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Squelch! Another Hearthstone Podcast!

Squelch! Another Hearthstone Podcast!

Author: Dan0, Enthralimund, and Mattatarms

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Hearthstone is a game, and games are supposed to be fun! Don't believe us? Give us an hour or so each week, and we'll prove it to you.
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Mercenaries has the dubious honor of being both a good and a not-so-good! Congrats Mercenaries! We also talk about some Traditional Hearthstone and break down the lore of mercenaries. Support the show (



This week we talk about Dr. Mario! (Not really, but really.) We also get into some Duelz, Handlock, and this Hearthstone Hero of Warcraft with the Mage class! Support the show (
Patron bonus episode #2 and we're talking about Duelz! Dan0 sings a haiku love song to our patrons. Support the show (
Nerf Talk, Hearthstone Tech Support, Alternate hero ideas.Support the show (
We talk about the United in Stormwind expansion! Support the show (



Support the show (
Hey, hey, the gang's all here! Come for the duelz and priest talk, stay for the mosquitos! We also review some icons and you don't want to miss that! Here is a link to the icons we review. Next week Squelch turns two years old. We'll maybe do something!Support the show (
This week we're joined by Ridiculous Hat! We talk about Hearthstone, James Bond, Hearthstone, the best way to deal with salty friend requests, Lady Prestor, and more Hearthstone! Support the show (
It's the first Squelch bonus episode and it's with the amazing Avanties from the Hero Power podcast! Avanties gives us the inside scoop on Fireside Gatherings and Innkeeping, talks about running HCT events, and teaches us that even Brian 'Papa Hearthstone' Kibler isn't perfect. (But we all know that he actually is.) Thank you to our patrons for making this episode possible! Support the show (



Two words: Fire ClubAlso, Hurry Up and Wait Warrior, Priest is Dave, and we try and figure out what in the world an Ancient is. Support the show (
StevenSensei joins Enthralimund and Mattatarms this week while Dan0 explores The Barrens still.  Support the show (



Enthrallimund, Mattatarms and Stormrage talk about the one glorious day of zoo, DUELZ and single player content and which Hearthstone Hero of Warcraft has their own podcasts!Support the show (
Mattatarms has his own card! It's Enthralimund's birthday! Did we mention Matt has his own card?! We return to the Wailing Caverns, and we card review (card review) some cards. Oh, and the salt this week is just amazing.  This month we're giving all our Patreon earnings to Trevor Project. If you want to join us, go to The Trevor Project is a suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth. Support the show (
Playing (totally real) famous people on ladder. Most decks aren't as good as N'Zoth Paladin, and that is okay. We begin our epic choose your own adventure journey through the Wailing Caverns! Support the show (
N'Zoth buff is good! We're feuding with Blizzlet! We're kinda ready for the mini-set, well not Enthralimund, but he is a priest main so his opinion doesn't count. Support the show (
Lucky joins us this week! Blizzard gave Mattatarms pizza for dinner. Dan0 gets rod of roasted. Enthralimund stays in the top 100 with his PP priest. (It's actually Hockey, Hat, and WickedGood's priest, but shhh, that's a secret.) Support the show (
Dan0 loves Ping Mage! Enthralimund loves Priest! Matt loves Diablo! This week we break down the importance of Cannonmaster Smyth to the greater warcraft lore! We are the data-driven podcast you've been waiting for! Support the show (
Enthralimund plays lots of Standard, Mattatarms plays Arena, and Dan0 can't figure out what in the world he wants to play. Dan0 is pretty sure that good decks are good and that he doesn't like that good decks are good because his bad decks are bad. A huge thank you to our newest favorite person in the universe, ACTransit! Another huge thank you to our most newest favorite person in the universe, xenshi! ACTransit had a good run. Support the show (
Enthralimund is getting close to 12 wins with quest mage in Duelz! Kazakus is good in Paladin as long as you don't want to play any of paladin's good cards. GMs is awesome and more Salt from the Vault! (We don't remember what we originally called this segment.) Support the show (
Let's talk about Mattlock! Dan0 may or may not have won more games with Murloc Shaman than Enthralimund did. Matt made a deck and it is called Mattlock and it is awesome. Enthralimund has a new Mexican food place by his house. Dan0 is pretty sure they are hunting demons like in The Uncanny Counter. (It's an awesome show. Go watch it on Netflix.)A big thanks to Lucky, our newest Are You Sure You Want To Do This?! patron! Support the show (
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