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Wait, What? Politics with Zuma and Steele
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Wait, What? Politics with Zuma and Steele

Author: Victoria Steele and Jimmy Zuma

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Progressive Senator Victoria Steele (D, AZ) and DC-based liberal journalist Jimmy Zuma provide a summary and analysis of political events and interview newsmakers and influencers. Whether you want to be the best-informed player on social media, at the dinner table, or around the water cooler, Wait, What? is your source for ideas, facts and talking points.
13 Episodes
We analyze:- another episode in the Creepy Kavanaugh show, - how Beto O'Rourke leads the democratic nominees in bravery about guns, - and what's really behind the Saudi oil field bombings(It's probably not what you think.)
Ten candidates squared off in Debate 3. Afterwards, not all were standing. Find out who will be trending up, who will be falling down, and who got laughed out of the room.  Plus, uh, Sanders...
Democratic Debate 3 is upon us. Here's your debate prep. We review who's leading, who's losing and what to watch for.Finally, we're getting down to deciding who'll be the next President. The front runners will square off and the second and third tier will be looking to make a moment. Not everything matters, so be sure you know what does...
There are 535 seats in Congress and more than 500 women are running for them. All around the nation, women are storming the ramparts of this male bastion, and taking no prisoners. In this episode, we break down how the new bravery is feminine, and how the old brave wasn't really all that brave anyway.2020 Election,Women candidates,Steele,Zuma,Politics
The Democratic Primary remains an oozing mass of also-rans, cabinet-post seekers and huh? candidates. We tell most of them to go home. And we catch up on current events and update our Epstein and Barr story.Democratic Primary,Epstein,Bill Barr,Steve King,Jimmy Zuma,Victoria Steele
The relationship between domestic abusers and mass shooters is clear. Nobody starts out a mass shooter, they start down a path that invariably includes beating wives, girlfriends or mothers. Misogyny is almost always a part of their mix. mass shooting, domestic violence, politics, Victoria Steele, Jimmy Zuma
E7 FOX bleats, Trump tweets

E7 FOX bleats, Trump tweets


Trump TV? What if FOXNews is not Trump's channel? What if Donald Trump is FOXNews' President. We lay out a case that an empty headed Trump relies on a doofus version of the President's Daily Briefing--laying in bed and watching FOX and Friends. Then we'll tell you what you can do about it.Trump, President's Daily Briefing, Zuma, Steele, tweets, agenda
We debate the CNN debates, providing you with winners and losers (and losers who ought to go home) as well as the high points and the low points. Did we mention that Victoria has a bone to pick with CNN? Plus another outtake
Trump's guilty. The Mueller Report reveals illegal activity, Russian interference in our 2016 election and every element of conspiracy except a contract. Nobody read it. So Mueller went to Congress but, well, he wasn't the best explainer. Now that Bob Mueller has come and gone at the Capitol, it's up to you to save democracy.  Victoria Steele and Jimmy Zuma explain how you can and what you can do, starting tomorrow.
Victoria talks with Linda Berg, Political Director for NOW, about the 2020 election and the women's agenda.In a short but wide ranging interview, Victoria Steele talks with Linda Berg, the Political Director for NOW. Learn who NOW has already endorsed and who they like, get the rundown on the feminist agenda, learn about the women candidates NOW wants to stay in the primary and the surprising reason why they want some men to drop out.
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