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The Andrine Mendez Podcast

Author: Andrine Mendez

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The podcast celebrates entrepreneurship , innovation and marketing. Talking from his experience and hosting some amazing industry leaders, the hosts looks to create conversations that helps the business ecosystem collaborate and discuss new ideas.
6 Episodes
Listen to Micheal O'Flynn on how we created from idea to launch & went to raise funds via crowdfunding. HorsePay has developed the world’s first online equine trading payments protection system --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode David shares his experience of creating an agency and how he managed to build the business leverage inbound marketing tactics. You can find David on Linkedin here: --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode Ronan from Digigrow shares some insights for SME's who is looking to leverage technology to make their business more scalable. You can reach out to Ronan here : --- Send in a voice message:
Do you want to know what happens when two Indians living in two time zones start talking ? Keep listening on this unplugged, unedited version of the post recoding conversation between Ruchi the guest who switches seats and becomes the host for a while. --- Send in a voice message:
If you are an entreprnereur who is trying to build a scalable and sustaianable business which eventually can Affordable to move forward without your physical presence,listen to this eposide to learn about 3 key components to make this happen. --- Send in a voice message:
Learn how to build a successful and scalable service business. --- Send in a voice message:
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