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Smart Retirement is a podcast that helps guide, protect, and educate those preparing for retirement or that are already in retirement. We will have a combination of guests from various industries, ideas of products and services that help consumers and most importantly, build a learning environment for our listeners.
Mike and Matt pride themselves on simplifying the complexities of income and asset planning to make the rest of your life the best of your life!
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In this episode Mike and Matt continue their 4 part series about managing the seven risks you'll face in retirement. This episode touches on the concept of out living your money, and how to manage what is known as “Longevity risk” and “Withdrawal Rate Risk”. Matt goes into some of the key details he shares in his Retirement survival workshops. Additionally, Mike supplements some helpful Real Estate equity tips on how to allow the equity in your home to extend the access to income you will have in retirement, and why sometimes a Reverse mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit can provide you with some “lifestyle comforts” as you fear out living your “nest egg”.
Mike & Matt are excited to kick off part 1 of a 4 part show series covering The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement. Today we are isolating Inflation risk, and the varying views of where inflation is today. Additionally, we’ll touch on the interesting concept of “Asset inflation”, and why you will want to focus on how inflation will affect your personal expenses, and financing decisions in Retirement. Finally, we give you some tips on how to capitalize on these ideas and perspectives in a year like 2020!
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the fear and potential volatility that the U.S. economy could have regardless of which Presidential candidate wins in November. Our purpose on this show is to keep you thinking about your financial plan, while not letting the media or the fear of a certain President’s agenda scare you into doing something rash or hastily with your Retirement assets. We will also touch on a couple of ideas you can start implementing now as we approach the 2020 Presidential Election period. It’s important to know that neither of us pick a side, but we do think the best political voice once can have is to go to the ballot and vote!
In this episode Mike and Matt interview Michael Lyon, Partnership Manager with Point Digital Finance. Point Digital Finance provides a Home Equity Investment financing solution that allows both Homeowners and Real Estate Investors 30 year financing options with no monthly payments. This is nothing like a Reverse Mortgage, and is a very interesting alternative in Real Estate finance. You are going to want to listen to how Point approaches thetheir formal partnership with you as a Real Estate owner, and how their vision is to see their partnerships help homeowners turn equity into cash that satisfies a short or long term need. Let us know what you think of the Show by emailing us at, or by dialing 866-53-RETIRE. Special Guest: Michael Lyon.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the all the ways we can help our children, or our children’s children, save and prepare for the ever increasing cost of a College education. Matt touches on various types of College Savings plans (I bet you don’t know all of them), and he even presents a handy way that he helps clients design a more robust College Savings plan with Life insurance. Also, Mike walks us through the savvy ways to have your kids be the Landlord while they are in College…listen to some of the success cases he’s had in his College town, of San Luis Obispo, CA.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on yet another smart retirement “tool to have in your bag”! Learn from listening to their esteemed special guest, Chris Foley, from Core Income Advisors, on why having a portion of your retirement portfolio held in a permanent life insurance policy might make a lot of sense. We get into the all of the investment advantages and tax-free advantages the policy provides as you navigate through retirement; while ultimately, setting up to pay your heirs a non-taxable lump sum upon your death. Special Guest: Chris Foley.
Mike and Matt discuss 2 great ways to be disciplined and reinvest your tax refund into making your future financial life more free. With Tax Refund time “right around the corner” for many Americans, it’s time to make those dimes & nickels turn into quarters…Also, we touch on some key tips & trick for how to prepare and execute your Tax filing this year, and many to come.
In this episode Mike & Matt have the pleasure of interviewing, Mark Hall, an attorney of Mark E. Hall, PC law firm to discuss the basics of wills or trusts and where they might make sense. Mark Hall also goes over the basic details of why there are different forms of trusts to have in place depending on your personal financial situation. As a gift to our listeners, Mike & Matt have gotten Mark to agree to complete a new Trust for you, or review your Trust, at a promotional rate. Take a listen and help protect your beneficiaries assets as best you can. Call us for more information at (866) 53-Retire Special Guest: Mark Hall.
In this episode Matt reminds listeners that there’s a fortune “sitting right under their noses” if they just plan out their Social Security income properly. Mike adds some of the best ways to delay Social Security income by using your Real Estate equity, as well as a few other ways that those should consider.
In this episode Mike and Matt bring on a guest, Darin Moore DRE#01147784 from Sunset Mortgage, on the Show to help listeners understand the investment insight of being Private 1st Trust Deed lenders. Darin goes into detail as to what these loans provide Investors for income, collateral, and how his firm will help you manage the Servicing of these Notes as your point of contact. It’s another great show with alternative ways for you to minimize principal loss while maximizing returns. Special Guest: Darin Moore.
In this episode Mike & Matt give a brief review of the SECURE act of 2019, Matt breaks down some ideas to combat volatility in your portfolio by creating "Volatility Insurance", and Mike discusses tax advantaged ways to sell your real estate while being your own bank.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on why Congress suspended the Required Minimum Distributions for those in Retirement, due to COVID-19. Also, Mike goes into to detail of the Good, Bad and the Ugly if you are considering a Mortgage forbearance. Also, the guys discuss the alternative ways to have your assets provide you cash-flow during these abnormal times.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the forecasts for when the U.S. will see a recession recovery from COVID-19, the current Unemployment rate and projected GDP figures from this historical “forced” recession. Also, we lay the groundwork for how we are going to report on the recovery of the U.S. Economy throughout the rest of 2020.
Serenity Now

Serenity Now


Mike & Matt will discuss the sense and serenity to have in this market by discussing taking advantage of products that allow you to cap your losses and diversify your gains, as well as touch on what the Federal Reserve has done to help us see some stability in the Economy, and how the CARES Act put into Law by Congress in March should provide a resource to both individuals and Small Businesses.
In this show we focus on how the COVID-19 virus is attacking the Financial Markets, and how you can counter what the 2020 Market is doing to your retirement with ways to protect your assets. Additionally, Mike and Matt touch on the recent interest rate cuts made by the Federal Reserve, and why the Federal Funds Rate and Mortgage rates are not directly correlated.
In this episode Mike & Matt focus on the ways to “Live Well”, by accessing the Assets that they’ve worked so hard to set-up and preserve. Through Real Estate, Financial products, and just good Smart sense listeners will understand how to “tap into” their liquid assets that will aide in Enjoying & Protecting their Wealth. Additionally, Matt helps our listeners understand the changes in some of the new Laws that have taken affect in 2020, and how understanding the SECURE Act of 2020 will set your Family up for success as they receive your Legacy. **Listeners can always email us questions, comments or concerns at:
In this weeks episode Mike & Matt discuss part 2 of our three part series "The Wealth Triangle". Part 2 will help guide you through ideas of how to grow and protect your wealth. A diagram of the triangle can be found on our Facebook page! Thank you for listening.
In this weeks episode Mike & Matt discuss part 1 of our new three part series "The Wealth Triangle". Part 1 will explain the importance of building a strong foundation for your retirement and how that will benefit you later on in life. A diagram of the triangle can be found on our Facebook page! Thanks for listening.
In this episode Mike & Matt discuss ideas of how to protect your earnings from 2019 and how to not give everything thing back. Remember a gain is not realized until you sell! Happy New Year!
Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer


In this episode, Mike & Matt discuss different strategies and ideas of how to properly pass on your assets to your beneficiaries and avoid things like unnecessary taxes and probate.
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