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The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast is your trusting voice for living at 100% for 100 years and beyond. During our journey together you'll be entertained and inspired by powerful life-changing principles, amazing stories, great people and many experts. You'll get breakthrough solutions for real, lasting, personal and cultural change for your health, energy, family, finances, relationships, environement, time management, leadership and more.Welcome to The 100 Year Lifestyle Community. Make the most of every day on your way to a sensational century.
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What role does your genetics play in you living your ideal 100  Year Lifestyle? If you have been told you have a "family history" of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other condition, does that mean it is your destiny to also have that condition? The answer is a resounding NO, and Dr. Yael Joffe and I will share with you important life-changing insights that will inspire you and change your life.In 2018, Dr. Yael Joffe founded 3X4 Genetics and now serves as its Chief Science Officer. Yael brings over 20 years of experience in nutrition, genetics, sound research, clinical practice, and scientific integrity to 3X4.Yael is globally acknowledged as a leading expert in the field of nutrigenomics. In 2000, she was part of the team that built the first lifestyle genetics test, and since then has been responsible for the building of many others. She is the author of four books, The Power of Genetics, It’s Not Just Your Genes, Genes to Plate, and SNP Journal. Yael has been published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals, hosts the Power of Genetics podcast, and is a highly regarded speaker in genetics.Yael and I were introduced by a mutual friend and had an instant bond over the science and lifestyle conversation that ensued. Yael is a strong advocate of The 100 Year Lifestyle and utilizes chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, and passionate living to live her life at 100:100, 100 percent for 100 years.I was told at a very young age that I had a history of heart disease, cancer, and thyroid disease and that I should take medication for the rest of my life. I chose not to and lived my life differently. Now, as a 60-year-old man on zero meds, I am as healthy as I have ever been using all the principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle including trusting my body's Innate intelligence and using chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and meditation to function at my best. Understanding the role of your genetics is vital.  If you are ready to free yourself from your family history, learn a lot and live up to your potential, you will love this episodeVisit to take the 3x4 Genetic Test. 
In this episode of The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast, Dr. Plasker conducts a very interesting interview with Ryan Frederick, the author of the bestselling book, Right Place, Right Time: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home for the Second Half of Life. Ryan is as passionate about longevity as Dr. Plasker and his perspective on where you should live is insightful.According to Ryan, "Place plays a significant yet often unacknowledged role in health and happiness.The right place elevates personal well-being. It can help promote purpose, facilitate human connection, catalyze physical activity, support financial health, and inspire community engagement. Conversely, the wrong place can be detrimental to health, as the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted. In Right Place, Right Time, Ryan Frederick argues that where you live matters enormously—especially during the second half of your life.Ryan Frederick is a recognized thought leader on the intersection of place and healthy longevity. Ryan was called to this and has been studying this concept since college. You will truly appreciate his insights.You can order his book and learn more at
Dr. Patrick Porter is back with great insights on how to take control of your brain to optimize your well-being, eliminate stress, and focus on living your best life every day, 100% for 100 years and beyond. We have a great discussion on artificial intelligence versus actual and Innate Intelligence which is especially relevant given the circumstances surrounding this issue in the world.Your brain is a supercomputer that is exponentially more powerful than any other supercomputer. Too many of us waste our brain energy on things that are not important. You will learn how fear, anxiety, and stress reduce your brain power and take you away from your desired outcomes and goals. BrainTap Your 100 Year LifestyleBrainTap has collaborated with Dr. Eric Plasker and The 100 Year Lifestyle to produce a new BrainTap 100 Year Lifestyle program within its platform. Together, our goal is to empower you to live YOUR ideal 100 Year Lifestyle rather than someone else's. When you register for their APP and search 100 Year Lifestyle, you will have access to 13 powerful sessions totaling 4 hours and 47 minutes of relaxing, important, and inspiring meditations including...Developing Your 100 Year VisionFocusing Motivation Into Massive ActionActivating the 3 Life Changing PrinciplesTap Into Youthful EnergyDeveloping Health HabitsStart to Reset Your Health PrioritiesUnlocking the Power of Your Internal and External EnvironmentMagnetizing Powerful RelationshipsHarnessing the Power of Quality TimeFind the Infinite Flow of Your FinancesActivate Your Leadership AscensionSet Your Plan to Enjoy a Sensational Century100 Year Lifestyle AffirmationsWe are excited about supporting your desire to live your best life every day on your way to a sensational century, and Dr. Patrick Porter's message will support this opportunity for you.Visit for more great information, and here's to a sensational century.
This is a very passionate and energetic interview with Jim Gale, the founder of Food Forest Abundance. A Nature Boy at heart, Jim has spent a good part of his life focused on the outdoors and has developed a system for anyone who wants to be able to grow their own food.Permaculture is the principle and Jim has got it nailed. Lisa and I got to spend a day on his farm and were blown away by the growth. Food Forest Abundance has gone global and Jim's role as the Chief Storyteller is the perfect title. He knows his stuff and his organization can help anyone who is passionate about food and freedom will love the message.You can learn more about Jim and their awesome system at Put on your seatbelt and enjoy this interview.
This inspiring interview with my good friend and colleague Dr. Gilles LaMarche will change your life. It will also change the way you look at how you take care of yourself, what you choose to believe about healing, and what you are capable of at any age.Dr. LaMarche received a grave diagnosis but did not buy into it. Instead, he went back to his roots and committed to healing from the inside out. With so many people receiving unusual diagnoses and not knowing where to turn, this message will hit you and your loved ones at just the right time. And it is also preventative.Dr. LaMarche has been a chiropractor for over 40 years and is the Executive VP of Development at Life University. He has many years of wisdom to share. Enjoy this heartwarming
Season 4 begins with Dr. Plasker delivering a passionate reconnection to The 100 Year Lifestyle vision and principles. With a context of both historic and current events, personal stories, patient breakthroughs, and energetic delivery, this episode is sure to get you fired up. Season 4 of The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast will bring new guests from diverse backgrounds with relevant solutions to modern-day challenges while keeping you connected to your own personal potential. You just survived a pandemic so your odds of living longer than ever are real. The quality of your life will depend on your choices. In this episode, Dr. Plasker covers…VisionChangeEnergyHabitsGenetics and Family History Health CareEnvironmentRelationshipsTime FinancesRetirementLeadershipHang onto your hat! Here we go, on the road to a sensational century!
De! and ! are kindred spirits, on a mission to wake people up to true health and your freedom to choose. I have been blessed to share the platform with him in several places where the truth and your family's health and well-being matter.This is my 3rd interview with De!. It is very enlightening, powerful, and inspiring. I ask him a lot of the questions that people from around the country ask me and our network of doctors. Direct and important questions about issues like...How did you know ahead of time what was happening?What's behind all of the mandates and other radical changes?How can I raise my family without being bullied?MandatesPediatricsGenerational healthWhat options do I have for healthcare if I want to stay healthy?Who is going to win?How is this all going to end?And many more!As most of you know, De! is the founder of the non-profit,, and the most informative truth-telling show, on your seatbelt and share this with everyone you know.
Masters of Health Magazine just published a very important article that outlines the inspiring 125-year chiropractic journey to Essential.  Founded in 1895, the chiropractic industry has been persecuted and slandered from its inception by political medicine.What was behind the slander? Who was the founding doctor and who were the pioneers that held their ground for the good of their patients and communities?The story of chiropractic's journey is extremely relevant today, as people try to make sense of the confusion in the healthcare landscape today.As a practicing chiropractor for 36 years, I am inspired to be able to share this story of principle, perseverance, hope, and leadership with you. Everyone needs to know this story so they can make healthier choices for themselves and their families.
Dr. Darrell Voschke has been helping people in his community get to 100 percent of their potential at Active Health Chiropractic in Stephens City, VA since 2006. A 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Office, Dr. Darrell and his wife Dr. Gretchen have been raising their family with these principles and inspiring their community with their quality care and strong leadership.Two years ago, Dr. Darrell had an accident that forced him to test these principles to ensure his own healing. His story is inspiring.In this episode, Dr. Darrell and I discuss...100 Percent for 100 YearsRaising Healthier Kids and FamiliesGoing from Crisis Care to Lifestyle CareHealthier Going In, Healthier Coming OutBeing 100 Percent of What You Can BeThese inspiring concepts will make great discussions over the dinner table, by the water cooler, and on video calls as more and more people deal with health issues due to poor lifestyle choices or injuries. Share this message with everyone you know. It will make a difference for them and change their life.Drs. Darrell and Dr. Gretchen have three children who they are raising in this lifestyle and thriving. They are committed to helping more and more families do the same. 
Dr. Aixa Goodrich has been a good friend and colleague for a long time and I have interviewed her on multiple occasions. Her passion and expertise are valuable and she is easy to listen to.Dr. Goodrich has been leading people to a healthier way of life for nearly 25 years. Shifting people's perspectives from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care is her expertise. She has been a key member of The 100 Year Lifestyle Network of Chiropractors for more than a decade.In this episode, Dr. Goodrich ad I discuss...What to do if you have a serious health crisisHow do you make the transition from simply recovering to optimum healthWhat should you do if your doctor is negative and gives you no hopeImportant questions that stimulate thoughts regarding health and healingResources to get you away from a lifetime of prescription drugsMuch moreDr. Goodrich received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Logan College and a Doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic. In 1998, she was selected as “Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges & Universities” for her academics and persona. The Journal of Neuromuscular Systems recognized her dedication to health and wellness by publishing her work on Grand Round Discussion on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.Today, Dr. Aixa Goodrich treats patients of all ages, including infants and seniors, which has given her a wealth of experience, allowing her to fit her patients’ needs best. With a commitment to providing quality care through a culture of caring and excellence, Dr. Aixa Goodrich has completely redefined the health and wellness experience of those she serves.She is certified in Whole-Foods and Plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.Dr. Goodrich practices in the Miami area and can be reached at South Florida Chiropractic and Wellness Center.  
People love the concept of 100:100, living at 100% for 100 years. And they love the workout shirt!But what does it really mean to live at 100:100, 100% for 100 years, and why is this an important concept now more than ever? The new longevity research that we review in this episode will explain why it matters more than ever.First, with so many assisted living centers popping up all over and in every community, we are being confronted by our longevity every day. 100:100 sure beats 68% for 81 years or 57% for 92 years. When people calculate their longevity potential on,You will learn that there are windows of development during every phase of life that, if you make healthy choices and get the right types of care when you need it, you pass through that phase without damage or degeneration. If there is a physical, chemical, or emotional trauma that is not dealt with appropriately, the healing potential may, key word "may", be less. Each year and each decade matters, especially during the formative years which is why we are so concerned for the health and well-being of today's children. So many seniors who have issues in their bodies have been deteriorating for decades due to trauma, bad care, or no care at all. Fortunately, the body can heal and function at much higher levels when these issues are corrected, as I learned early on in my career through my relationship with Max.Enjoy this episode as we launch our new website, new podcast season, with the same passion and commitment as we have been delivering for decades.Please share this episode with your family and friends as we work to provide you and your loved ones with the knowledge and principles to live at 100:100, 100 percent for 100 years.And remember to check out what is sure to become your new favorite workout shirt!
When Dr. Paul Weeks told me that his practice was celebrating 75 years, I knew we had to have a conversation about it and share it with you in a podcast. His passion for the health and well-being of his community is palpable and it comes across in the care his office provides.Primary care with a natural flair for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes is definitely happening at Dothan Spine and Specialty. Dr. Weeks graduated from Life University in 1998 and began practicing at Cole Chiropractic Center in Memphis. In 2004, Dr. Weeks relocated to Dothan, AL where he took over Dothan Chiropractic Clinic P.C. for Dr. Raymond Lindsey, who founded the practice way back in 1947. Under Dr. Weeks' leadership, the practice has relocated and expanded twice. The name was changed in 2015 to Dothan Spine and Specialty LLC where they deliver exceptional chiropractic care while teaching the health and longevity principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle. In addition to Dr. Weeks, Dothan Spine and Specialty includes chiropractors Dr. David K. Arnold, and Dr. Tatianna Aracena. as well as a great support team. His leadership contributions have expanded outside of Dothan as he has become a member of the Life University Alumni Board of Directors, and a LIFEforce  Doctor. In 2019 he received the Impact Award from Life University. Dr. Weeks currently lives in Dothan Al, with his wife Mary. He has three children, Jason, Anna, and Davis. He eats healthy, exercises, gets Lifestyle Chiropractic Care, spends most of his weekends at the beach, is living his ideal 100 Year Lifestyle, and hopes that all of you choose to do the same. Here's to 100% for 100 Years.
Tia Severino is the host of The People's Truth on UI Media and A fearless force for truth and a stand for people, Tia has overcome a lot to get to this place.With a history of addiction to Methamphetamines, Tia overcame and continues to overcome every day. Her faith in God and her strong desire to make a difference have made her a force in the health freedom movement. "Underestimate me, that'll be fun", Tia says with a confident look in her eye as she takes on the world of mandates that are harming so many children and adults today. Her personal experience with a vaccine-injured child has led her to this path, and her story will awaken your own voice as a vehicle for change.She is also one of the leaders behind on June 3-4, 2021, a very important event happening in the Atlanta area. The list of speakers includes some of the top doctors, researchers, media personalities and scientists in the world. Do not miss this opportunity to get tickets while they are still available by going to on addiction, V injuries, and cancel culture can wear you down. Tia's strength and story can build you up. Please share this episode with your family, friends, and loved ones who are dealing with any type of addiction as well as the people who could use a good dose of inner strength!
Sure, a spontaneous total power outage on the island of Puerto Rico could affect the sound quality of this interview, but it could not stop us from delivering this very important and powerful message.  Dr. Eddy Diaz was born in Puerto Rico, but his family roots are from Cuba. Dr. Diaz shares important stories about what life was like in Cuba prior to Castro, and how things changed once his communist regime took over the country.Dr. Diaz describes how the exciting promises turned out to be propaganda as the devastation took root in his family's native land. He talks about mandates, the changing of the coin, the oppression, the fear, the murder, and the escape to the US.There are many similarities happening in our country today that every person must become aware of if they value their freedom for themselves and future generations.Dr. Diaz now lives a life of contribution as a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years with offices in San Juan, Carolina, and Caguas Puerto Rico. An entrepreneur and board member in several places serving his community and profession, Dr. Diaz remembers his roots and is contributing on many levels to health care and the well-being of the planet.He is married to his wife Neia and has three children Dr. Natasha, Dr. Eddy, and soon-to-be Dr. Luciano, who have all chosen to become chiropractors.
Dr. Jill and Vance Kirar are changing lives in South Carolina, teaching people how to live their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. At the core of their care are several key things:Transitioning people's healthcare paradigmRaising a super-healthy familyMoving people from pain and crisis care to lifestyle careGiving people self-awareness and authentic hope regardless of circumstanceEducating on the body's ability to heal itself and longevity potentialEmpowering people about the importance of personal choicesAnd more!Practicing chiropractors in Ladson, SC near Charleston and Goose Greek, Drs. Kirar are passionate about health, healing, and human potential. Dr. Jill, a second-generation chiropractor who grew up in this paradigm, together with Dr. Vance have raised their children in this conversation and consciousness. They are walking the talk and talking the talk, spreading their message throughout the community.Community educators, Drs. Kirar give workshops on all aspects of health, healing, human potential, The 100 Year Lifestyle, and Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person to companies, organizations, schools, and churches.Drs. Kirar are delivering Primary Care with a Natural Flair as more and more people are tired of the medical/pharma paradigm and seeking out holistic care.Enjoy Dr. Plasker's interview with Drs. Kirar and share this hopeful message  with your family and friends. Here's to living at 100% for 100 Years and raising your family this way!
This Conscious Conversation of Consequence with Ruth Westreich delivers authentic wisdom! Ruth is an artist, philanthropist, activist, and the founder of the Westreich Foundation.The intro says so much, "what is your reason to stay on the planet, and it's different for everybody." We discuss finding your purpose, the planet, the state of healthcare, aging, connectivity, finding your voice, and so much more from this brilliant artist, philanthropist, and activist's perspective.There is so much depth to this interview that in spite of a short internet buzz between minutes 24 - 27, you will want to listen over and over again! Co-author of the beautiful new ebook Creating Conscious Conversations of Consequence, Inspired by an Artist's Brush, Ruth acknowledges passionately that she is 3/4 of her way into her 100 Year Lifestyle and she is contributing to the people and the planet more than ever.Click Here to Download Conscious Conversations NowA connector, Ruth brings people trusted voices and leaders for personal and planetary change. You will be inspired by her messageAbout The Westreich Foundation"We Inspire, Connect & Support Planetary Change through Art, Science & Dialogue."  The Westreich Foundation is dedicated to:Giving the underheard a voiceSupporting art, media, and research to create awareness and educateChallenging dominant government and industry narratives with independent research and investigationFacilitating gatherings and Conscious Conversations of Consequence for all ages to engage and take action for changeAt the 100 Year Lifestyle, we are transforming health and longevity worldwide so that you and your loved ones can live at 100% for 100 years and beyond. Ruth is a glowing example of what's possible for individuals and humanity.Share this message with your family, friends, and co-workers to create your own conscious conversation of consequence. It will be great for you personally and it will be great for the planet. Enjoy!
Tricia Lindsay has a unique background in teaching, community service, and law with a common theme of protecting and caring for people's rights and liberties. In this educational, enlightening, and entertaining interview, we discuss the legal aspects of...EducationMandatesBodily autonomyFamilyConstitutionMuch more.A former schoolteacher of 24 years in the Yonkers & New York Public School Districts, Ms. Lindsay worked passionately to improve the lives of her students. Always going beyond the call of duty, she worked with underserved families in her district to ensure that her students and their families received the adequate social services that they deserved. Ms. Lindsay’s experiences in her long career in education fueled her desire to impact education on the national level to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline by changing legislation.Now, a practicing family, civil rights, and constitutional attorney, Tricia is making a difference on a local and national level with her strong voice.From a health perspective, Tricia utilizes holistic types of care as her primary health care choice including chiropractic care since she was 11 years old.You will enjoy this informative, inspiring message and want to share it with your family and friends.
Dr. Brian Stenzler has been a good friend for over 20 years. He is the best-selling author of D.R.E.A.M. Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health and has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years.Dr. Stenzler received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1998 from Life University. In 1999, he earned a master’s degree in Sports Health Science, also from Life University. Additionally, he is a Certified ULT Facilitator & Corporate Consultant and provides wellness and lifestyle coaching and consulting for individuals, families, and businesses around the globe.Dr. Stenzler is the co-founder of D.R.E.A.M. Wellness and has owned and operated numerous wellness centers in New York and California where he has helped thousands of families achieve their health and wellness goals. He also has a passion for working with athletes and has spent many years providing chiropractic services at the U.S. Open Golf Championship Wellness Team by adjusting the players, caddies, and other members of the organization. Early in his career, Dr. Stenzler was an adjunct neurology instructor at the New York College of Health Professions and continues to use his vast knowledge of the nervous system in everything he does. Dr. Stenzler has served on numerous boards and was president of the California Chiropractic Association from 2014–2016 and has received dozens of awards and accolades over the years for his leadership and service to the chiropractic profession.Dr. Stenzler travels the world as a guest speaker at conferences and colleges and lectures at numerous businesses, schools, and civic organizations as a health and wellness expert. He has also been featured on television and radio shows around the world.
This interview with my brothers, Dr. Jordan Plasker and Dr. Noel Plasker, was one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. While spending some quality PlayTime together in Atlanta for a family gathering, we came to this realization and made time to record this memorable message. With over 100 years of chiropractic practice between us, we share very relevant personal and patient stories of health, healing, vitality, and longevity that will be as meaningful to your family as it is to ours.Dr. Jordan Plasker practices in Montvale, NJ.Dr. Noel Plasker practices in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.Enjoy this meaningful podcast episode and apply the heartfelt wisdom to your own life and the way you raise your family. You will be much healthier for it in the long run.
There is a phenomenon happening where more and more people are looking for a primary care doctor who specializes in natural health and healing. We call it Primary Care with a Natural Flair. This is a great decision for you and your family to consider from a results, long term-health, and safety perspective.Isn't time you embrace your Innate health potential and start living this way? With the dangers and distrust in modern medicine growing exponentially, millions are waking up to this exciting way of life. The 100 Year Lifestyle will guide you through this journey with confidence.We've been caring for people in our practice this way for over 35 years, we've raised our family this way, and we have been training Doctors of Chiropractic on these principles for nearly 25 years.Enjoy this episode and share it with your family, friends, and coworkers. They'll be glad you did!Visit for more great content!
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