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Booze League's Commish Wylie Withers, along with Coley Wyman and Sandro Arevalo, cover a wide variety of topics related to, or influenced by, booze. The BoozeCast pours out content weekly including industry news, beer reviews, mixology, cocktail recipes, and nationwide field reporting from Booze League's Certified Pros. Broadcasting live on KBZE Booze League Radio, 16.0oz on the dial.
89 Episodes
San Diego brews including a Pizza Port SIPA, Alesmith Unfiltered Pilsner, and a Societe/Pizza Port Collab West Coast IPA. June 14th is National Bourbon Day, Sandro explores the cocktails and libations unique to Japan, Coors is launching a scavenger hunt Friday June 11th to giveaway a fully restored '77 Firebird, as seen in Smokey and the Bandit. The Germans has a grip of booze to evac out of Afghanistan, Yuengling sets a date to launch distribution in Texas, and a naked Florida Woman wreaks havoc in an Outback Steakhouse.
Featuring beer collabs from Societe/Modern Times, Tarantula Hills/Topa Topa, and the Pink Boots Collab by Topa Topa.Coley's got the best beers for Summer of 2021, Sandro busts out a Fact or Fiction Quiz on which collabs actually happened (and which we'd want to happen, honestly), and the Commish take us to Flavortown with some money Guy Fieri Facts. In the news, non-alcohol beers see massive growth, Bigfoot's got a bounty in Oklahoma, and Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey steps up with a fund for BIPOC and female owned distilleries.
The Unfiltered Gentlemen Podcast's Tug Jones joins the BoozeCast. Pale Ales all around with Level Line from Topa Topa Brewing Co., Car Camper Pale from Great Divide, and the OG Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Coley's got the best IPAs for beginners, we go over the current trends in craft beer with Tug, and The Commish has got some liver exploding facts about the Greatest Boozer of All Time, Andre the Giant, on what would have been his 75th birthday. Plus, the gang spends some time weighing in on the recent explosion of allegations of sexism, harassment, and racism in the craft beer industry.
It's a nut brown kind of show on the BoozeCast with brown ales from Prairie Ale Co., Rogue, and Samuel Smith. The Commish sits down with There Does Not Exist Brewing Co.'s Sales Director Anthony Bagdasarian. Coley's got the list of breweries who pushed out the most beer in 2020. Chernobyl Spirit Co.'s first batch of Atomik moonshine gets seized, the Ultimate Josh claimed his title after an epic battle, and two Gauchos get rescued after building a boat from kiddies pools at UC Santa Barbara.
Some very honest reviews of craft made selzters, 5 super easy and delicious margarita recipes for Cinco de Mayo, and data from the Brewer's Association tells us which breweries were the big winners in 2020. Plus, Sandro's got the best picks for destination lodging that also double as breweries and a Florida couple try to follow God's will for their wedding venue.
Psychic Advisor West Coast DIPA from There Does Not Exist Brewing, KCBC's Jingle Zombie sour, and Firestone Walker's new Nectaron Hazy IPA are featured. Sandro educates us in some crazy German booze facts, Coley's got the best beers for Spring 2021, and The Commish faces off against Sandro in an epic Dad Joke Showdown.
Pucker up! It's the sour hour on Draught 82! Plus we give some love to women owned breweries south of the border, Sandro's got the best cures for hangovers, and Coley and Sandro go head to head Pub Quizzin' for Charity.
Get ready for St. Patrick's Day! With Irish beers flowing, the gang gets a lesson in proper Irish slang from Mikey, Booze League's favorite pubtender. Plus, the origins of well known Irish beer cocktails, how breweries are preparing for festivals in 2021, and a double dose of Florida Man! Slainte!
The gang keeps their ABVs, and ratings, high on IPA week, Sandro explores the craft beer scene in Mexico City, an inordinate amount of soccer players were born on Coley's birthday, and two Aussies had a Rum Ham level incident. Plus, if you want to drink something classy for St. Pat's instead of green beer, we've got a solid list of alternate cocktails.
Some highly rated, and high ABV stouts get the gang feeling extra happy, the NA beer market is causing some significant changes at a major brewer, Florida Man needs a ride home and Sancho imparts his unfathomable wisdom to solve listeners’ love quandaries.
Ain't no party like a pilsner party! 21st Amendment Girl Chelsea Bailey joins the show to talk about the beer situation in the DMV, some of America's top brewers choose the beer they'll drink for the big game on Sunday, and Colorado is a microcosm of the future of craft beer in the US. Plus Sancho put in some research on the benefits of the kava kava root.
After uploading a show with only one host audible, the Commish put down his beer and did it right the second time. On this show! Coley's drinking a Humble Sea Hazy, Prohibition Era cocktails were both simple to make and super flavorful (to hide the bad booze that was made in some gangester's bathtub), and there we all learn some interesting facts about Sandro and the Commish's mid-January birthdays.
The first BoozeCast of 2021! The non-alcoholic craft beer market is getting some traction, Untappd's list of the top beers of 2020 will surprise you, and the Commish and Sandro are attempting Dry January. Plus, the path to 2021 rides with Florida Man.
Draught75: Jul Love It!

Draught75: Jul Love It!


Santa borrows a lot of his schtick from a Norse god, the gang shares how to make their favorite Christmas cocktails, and there's a Santa's sack full of fun facts about everyone's favorite Christmas movie, Elf! Plus, the debate between hot chocolate and eggnog is put to bed. It's a very special Christmas episode of the BoozeCast! Yule love it!
Booze League's football Guru joins the gang for Draught 74. Sandro has a fantasy football chip on his shoulder, Bruery alums launch a new beer venture, and a tequila bar converts to a church. Plus a massive set of fun facts about Christmas Vacation and a deluge of double hazy IPAs.
Draught73: Bawdily Injury

Draught73: Bawdily Injury


The Commish injured himself on vacation, Coley gets an unexpected visitor on her lawn, and when exactly should a bar charge you for just water? Plus, the Poxy Boggards bring a bawdy and raucous drinking song for the Song of the Day, and the Commish is mightily buzzed by the end of the show.
The best late Fall beers to keep an eye out for, the gang fesses up to bad bar behavior they might've participated in, and Sancho damn neared died from boozing too hard while galavanting around Denver and Dallas.
Julia San Bartolome, owner of Cupcake Wars winning bakery Sweet Arleen's, joins the BoozeCast for a cupcake and beer pairing, the gang samples some good whiskey and get some prairie knowledge during the new Cowboy Wisdom segment, somehow Surf 'n' Suds Beer Festival's Andres Nuno, featured on the last Draught, created the funniest Corrections and Clarifications segment yet!
Draught70: Mexican Standoff

Draught70: Mexican Standoff


Surf 'n' Suds Beer Fest organizer Andres Nuno drops by to talk about the unexpected success of virtual beer festivals, Stone Brewing sure is getting litigious, and the gang pit craft-made Mexican lagers against authentic, Mexican made lagers.
The gang samples Booze League’s first 64oz batch cocktail recipe, Sandro talks sports in the age of coronavirus, and Coley’s has some facts about the "69" Star Sign of Cancer.
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