea from MVP to the next level; ready to launch and solve global issues. Unrest prepares start-ups for seed funding, whilst helping them develop a world-class brand, through their partnership with award-winning Uncommon Creative Studios.Unrest is a mission-driven accelerator based in London, on a mission to amplify the disruptive power of other ethical companies. Unrest empowers entrepreneurs to change the world through impactful, global businesses. The accelerator has been set up due to the desire for environmental and social change with the deep belief the solutions are in the hands of talented people using their ingenuity to build global companies. Within the next 30 years, every consumer company will be mission-led. Unrest wants to be the institution that launches the most successful of these. 
Want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money to benefit Education Foundation for Afghanistan Inc, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me. A little bit about Education Foundation for Afghanistan (EFFA), - founded by Prof. Zarjon Baha, Purdue University, an octogenarian who emigrated to the United States in 1982 as a refugee after the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. He founded EFFA with the mission to promote education in Afghanistan. As a long-time educator, he believes that only education can help empower women. 100% of your donations will go to educate girls. The past two weeks' turmoil has made his mission even more difficult. Like Michelle Obama said “When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous,"  The need is immediate and urgent.  Please don’t look away. Donate by clicking on the link talk with Sarah Jackson (whose name has been changed due to security reasons), founder and CEO of Tahmina. Tahmina is an international brand with a vision to export transformational products from different conflict regions of the world. Their maiden project is saffron and saffron-infused teas from Afghanistan. Learn more about their work through this podcast.  
Greyston Bakery partners with its non-profit arm Greyston Foundation to connect the community to the resources that they offer. They partner with other non-profits like Hope's Door (helping victims of domestic abuse) and Westchester Jewish Community Services to bring opportunities, support, and hope to the members of their community. Each day, they consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment.Greyston is New York State's first Benefit Corporation and a proud certified B Corp that balances purpose with profit. Share this episode with ONE friend.Subscribe now
Let’s Goat Buffalo employs rescued goats to eat unwanted vegetation growth! Whether it’s a residential yard that needs clearing, a commercial property that has become overgrown and high-risk, or a park or highway that has become less accessible to the public, their herds are prepared to help! We chat with the bubbly Jennifer Zeitler - Founder and CEO of Let’s Goat Buffalo, on how she transitioned from Human Resources to goatscaping.Share this episode with ONE friend.Subscribe now  
We talk to Tyler Chaffo - global sustainability manager, Avery -Dennison. Avery Dennison doesn’t just talk sustainability. Their commitment to people and the planet fuels social compliance internally and is the foundation of a broad offering of responsible, ingenious solutions.Share this episode with ONE friend.Subscribe now
Beejom is an animal sanctuary and sustainable agricultural farm located in Western Uttar Pradesh. They use natural farming techniques to grow food. The agricultural practices at Beejom are farm animal-centric. We talk to the passionate and energetic Aparna Rajagopal, a lawyer turned conservationist, animal rescuer, and educator. While trying to rescue a horse, she leased farmland to board the horse, and while trying to improve its soil she bought some cows and bulls for their manure - about 150 of them. But they do not use them for dairy. Share this episode with ONE friend.Subscribe now
This week we talk with the Sustainability Director of Avocado mattresses, Bri Decker. Avocado organic mattresses are handmade with only the finest naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials from their own farms in sunny California. A Certified B Corporation, Avocado mattress was born when one of the founders Jeff D'Andrea couldn't find a green mattress for his newborn baby. Their mission is to be the most respected source for organic mattresses and pillows at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices — to help safeguard the health of people and the planet. Learn more about their journey in our next episode.Share this episode with ONE friend.Subscribe now 
Bengal Muslin

Bengal Muslin


We talk to Saiful Islam, Managing Director of Bengal Muslin, that has identified the DNA from the fossilized plants to revive and grow the plant again. He talks to us about the challenges that Bengal Muslin faced to find, train and motivate the traditional generational spinners - who still had the collective memory of the fabric to weave 400 count Dhaka muslin. Listen to this passionate Saiful Islam only on Mindful Businesses. Saiful's picture was taken through muslin for the cover for this episode.  
The Farmlink Project was started at the height of the pandemic in April 2020 to fight food insecurity by repurposing surplus produce. Back home in Los Angeles at the start of the pandemic, with nothing but time on their hands, Aidan Reilly and James Kanoff were like many of us disturbed by the long lines at the food pantries alongside farmers throwing away their produce, eggs, milk ... and their harvest. The boon of an efficient supply chain in the food industry can be a major problem with any slight disruption. The Farmlink Project, a non-profit run by 200 plus volunteers, operates in 48 US states and Mexico bringing the excess produce of farmers to food banks. They are the recipient of the 2021 Congressional Medal of Honor - Citizen Honors Award - awarded to outstanding Americans who have gone above and beyond to perform extraordinary acts of courage or service. Listen to their story of compassion, drive, and vision on the Mindful Businesses podcast.Remember to rate and review us on Apple podcast. Love our show share it, one friend. 
REVO ZERO is revolutionizing the transportation industry by bringing the most innovative, practical, and cost-effective technologies to support a zero-emission economy of the future. We talked to Ruben Creus, a serial entrepreneur with a passion and drive to create a zero-emission vehicle. now
Emoss - Future Inside

Emoss - Future Inside

 The homes and villages we live in today are based upon templates created decades ago to serve the needs of a radically different era. Humankind has evolved from a dualistic worldview that turns people against each other and disconnects us from the natural world, to one of connection and interdependence. 
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