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Yes, interest rates have gone up too, yet buyers are still buying homes and home prices are still going up from a year ago
Yes, it is true, we are seeing a little more inventory and some homes are remaining on the market over a wee with some over 2 weeks yet many homes are still selling fast?
In my opinion, this IS NOT 2008! So many different and stronger variables than what had taken place in 2008. Please remember, buying real estate is not a short-term investment and Lenders are in the business of making loans so we will see more types of loans become available to fit your budget. As a buyer don't get discouraged and don't give up. As a seller, you may not see as many offers on your home but homes are selling and selling within 7 days if priced to what the market feels is a good value.
Yes, homes are still selling and Yes most of them are selling in 7 days or less yet are they selling for more than the asking price? We have seen several price reductions after homes being on the market for over a week, we are seeing fewer offers on homes with some homes receiving only 1 offer. Good time to buy? I would not give up on your search as it appears that you will be competing with fewer buyers which could mean not paying way over the sellers asking price. 
The latest statistics from our MLS for the month ending February 2022 PLUSan update on current interest rates and the loan approval process from Laurie Ausmus (NMLS - 116156 | Sr Loan Originator) with Washington First Mortgage Loan Corp. NMLS 854647
Thie week, and in future weeks Laurie will be a guest as she brings us Mortgage updates on interest rates and anything new to be aware of, when obtaining a home loan
Statistics from our local MLS and articles on the real estate market on a national level
Just a candid conversation about the early Spring market and some of the challenges of "winning" a home. Laurie with Washington 1st Mortgage is ready to help you get approved for your home loan, contact her today
Just a quick summary of our sales for December 2021 in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties as well as the available inventory in homes and condominiums that are for sale.Have a great 2022!
An issue I ran across with a home that was sold by another agent where incorrect information was provided to potential home buyers on the validity of the home's septic system and the permits of the addition to the home. Even in our very competitive market, it is always best, as a buyer, to ask questions before buying a home to confirm that what the seller is stating is true and correct, especially when it comes to the home's septic system.
Just a quick Podcast on the year to date snapshot of the national market and the predictions for 2022 for sales, inventory, and prices for home
As suspected, inventory is again at an all-time low!
Just a quick recap on our current market and the trends of low inventory and my recent experiences on 2 homes I had placed on the market (both are sold, yet 2 different experiences)
Covering King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties - the most recent activity and thoughts on our current real estate market
The latest sales report from our local MLS (NWMLS)
An article I read from giving us a glimpse of the market nat5ion wide and what they have seen. 
Just a quick update on the real estate activity for King and Snohomish Counties in our local MLS (NWMLS)
Hot off the press from our MLS - The latest sales activity for July 2021 plus my comments on how the market is strending
Great conversation with Brock today as he shares his success of starting with a duplex and then leveling up to an 89 unit apartment building. Many ways to accomplish this by being a partner in win TIC (Tenants in Common), LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) with partnersas well as a Joint Ventures (JV). Get connected with Brock and learn more on how to get your wealth thru real estate investing.  Email: Web Site: 
Quick podcast on the recent sales activity for King and Snohomish counties for Residental and Condominiums. Still, a very strong sellers market, yet some buyer opportunities are starting to show up
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