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Catalysing Serendipity: The OXBC Podcast
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Catalysing Serendipity: The OXBC Podcast

Author: The Oxford Blockchain Foundation

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The Oxford Blockchain Foundation is one year old, and to celebrate we are launching a podcast. We want to reach all members of our community around the world, and hopefully encourage new members to join us. Each episode we will be chatting to a different member about their project, or what they are doing in the crypto/blockchain space. Contact us to be on the show or with any questions: email: hello@oxbc.ioweb:
14 Episodes
In this week's episode we chat with Priya Guliani, Head of Operations at GBA UK, about how the organisation is promoting blockchain technology as a way to solve public sector challenges around the world.
In this week's episode we talk to OXBC member Lewis Harland about his journey to blockchain via a psychology degree and some great connections with other OXBC members, as well as his new newsletter Formal Verification.
In our latest podcast, we talk to Chris Ciszak about his Corona-busting initiatives and as well as his work with setting up a digital bank in Abu Dhabi.
In this episode (which we have dubbed 'The Pete Pod') OXBC founding member Peter Longworth chats to Carl and Katie about the possibilities of using blockchain in the banking sector.
In this episode Carl speaks to OXBC Founding Member Amna who is based in Dubai and is an economics and blockchain expert about the steps the UAE government are taking to enable blockchain adoption.
Carl speaks to OXBC members Daniele Mensi, CEO of Nexthash and Nexinter and Tim Vasko, Founder of Blockcerts about their partnership and the benefits of adding blockchain certification to exchanges.
In the second part of our chat with Anatoly Crachilov, CEO of Nickel Digital Investment Management, we hear more about his new funds, as well as two more that are upcoming. 2:50 - Self custody - issues with hot and cold storage 4:48 - 1st fund - the need for an institutional custody solution protecting customers investments 9:35 - Are there any issues with the fund? 14:40 - 2nd new fund - how it is different to existing managed funds23:30 - 3rd new fund - digital leaders&n...
In the first part of our interview with Anatoly, we cover the following topics: 1:30 - Quick overview of Nickel 2:35 - Anatoly's background11:12 - How that background lead him to discover Bitcoin and Blockchain 15:56 - How the Oxford course inspired him 18:30 - What is the problem that he is solving (plus a great explanation of where the name Nickel comes from)
In this episode Rupert and Clemens chat with OXBC founding member Jim Needham about all things Merj, including a rather exciting possible job opportunity in the Seychelles!
In this episode Katie chats with Segun Osu about how he got into blockchain, what G2Guide is doing in the space, and how he sees the future of the industry.
Here we interview OXBC members Shai Gilat (Founder & COO) and Edoardo Querci della Rovere (Founder & CEO) of ESSE Tech Ltd, about how Project ESSE is using blockchain technology to certify products and industrial processes.
In episode 3 of the OXBC podcast Rupert and Clemens give us a brief overview of what has been going on over the summer and some news of what is to come over the next few months.
In this month's episode Carl chats to OXBC member Isidro Quintana from Triple O Games about how blockchain technology is shaping the gaming industry.
Welcome to the first episode of Catalyzing Serendipity: The OXBC Podcast. Rupert Edwards and Clemens Stromeyer from the Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC) are joined by Katie Holmes and Carl Gunaratnam - OXBC's new marketing partners. Listen to the podcast to hear more about OXBC and what will be happening over the coming months. If you're a member and would like your project to be featured on the podcast, email us at hello@oxbc.ioIf you're not yet a member but would like to j...