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This week I interview @PokerPolitics about his following of the QANON movement.  We discuss the term cult and how he got into his extensive study of the group.  Here are some links of reference
QAnon - Cult?

QAnon - Cult?


This Ep I talk about QAnon.  the online movement that asserts President Trump is secrectly at war with a Cabal of cannibal pedophiles in government and entertainment.  Is it a cult?  I also talk about other groups involved in the story like Falun Gong and even MEK.  Yes there are left wing cults.
Jerry meets Steve Hassan at his hotel room for a discussion on his new book, "The Cult Of Trump"
Jerry, Tony and Jim talk about the Freewinds, the Scientology of boat and measles, 17:42 Cults and medicine, JW's and blood transfusions/Alt Medicine, anti-vaxx, 27:45 Nation of Islam's ties to Scientology
Programmers note:  Light swearing in this episodeJerry, Tony and Jim discuss finances and high control groups, more specifically how members' finances are often tied to the group. Plus, 16:58 -  A happy Scientology story, getting people out/Activism, 34:00 Tulsi Gabbard's guru and the Science Identity Foundation.  Jerry's list of wanna-do interviewsEddie Griffin, Mike Epps, Damon Wayans, Glenn Close, Michelle Rodriguez, Gerri Halliwell, Naomi Campbell, Miles Turner(NBA player), Bizzare(Rapper), Jason Lee, Terence Howard.  More to comeemail to
1:00 - Tony talks about his background w/scientology, 3:55 - Jim talks his and the CFI,  6:22 -  How Jim and Tony met/Psychic Dog, 11:32 - Jerry talks about shunning and aging/dying parents, 24:55 -  Darren Collison retires from the NBA to serve Jehovah/Celebrity JW's (Prince, Michael Jackson, Serena Williams)  Music by Geoff Levin
Howdy-Con 2019!

Howdy-Con 2019!


Our first ep at Howdy 2019 in Los Angeles!  So many ex-scientologist, so much news, court cases and more!
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