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Wait, What? Politics with Zuma and Steele

Author: Victoria Steele and Jimmy Zuma

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Progressive Senator Victoria Steele (D, AZ) and DC-based journalist Jimmy Zuma bring you the most interesting stories in politics and interview the newsmakers who make it happen. Wait, What? is the easiest way to become the smartest person at the table.
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We celebrate the end of Trump's attempt to postpone the inauguration with phony court challenges.  And Victoria Steele says goodbye to WaitWhat Media. Happy to sad in 34 minutes. --- Send in a voice message:
Around the country, authoritarians masquerading as conservatives are coming unglued. After years of trying to create a white dictatorship, they are facing the realization that democracy survived. We'll take you from the Supreme Court to the state houses to chronicle the mass hysteria now infecting Republicans. --- Send in a voice message:
So far, Joe Biden's appointments and nominations have been heavy on women, a positive development both for women and for governance. We fill you in on some of the stars and talk about their stories and accomplishments. Then we discuss why Republicans and Sanders Progressives might be off the mark in their criticisms. Lastly we talk about the young woman from Vanderbilt who is kicking misogyny to the sidelines! --- Send in a voice message:
Dr. Terry Jodrie MD, FACEP, NRP joins us for a full and explicit conversation on the current state of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the bad days ahead, and how you can do your part to help. Jodrie is an internationally recognized expert in emergency medicine who has treated pandemic patients all over the world. He's also a professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University and one of our most popular guests. --- Send in a voice message:
Host Victoria Steele is a board member of the National Organization for Women. She's joined by another board member, Nevada NOW president Jeri Burton, as they detail emerging information about employee complaints and resignations, and a minority of board members—all white—who'd rather just sweep it under the rug. --- Send in a voice message:
All eyes are on Georgia and the runoffs that will determine Senate control. Then we recognize the stellar leadership of the Diné (Navajo People) in both voting for Democrats and fighting coronavirus. --- Send in a voice message:
Are you having mixed feelings about the 2020 election? Big improvements are still coming and lots of them. We found a whole show of things to be thrilled about. Maybe you arrived with a pit in your stomach. But we guarantee it: you will leave with a smile on your face! --- Send in a voice message:
Are you ready to win?

Are you ready to win?


We take a look at things you can do to seal a Biden-Harris win on November 3rd. Republicans are aiming to lie, cheat, and suppress your vote. Learn what they are up to and what you can you do in this final week to: vote, help others to vote, and make sure your polling place is a safe space for democracy. And, above all, to make sure your vote gets counted. So are you ready to win? --- Send in a voice message:
Trump's last debate!

Trump's last debate!


Here's our commentary from the last presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump (earlier tonight.) Learn about the blow by blow action, who won and why we think so. And we'll explain what it means for the presidential race. --- Send in a voice message:
Democratic voters are casting absentee and early voting ballots in droves. We tell you how to deal with voter intimidation tactics on election day and how you can help others. Then we take a look at new research on authoritarianism among Trump voters and why racism is a big part of it. Lastly we explore whether Attorney General Bill Barr is deliberately distancing himself from Trump. And, you're going to love those incredible polls! Don't forget: When democrats vote, democrats win! Sponsored by our friends at Economic and Human Development Research Associates. --- Send in a voice message:
We cover the debates you couldn't bring yourself to watch. In the first matchup, the critical Senate race in Arizona. We're calling this one Kelly and the Troll. Second up, the single vice presidential debate. Let's just call that one Kamala and the Mansplainer.  Highlights, low lights, sidelights and Miller Lites. Losing in the polls—bigly—Both Senator McSally and Vice President Pence fail to clear the bar. Sponsored by our good friends at Economic and Human Development Research Associates. --- Send in a voice message:
In the second part of our interview with Mark Potok, we discuss misogyny in right wing hate groups. You know them from their hate of everyone who isn't white but did you know they also believe in things like "corrective rape" and subjugation of women? We walk you through the right-wing "manosphere." Sponsored by Economic and Human Development Research Associates. --- Send in a voice message:
We share our personal thoughts and remembrances about RBG, highlights from her civil rights and Supreme Court careers, and our idea about how to fix the court so it can never be partisan again. Sponsored by our fondest, proudest, and most meaningful memories. --- Send in a voice message:
Internationally recognized expert on the radical right, Mark Potok joins us. The fringe right is in another period of ascendency, probably bigger than it has ever been. But something is different this time. Philosophies like "Christian Identity are part and parcel of the rise. That's a fancy name for hating (and blaming) Jews. Find out how these fringe ideologies are infiltrating the radical right and what it means for us in this election year.  Mark has been interviewed thousands of times for TV, Radio and Print. You'll recognize him from his work at Southern Policy Law Center. His website is  This episode is sponsored by Economic and Human Dimensions Research Associates --- Send in a voice message:
Bob Woodward's new book, Rage, recounts his conversations with Donald Trump which he taped. We fill you in on what's in the book and play some highlights that reveal Trump knew he's been lying about Covid-19 as early as February. Then, why is the Trump campaign short of cash and where did it go? And who got the 25% paid to a mysterious LLC? --- Send in a voice message:
One of these things is not like the others. but like links in a chain, each has something in common with another one. We explain who they are, what they are, and why it matters. Then we break down post-convention polling. Who gained, who lost, and how will it affect the electoral college? --- Send in a voice message:
The Republican Convention was a cacophony of lying, deception and taking credit for what Obama did. Jimmy watched all four nights just to bring you what he's calling "highlights from lowlifes." Then we take a look at the people's continuing fight for racial justice and who's doing the murdering in and around protests. TL;DR It isn't the protesters. --- Send in a voice message:
Over one week, Democrats redefined the party convention forever, and set a standard that has Republicans racing to catch up! Victoria and Jimmy discuss the highlights and why they matter so, so much. Sponsored by the Anchor Network. --- Send in a voice message:
It's Kamala time!

It's Kamala time!


Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's pick for Vice President. Find out more about her including: some of her progressive victories, highlight moments, and the reaction to her selection as our likely next Vice President. You probably already know it is big news. Find out why... --- Send in a voice message:
In an interview on Axios, Trump wilts under the follow up questions you've been waiting for. Our highlight lollers. Then, what's Trump's obsession with TikTok? We know. And lastly, what do the latest primaries tell us about the state of the race. --- Send in a voice message:
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