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What if everything you were taught was wrong? Sisters, Lauren and Leigh Wallett discuss life in Los Angeles and South Africa during the failure of Capitalism in July 2020: Shifting perspectives, alternative options, and new sources of RE-education. The books mentioned are: Natives Abolish Silicon Valley How to do nothing Steal as much as you can And they're all linked here
What is an accelerator program? What happens when you Activate your Creative Genius and set yourself apart.  What is creative community content and how does it slip-slide you into sales without much effort? Find out in this 7 minutes to heaven episode 
Lauren is interviewed by Biz Clarity Coach, Leigh Wallett about Simply Irresistible Online Offer Mastery Course.  Developing "Outside the box & inside the heart" marketing methodology Why if you think you've done it all before - you haven't.  How to not be boring online and why COVID-19 is the perfect time to get creative (because it's actually easier than not being)   
Rewrite your Future

Rewrite your Future


The 3 secrets to creating a life that's beyond your wildest dreams coming true starts with writing your past, and then editing your present so that you can rewrite your future. Welcome to your life as a power Creatrix where anything is possible and nothing is off-limits.
What is Creative Strategy and how does it work to Optimize your Business so that you get to work less and play more. I break down my creative framework to success. I break it down for you into the ultimate 3-part creative strategy: Prioritize | Virtualize | Maximize 
Part 2 of Business Optimization is Virtualization. I talk through how you can: Automate, Cancel, Delegate, Outsource, Share, Systematize, Swap, Replace, Tech Enable, Template, Time Share, Upgrade and Quit - so that you get to work less and play more. That's the power of Business Optimization.
What is Business Optimization? How do you Prioritize, Virtualize and Maximize? I walk you through my 3-part framework and ask you the questions I would if we were working together. This is a process and it's way easier with a coach and someone who helps you implement the strategy, but there is lots you can start with yourself, in this episode, the meantime! When you're ready for more, apply to work with me
Wallett sisters Lauren and Leigh discuss the benefits of and shared experience with coworking and invite you to cowork with them!   @Leighwallett talks about helping teams reach high performance using coworking principles and why coworking is the perfect foundation to scale your business in an agile way.   @Laurenwallett shares her experience setting up some of the first coworking spaces in South Africa, skill sharing, time banking, power hours and   poetry breaks.   The sisters share the perks of having a sister whose also a coach and invite you to the debut of their Sister Sessions virtual co-working, weekly on Wednesdays 7.30am-9.00am PST



If you could redefine romantic relationships - how would you. I share my idea of the relationshape, alternative happy endings, money and men, providers vs playmates and touch on desire.  Send you questions, personal concerns and suggestions to
Live with Lauren

Live with Lauren


Day 4 of my 5-day challenge to your 1-minute pitch. An inside scoop on what it's all about.  Connecting to yourself is precisely what connects you to the hearts of your audience, plus I share a secret strategy to get attention for yourself by making it all about someone else. Snap my script here. And to join the next challenge visit
How to effectively engage on Instagram.  Add value and start interesting conversations - but how?  This story is an extract of the Simply Irresistible course: how to create and sell multiple irresistible offers. To get access to the course visit:     
This episode addresses: What is an optimal state? (and how it's maybe it’s not what you feel it is) What’s really the best place to make something from? What am I doing that’s adding value and what’s bothersome? What do you do when putting a boundary in place feels hard and difficult to create and maintain? Do I think about life after quarantine?
In this episode 1 answer 8 timely questions:  What would you say to someone who's livelihood depends on the business they had pre-COVID-19 and now that's no longer a viable option for the foreseeable future. What do they do? What do you do when you feel like you've lost your spark? What practices do I use to spark creativity and inspiration? What do you see as the value of a restart? How does self-care help you regenerate? How do you get connected to yourself and others in the online world? What's the value of coaching in this crazy time? Is there anything you're enjoying or not enjoying about quarantine life? Have questions you'd like answered? Email
My Life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures


Returning to solo-casts with the debut of my diary entry from October 2010, read and lived at the time.  If you've ever felt, "this isn't my life" then this one is for you. I've incarnated into multiple different versions of myself over the years and this episode details the breakdown of a character I played for seven years called, "Good Wife." 
Scott Stolze is a communication coach. He helps people craft their story so they can grow their mission and business and in this episode he’ll teach you how to do the same. For more visit @scottstolze on Instagram
Lynn Collins is an American Actress and the creator of The Good Woo. We discuss her trauma recovery journey and the 3 stages we face as we free ourselves from our stories of origin. She shares her insight, experiences and hope for what’s possible when we embrace magic and freedom. For more visit
Susan Hamilton Meier is a brand strategist and visual artist and the founder of Susan Meier Studio. She is on a mission to dispel the myth that creativity and strategy are at odds to help business leaders electrify their work and amplify their impact. Instagram: @susanmeierstudio
Best selling author of Sticky Branding, Jeremey Miller and I discuss his 3 step process to creating an unforgettable name for your business, service or product. How to break through what you already know into something visionary so that you're able to serve and sell to the new emerging world that needs you most right now. For more visit, see Crisis Marketing here and join his #stickybranding LinkedIn group
Jason Treu (Troy) is an executive coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars to maximize their leadership potential and performance. He's the author of Social Wealth, a Tedx speaker and the creator of Cards Against Mundanity. We discuss getting to know people "up close" (both personally and professionally), how people's "personal" problems are your "business" problems, why most people have trauma under the age of the 10 years old that is a major inhibitor of their current business success AND you do not want to miss his Stranger Connector Magic trick at the end of the episode!
What do you want to get out of this time? Career & Money Breakthrough Coach, Barb Garrison and l discuss these challenging and creative times. What will you create, what are your 'someday' projects, how to shift out of panic and take gentle action, how to put people first and more. Connect with Barb at and leave a review with what creative action you're taking!
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