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A podcast dedicated to bringing you insights about programs of recovery.
11 Episodes
Host Brian Zooms with Trish, to discuss the Christian faith-based program of recovery.   Have an idea or thought on the podcast?  You can email us at and share your thoughtsThanks for listening!!
In this Episode, Brian discusses problem gambling awareness month with Julie Hynes, Krystal Smith and Susan Sheridan Tucker.  These guests provided a number of resources in the interview, that are listed below:-March 9th is Gambling Disorder Screening day.  Visit for more details-OPGR.ORG-OregonCPG.ORG-NorthstarPG.ORG-National Gambling Hotline 1-800-522-4700-1-877-MY-LIMIT-VPGR.NETThank you to everyone who listens and we look forward to bringing you more Voices...the Podcast
Kitty is back (from season 1's SMART Recovery), to talk about Peer Mentor Services with host Brian.  They discuss services, the future, and the effects of the Pandemic on Mentoring, as well as on addiction.Feel free to visit to learn more about Voices, and the Hope Peer Mentor ProgramFollow us on Facebook, and email us at
In this episode, Host Brian Zooms with Dr. Jeff Marotta to discuss the implications of a therapeutic court for problem gambling. Dr. Marotta is a world renowned psychologist, specializing in problem gambling disorders.  He has founded several organizations geared towards advocating and educating awareness on problem gambling.  He has also worked hand-in-hand with the Oregon Dept of Corrections to better assess and treat problem gambling in the justice system.To learn more about Dr. Marotta and his work, you can visit
Brian ZOOMs into season 2 with Rick Berman to discuss the growing concern regarding opiate and gambling crossover addiction.  You can learn more about Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery, Inc by visiting their website at VPGR.NET
Since episode one, we've asked of our guests to share their journey to the place they've reached.In this episode, Host Brian takes time to answer that question, himself.  Brian shares his journey through loss, legal difficulties and the road of recovery.Content Warning: Adverse Childhood Experiences.
In this episode, Brian sits with Frankie, the director of Lewis and Clark Problem Gambling Services, to discuss Counseling and Outpatient services.Please visit VPGR.ORG if you would like to know more about what VPGR is and what they do.  Like Voices...the Podcast on Facebook and LEAVE A REVIEW!!
SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery


In this episode, Brian sits down with SMART facilitator and friend Kitty to discuss Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it pertains to recovery.For more Info, visit  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and leave a positive review to make it easier for people to find Voices...the Podcast.  For more info on Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery, Inc, visit
12 Step

12 Step


In this episode, Host Brian sits with Rose to discuss 12 step programs and how GA helped Rose find her way.For more info on Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery, INC, visit VPGR.NET.Follow us on Facebook
Host Brian discusses some popular online recovery options and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. 
Welcome to Voices...The Podcast!In each episode, host Brian Ward will be sitting down with representatives from different programs of recovery to discuss those programs. The hope is that we can help people find a path to peace, through recovery.Voices...The Podcast is brought to you by Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery, Inc., whose mission is to advocate, educate, and promote recovery.  Follow them on Facebook and visit their website,
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