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What is Good Babes! I had the privilege to  sit down with NFP Jumping Beans-Chicago's founder; Amanda Tice. She is an inspiration; an amazing example of a woman that was moved to make a change. Her story is heartwarming and a great example of how we call should  be. Please listen and to  support her cause follow the links below:   As always thank you for your support! Please share, like and comment!   Be Bold, Be You,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What is Good Babes!I had the pleasure to sit down with Joe Ramos. A man that is paving his own path in business and creativity. To me he is the perfect example of living Label Free. He took himself from the corporate world to manifesting his talents into success. He talks about that struggle from living on purpose to paying his bills. He is bringing people together launching meetups in Chicago for creatives a year ago, to being a very talented photographer, to designing his own brand. I encourage you to listen to his story and be inspired! For more info check him out on Instagram or his always guys, thank you for your support! Don't forget to share, rate me (PLEASE) and subscribe,Be Bold, Be You,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What's Good Babes!I sat down with Chicago's Catfight Little Lisa. We talked about many different things that ultimately make her "Label Free"! Below is her bio:Blazing new trails seems to be a way of life for Chicago native, Little Lisa. The youngest of 6 kids, her childhood was full of hand-me-downs, adventure, sports and music. She continues to ride that same wave.While working full time at her family’s print shop, Lisa managed to become an accomplished mountain bike racer and play bass guitar in several bands.Grabbing a silver medal at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Australia catapulted Lisa to the Trek factory racing team. She won several national cross country championships and ranked in the top 25 as professional downhiller while racing for Trek. At the height of her fitness and racing career, Lisa came down with an overuse injury that forced her stop competing. She spent the better part of a year, going from doctor to doctor to find answers for her symptoms. No luck, until she came across a fellow mountain biker who had the same issue!Everything seemed to shift at this point. Lisa quit her family’s business and went to massage therapy school. Soon there after she was introduced to some other local female musicians and formed a band called Catfight. Catfight took over!Eventually Lisa left Catfight and joined a new emerging band called Dot Dot Dot. They went on to record numerous records, appear on a national TV show and tour full time till their breakup in 2013. Lisa’s persistence lead her to do the bookings and business management for both Catfight and Dot Dot Dot.2013 was a year of perpetual change. Lisa had 2 major surgeries and experienced an onslaught of autoimmune symptoms that defied diagnosis. This lead Lisa to forage her own healing pathway. Concerned about sustainability, toxins, and ethical treatment of our food resources. Lisa rehabbed her yard into an organic mini-farm to propagate her own vegetable supply, took up DJing and rejoined Catfight.Today, Lisa continues to seek new adventure in traveling the world, playing bass in Catfight, DJing and continually expanding her “mini-farm”. She rides her bike when she can. Volunteers at a local parrot rescue. And now, she seeks out her own hand-me-downs from thrift stores. Lisa dedicates a lot of time caring for her aging parents. She has become an avid researcher on natural health remedies and loves to teach and inspire others to advocate their own wellness journeys.As always thank you for your support!Love,Deanna Marie Kuempeldeanna.kuempel@gmail.comProducer:Warren Brewer: Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What's Good  Babes,I had the exclusive interview with Scene-Chicago's DL Banks about his retirement. He is a NFL alumni, businessman, father and so much more. I am lucky to call him my friend. He is a generous, loyal person to his friends and can surely be the life of the party. I had fun talking with this very diverse man. He has definitely lived his life "Label Free".As always thank you for your support! Please don't forget to subscribe, share and give me a good review if you enjoy! Be Bold, Be You,Deanna Marie KuempelEmail: deanna.kuempel@gmail.comProducer: Warren BrewerEmail: Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What's Good Babes,I had the privilege to sit down with Chicago's promoter/philanthropist, Marco Foster. He is an inspiring person that has turned his trials into triumphs. Please listen, don't forget to subscribe and share. Please give me a good review if you enjoy it! I appreciate the support!Be Bold, Be You,Deanna Marie KuempelFor any questions email: Deanna.Kuempel@gmail.comProducer: Warren Brewer Email: Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What IS GOOD!! Welcome Back!! Thank you so much for listening and joining my podcast journey! TBH this has been the most fun for me so far. I love talking to you guys and sharing things that are relative. Please subscribe, share and join me on this journey!! I can guarantee you won't be disappointed tuning in. There is value in honoring your struggles and learning how to get past them. I have already recorded with so many dynamic people talking about their journey. No one's life is easy or a straight line. Join me on this journey!Watch this video on YouTube: always my loves, live in gratitude,Deanna M Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What's good babes!I had the privilege to sit down with Chicago's rising popstar, Jocelyn Garrett, and discuss the release of her new album "Rebuilding". We talk about her journey and some of the personal connections she has to her music. Jocelyn is an inspiring, beautiful, talented artist. She is chasing her dreams and living her life label free.  To read more of her bio, click the link below to read her exclusive write up in Scene-Chicago: these  links to get her music and follow her journey:www.jocelyngarrett.com always Thank you for the support! Don't forget to share and subscribe!With Love,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In this episode of Behind the Labels, host Jules B dives into the world of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition with a special guest. They discuss the importance of transforming from the inside out, releasing limiting beliefs, and creating consistency in order to achieve sustainable results. Join the conversation and discover the power of your voice and the choices you make in living a more fulfilled life. Don't miss out on this Label Free podcast premium production!00:02:11 Transformation starts from within.00:07:51 Life happens for us.00:11:22 Listen to your intuition.00:19:49 Wellness is global.00:21:55 Importance of mental health awareness.00:28:11 Importance of listening to parents.This episode is brought to you by Supapass: For 10 years we’ve enabled entrepreneurs & content makers to afford the type of technology that previously only big tech platforms like Netflix or Spotify could provide to audiences ...on your own website and app!No coding, tech or design expertise needed. We empower you to keep 100% of your money, share your content on the best technology, and own the relationship with your customers.‍Grow your business, without it costing the earth. Use the code: LFG20 for 20% off at the link ⬇️:https://www.supapass.comAs always thank you for the support, to contact me directly follow the link below:​ With Love & Appreciation-Jules B.#podcastguest #labelfreepodcast #supapass #fitness 
In this episode of "Behind the Labels",  host Jules B.  hosts a conversation with a woman who was formerly a consensual sex slave to another man. They discuss her journey from being dominated to embracing her own dominate power, as well as topics like sexuality, monogamy, infidelity and lifestyles.00:01:20 Embracing personal dominance and growth.00:09:31 BDSM involves control and pleasure.00:19:55 Embrace freedom to keep growing.00:20:32 Keep exploring, don't lie.00:27:58 Exploring BDSM and Curiosity.00:33:19 Navigating open marriage with children.00:42:04 The right to live freely.00:46:14 Importance of communication in relationships.00:52:46 People can do what they want.Thank you for tuning in! Don't forget to visit us on our website an follow us on social media! Love & Appreciation-Jules B.
In this episode of "Behind the Labels",  host Jules B. Each episode features unconventional questions and conversations with guests, such as todays feature with an American composer who wrote music with emotional depth and lyrical dignity. Their journey is explored in the book ‘Let Your Heart Be Broken: Life and Music of a Classical Composer’, which contains memories, journal entries, compositions, and notes on competitions. 00:03:09 Music is essential to life.00:13:43 Music is a guide to self-discovery.00:21:19 Truth is essential.00:23:43 Choose to heal yourself.00:31:05 Live with compassion and grace.Thank you for tuning in! Don't forget to visit us on our website an follow us on social media! Love & Appreciation-Jules B.
In this episode of "Behind the Labels", host Jules B interviews a guest who emphasizes the necessity of survival and the human optimization required for it. The guest shares their experience of waking up from a coma and deciding to fight for life. They now help other entrepreneurs become their most powerful versions and achieve profitability. During the interview, the guest reveals that spending time in silence and focusing on being present makes them uncomfortable but is necessary for success. Overall, this podcast episode explores the challenges of entrepreneurship and the importance of mindfulness in achieving goals.[00:02:12] Silence for Higher Consciousness.[00:04:17] Consequences of inaction.[00:08:20] Overcoming victim mentality.[00:11:26] Redefining success.[00:15:05] Future and life goals.Don't forget to check out our website and follow us on all social
Behind the Labels is an exclusive segment of Label Free podcast hosted by Jules B that explores the lives of guests through their stories and conversations. It focuses on helping listeners unleash their inner white collar status and live more fulfilled lives with integrity, fitness, wellness, and everything in between. In this episode of Behind the Labels podcast, we follow the story of Brandon, who was looking to be a future billionaire. However, when his world fell apart, Brandon was forced to take a self-reflection and build a blueprint to help him lift himself and others up. 00:05:36 Turn adversity into strength.00:11:42 Catch self-destructive thoughts.00:17:46 Live with integrity and transparency.00:20:41 Take risks and trust yourself.Don't forget to check out our website and follow us on all social
In this podcast episode, the Co-Host Jules B., and guest discuss the importance of identifying problems as an entrepreneur, simplifying the podcasting process for passionate creators, and the heart behind podcasting. You'll also hear personal accounts of abstinence before marriage and lasting love, as well as insights into the misconceptions and opposition against paying guests on podcasts. With timestamps to guide you through each topic, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in podcasting or looking to live a purposeful life. So sit back, relax, and let the voices sharing their passion and expertise in this powerful form of media inspire you.Chapters:00:00:00 Introduction To The Speaker's Goal In The Industry00:03:59 The Importance Of Identifying Problems As An Entrepreneur00:06:23 Simplifying The Podcasting Process For Passionate Creators00:10:13 Unrealistic Podcast Guest Expectations: Getting On The Biggest Shows In The World00:12:04 The Misconception And Opposition Against Paying Guests On Podcasts00:15:44 Why Podcasting?: The Heart Behind The Matter00:16:56 Podcasting For Optimal Comprehension.00:19:26 Deciding To Wait: A Personal Account Of Abstinence Before Marriage.00:21:21 Conversation About Lasting Love And Age Compliment.Don't forget to check out of website and follow us on all social
In this podcast episode, the Co-Host Jules B.,  delves into the topic of adoption and the emotional impact it can have on individuals. The guest shares their personal experience of growing up knowing they were adopted but feeling a sense of betrayal when they found out that their biological parents knew about it and said nothing. The conversation explores the different emotions that come with adoption, including anger, resentment, and love for adoptive parents. The guest also talks about the importance of understanding genetics and family history, which can be difficult for adopted individuals. The episode ends with a discussion on giving people the benefit of the doubt and growing up in church. Overall, this podcast provides a thought-provoking insight into adoption and its impact on individuals' lives.Chapters:00:00:00 Starting A Coaching Business After Overcoming Addiction And Job Loss In The Mortgage Industry.00:03:55 Adoption Trauma And Overcoming Addiction00:08:34 The Experience Of Growing Up Knowing You Were Adopted00:11:58 Feeling Betrayed By Biological Parent Deception00:16:50 A Father's Desire To Talk About Genetics With His Son00:20:44 Struggling With Identity And Overcoming Anger In Church00:25:16 Difficulty Expressing Emotions Growing Up, But Wants To Hear Pride From Loved Ones Now00:30:58 Don't Underestimate The Power Of Your WordsDon't forget to check out of website and follow us on all social
In this podcast episode, with co-host Jules B., the guest speaker shares a personal story about a difficult time in their life. They talk about how they had a friend who kept their secret and helped them save face. Despite many things going wrong, the speaker was able to get out of a tough situation and save their faith. They also discuss failing a course but eventually passing it after taking it multiple times. The speaker reflects on how they were neck-deep in trouble and it took them 50 years to articulate that to anyone. They talk about how they kept quiet and maneuvered through the situation, as opening their mouth would have made things worse. The speaker also discusses their book, which is an audio version of their life story. They share how they almost drowned in South Korea and had to caterpillar their way out of quicksand-like material. The speaker talks about how soldiers can be cruel and call names, so they had to keep the incident a secret from others. Overall, this podcast episode is about never giving up and finding inspiration.  Don't forget to check out of website and follow us on all social
What's Good Babes,I had the extreme pleasure to sit down with Gina Scalpone of "Glamhairus", Chicago's celebrity stylist!  She talks about everything that she has going on and how she fits into being "Label Free" .Gina is an inspiration of a successful business women, stylist, bombshell, fashionista and a woman continuing to pursue her dreams! She is humble and has great family values. As well as a very doting GF and doggie-momma! We did a video and will be releasing on YouTube.To contact Gina Scalpone to work with her, please click on the links you as always for the support! Please don't forget to subscribe and share!!Make it a Great Day,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Badass Babe!

Badass Babe!


Whats Good Babes!I had the extreme pleasure to sit down and record with a very inspiring woman, Corinne Lydon. She is a great example of not allowing life to leave a label on her. She has gone thru so much; she is very honest and open about the challenges she has gone thru. She has fought fibromyalgia and so many other obstacles in her life. She is also a Chicago based personal trainer. I am listing her links to her Facebook & Instagram pages to reach out to her if you are interested in working with her. I love sitting down with people that have risen above challenges and are a great example for others. My main goal with this podcast is to hopefully help one person and realize that there is hope. No matter what we are going thru we are as strong as we want to be and can rise above any challenges in our way!Corinne Lydonwww.corinnemariephoto.com feel free to contact Corinne thru any of the links below!As always, thank you to my producer, Warren Brewer. You may contact him at: wbrewerart@gmail.comTill next time Babes, Make it a great day!Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Find Your Focus!

Find Your Focus!


What's Good Babes!In this episode I sat down with C. Gordon Moose, also known as Your Focus Guy. We talked a lot about personal growth, the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and how it relates to living a "Label Free" life. We have a great candid conversation about the power of focused thinking. Please have a listen and enjoy! To contact C. Gordon Moose please see his info below:C. Gordon Moose"Your Focus Guy" always thank you for the support! Please subscribe and share! Have an amazing day!Deanna M Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What's Good Babes!I love this episode! My girl Cheyenne and I talk about basic life. Honestly we could have talked for hours. This is such an honest interview/discussion from dealing with disease, dating, to personal expectations... I was mesmerized by our conversation. It is so real and full of wisdom.Have a Listen Babes!Love,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Good morning Label Free Family!This is an interesting episode. I had a fun weekend with my Bestie last weekend. We had back to back parties and hung out with some friends. I invited these friends over to my house after the last stop. Mind you, there was several people, It was more like a party.  Our takeaway from our weekend was how dating expectations have changed. Our culture has changed so much from social media. Most people are about immediate gratification with so many options at their fingertips. My question to you is; do you conquer or compromise? As a person that has experienced so much; I have been forced to examine my own values.  Which brings me to this episode and my views on our current hookup culture. I'd love to hear your feedback. Have an amazing weekend,Deanna Marie Kuempel--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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