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Do you ever feel like LIFE is hard and unfair? You find yourself wondering how you got to that place. You're not alone. We all go through difficult and heartbreaking experiences in life. What matters most, is how we respond and recover from the painful and difficult times. You don't need to struggle and suffer silently any longer. You too can heal and transform from the inside out. This podcast will help you with: INSPIRATION to Encourage, INFORMATION to Empower and IMPLEMENTATION Ideas to Equip YOU...So that you can create a LIFE that IS A TREASURE!! Trials, tests, and traumas can be transformed into powerful testimonies through HOPE, HELP, and HEALING. We hope you'll join us each THURSDAY! You can contact me via my website
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My guest in this podcast Episode #062 of Season 2 is JEANENE BROWN from Lafayette, Louisiana.  I met Jeanene over 10 years ago while I was living there.  She attended my in-person ABORTION RECOVERY program, then became a leader with me and also served as a board member for https://tearstotreasures.comIn honor of SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE month, Jeanene is sharing her story which led to her abortion experience.  She also shares her struggles that led up to her healing journey and what she is now doing to help other women heal from their past abortions.  Please SHARE this episode with anyone you think it could offer some HOPE, HELP, and HEALING!   Please join me in welcoming Jeanene to the show and let us know what impacted you the most.  You can contact Jeanene Brown at her email account:  armlouisiana@gmail.comPeace, Love, and Joy,Michelle Durand, HostessJeanene Brown, GuestSupport the show (
New Year, New You 2021

New Year, New You 2021


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 061.  In this episode, I encourage you to explore your dreams, goals, and what you would like to accomplish in 2021.  I offer you inspiration and real-life examples from my experiences.  I invite you to listen in next week for my guest, Jeanene Brown's story of how she overcame her grief after her abortion, her healing journey, and how she helps other women now in her Abortion Recovery Ministry in Louisiana. You can find out more information regarding my organization Tears to Treasures here:https://tearstotreasures.comAlso, come say "Hi" on my social media platforms.  The links are here:  https://lifeisatreasure.comPeace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
In this episode, I've put together the highlights from some of the guests in 2020 as a BONUS episode for the year-end!  I hope it will offer inspiration and encouragement that we are all on this journey of LIFE together.  I also share some words that I wrote especially for YOU as we end 2020 and enter into 2021.If any of the guests intrigue you and you'd like to listen to the entire episode, you can find them all at under "Listen to the Podcast".  Season 2 will start in a few weeks, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to get notified when the 1st episode of 2021 is released.  Also, feel free to SHARE any episodes with someone who would benefit from hearing other's similar stories or experiences.  I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear from you.  I TREASURE every one of you!Happy NEW Year filled with Peace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
In this last episode of Season 1 in 2020, I am sharing my real and vulnerable story that led up to my abortion experience, what I went through for a period of years following it, and how I overcame my guilt, shame, anger, and judgment of others.  This is not just for those of us who've been through abortions, it will offer hope and help to any difficult or traumatic experience in life.  I share how the negative impact was transformed into blessings!!I hope that you'll listen and find inspiration from my story to help you in your life to heal your mind, body, and soul.  My goal is to be the voice of hope and compassion to all of you who may be experiencing negative feelings or emotional distress from something in your life.  You too can transform them into peace and joy through healing those areas.  I'd love to help you on your journey.  You can reach out to me through my website links.I will be taking a brief break until mid-January and will be back with a special episode for Sanctity of Human Life 2021.  I hope you all have a blessed holiday season and a Happy NEW Year.  Peace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comhttps://tearstotreasures.comSupport the show (
Gifts of Gratitude

Gifts of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and grateful.  However, this year in 2020, we have experienced so much change and chaos that it may be challenging to be grateful.I hope that this episode will inspire and encourage you to realize that there are always reasons to be thankful.  I share some tips and personal struggles and experiences from my own life also.  Plus information on how to enter the drawing for the "Treasure Tote" giveaway which will be on 12/3/20 in the next episode, which will be the last for Season 1.  I will resume with Season 2 in January 2021 with Sanctity of Human Life.  Now is a great time to catch up and binge listen during the holidays.  Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel: Thanksgiving!!Michelle DurandHostesshttps://tearstotreasures.comhttps://lifeisatreasure.comSupport the show (
This episode is inspired by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book "Eat Right 4 Your Type" This book has changed my life and how I eat food to fuel and nourish my body and I believe it can do the same for you.  I share the different blood types and which foods to avoid or minimize and which foods to eat to help you thrive.   Making wise choices regarding the foods we put into our mouths and body helps us to thrive in life, maintain our normal weight, and feel better.  Who doesn't want to feel better?  I know I do.  I've suffered and struggled in the past with severe digestion issues and the information in this book helped me to understand why and how to make changes better suited for me based on my personal blood type: A+. Dr. D'Adamo also has written a book for each blood type: Blood Type O: Type A: Type B: Type AB: can find the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating that I also shared with you here: hope that this episode will give you the inspiration to make changes in your diet, information to choose foods best suited for YOU based on YOUR blood type, and ways to implement them to create lasting changes for you to thrive and TREASURE your LIFE because... LIFE IS meant to be A TREASURE!Happy Thanksgiving,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comSupport the show (
2020 has been filled with fears, worry, doubts, and negative energy with changes from covid and election confusions.  The collective seems to be feeling all of the emotions and energy.In this episode, I hope to offer you encouraging words, inspiration to live your best life, and ways to increase your FAITH including using the energy of the NEW moon.  The goal for all of us should be to let our FAITH be bigger than our fears.  It's not always easy and takes practice so,  I also will share some tangible tips.Also, in the spirit of ThanksGIVING, I am giving away a TREASURE TOTE to a pregnant mom filled with newborn necessities and some special gifts for mommy.   I share more information in this episode.  Please share with your pregnant friends and good luck!Let your FAITH be bigger than your fears,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comSupport the show (
Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness


National Stress Awareness Day is the 1st Wednesday in November which is November 4, 2020, this year.  This is a day dedicated to identify and reduce stress factors in our LIFE.#stressawarenessdayIn this episode, I share about "good" and "bad" stress and how it impacts our mind, body, and soul.  I hope to help you identify stressors in your life and offer ideas on how to eliminate and reduce stress.  I share stories from my own experiences with too much stress and how it affected my body in serious ways!  Then I give you my tips and tools that help me maintain a balance of stress in my daily life.  We all have stress, it's up to us how we choose to react to those stressors.  My goal is to offer you hope if you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious from the stress around us especially right now in the middle of the pandemic.The books that I recommend are:  "The Four Agreements""Rising Strong" go of what we can't change or control gives us PEACE,Letting go of things or people that cause us stress allows us to LOVE,Letting go of unrealistic expectations especially of ourselves creates JOY!Living HOPE,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comhttps://tearstotreasures.comSupport the show (
Menopause Month is an annual time designated to observe and increase awareness around a topic that is not discussed enough.  #notaboo2020This episode is dedicated to increasing awareness, provide information, and resources regarding menopause.  I share stories from my own life experiences with perimenopause through post-menopause, including tips and suggestions to help with this midlife transition that all women go through.  The symptoms can affect our lives and relationships drastically.  However, menopause is not a disease nor a life sentence, it does end.  I hope that this episode will encourage you as you go through your own journey.  A great website to check out is: few books that I recommend:  "The Wisdom of Menopause""The Menopause Solution" you all peace, love, and joy in your journey,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comhttps://tearstotreasures.comSupport the show (
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October also known as "The Pink Month" symbolized by the pink ribbon.  This month is dedicated to increasing awareness around Breast Cancer such as education, screening, treatments, resources, and most importantly support.1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime.Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women.  It does affect men also.Breast Cancer is the 2nd leading cancer causing death in women.The best protection is EARLY detection.Great informatiive website: this episode, I go into more detail regarding the above facts.  I offer ideas and information to help you have healthy breasts.  Remember, schedule your mammogram or routine screening today.Sending you all,HOPE for the FightersPeace for the SurvivorsPrayers for the Taken,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is on 10/15/20.  #PAILRD #pregnancyandinfantlossremembrancedayThis is a day set aside to remember our babies that have gone to Heaven too soon due to pregnancy loss and infant death.In this episode, I am sharing my personal experience with pregnancy loss due to abortion and other information regarding pregnancy losses.  I offer inspiration to help you heal and information and ideas to help you honor and celebrate your babies' short lives.  The new moon is a great time for new perspectives, new beginnings, and new chapters in our LIFE."There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"You can find out more information about Tears to Treasures:  https://tearstotreasures.comThe organization website that I mentioned is "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" #nilmdts, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.com the show (
Mental Health Awareness Week is October 4-10, 2020.  This is a time to raise awareness regarding mental health issues and illnesses.  We can help stop the stigma and shame that cause silence by speaking out and sharing our stories and struggles with mental health conditions.  In this episode, I share statistics, stories, and suggestions to offer hope, help, and healthy coping skills during mental health struggles.The resources that are mentioned are the book "The Body Keeps the Score": Alliance on Mental Illness:  1-800-950-6264National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-8255or call 911 if you are in need of immediate help.Remember:  You are NOT alone even if you FEEL alone!Reach out for help, people do care!Peace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostess the show (
Welcome to Episode 51!  In this episode, I am sharing about how SISTERS are a GIFT to be TREASURED.  It doesn't need to be blood, related sister.  It could be a friend who is a soul or spiritual sister.  Or perhaps a step-sister or sister-in-law (love).  The relationship is the most important aspect.  I am sharing stories from my own life in honor of my sister, Stephanie's birthday on October 4.  Our journey will most likely have similarities to yours.  I also offer tips to build healthier relationships with "sisters" in your life!  I hope that this episode will inspire and encourage you to cherish and TREASURE these special women in your LIFE!  Please reach out and connect with me.  I'd love to hear from YOU.  https://lifeisatreasure.comUntil next week....Peace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
Joy in the Journey

Joy in the Journey


WOW!! I can not believe that this is the 50th episode!!  Thank you all who have been here since the beginning, January 2020.  This is definitely an amazing milestone for me and I wanted to take some time to acknowledge it and celebrate (the little wins).  In this episode, I share my pre-launch journey including panic/anxiety experience in 2019 that forced me to postpone the launch of this show.  I also share how that journey equipped me for today.  Life is a journey and it's up to us to seek the joy from it.  One way for us to find the JOY in the JOurneY is to always offer ourselves compassion, as we do for others.  Self-compassion is a crucial key to our healing, development, and growth.  You can listen to the episode about Self-Compassion here: LIFE is a JOurneY and JOY is the TREASURE!!Love, Peace, and JOY,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comSupport the show (
Life brings us all pain.  Sometimes, physical and other times emotional.  Pain is painful and we can find ourselves running from it to avoid feeling the emotions that come with it.  However, the feelings are still deep down inside until we deal and heal.  Then we are able to let go of the negative consequences and move on with our life to create more peace, love, and joy.  In this episode, I go into more detail and also share some of my personal experiences with pain in my own life.  I also offer tips and suggestions to help you move from pain to purpose in your life.You can find more about my experience with abortion and the work that I do at:  https://tearstotreasures.comThe full episode as well: is our goal in healing our pain and finding our purpose: our shame is also involved in this process: can schedule your FREE 1:1 session here: forward to meeting you and helping you transform your pain to purpose,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
Guest:  Karli Kershaw is a Professional Love & Relationship Coach.  She specializes in supporting strong, intelligent women heal their heart, feel confident in their skin (and themselves), and go after the life and love they desire.  She is an expert in all heart fundamentals: love, life, heartbreak, relationships, and most importantly, the relationship they have with themselves.  In this episode, she shares her personal story that led her to become a coach, WHY so many women carry shame, how to know when we're living in shame, and HOW to set ourselves FREE from shame in our LIFE.  You can find out more information and contact Karli at her website:  https://karlikershaw.comIG: hope that this episode will offer you some inspiration and encouragement to know that we all experience shame yet we do not need to carry it around all of our lives.  Listen to find out how to release yourself from shame and live a LIFE that is a TREASURE!  You are worthy of freedom,Michelle Durand and Karli Kenshaw Support the show (
Shame Silences Us

Shame Silences Us


In this episode, Michelle Durand shares information and inspiration regarding SHAME in our lives.  How and why shame keeps us stuck from healing and moving forward from secrets, situations, shadows, and skeletons in our closets.  Learn the difference between shame and guilt and how to process through SHAME in order to create transformation in our self developement and find the treasures in life!Michelle shares her shameful experiences with:Tourette Syndrome Story other episodes mentioned are:Self-Forgiveness to Treasures https://tearstotreasures.comYou can schedule your FREE consultation here: enter the giveaway book "I thought it was just me" by Brene' Brown, SHARE this episode and TAG me on Socials.  The links can be found at https://lifeisatreasure.comThank you so much for listening, subscribing and sharing!Peace, Love, and Joy,Michelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
In this episode, we are exploring the fourth (4th) agreement from the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz available here: 4th agreement is "Always Do Your Best" and the energy of the FULL Moon on 9/2/20 can help us release and let go of things that are holding us back from our best.  We explore what it means to do our best always and offer tips to help us reach that goal.I hope that this episode will help shed light on those areas where we may be self-judgmental and holding ourselves back by remaining a victim.  You can become victorious in all areas of your life thereby creating a LIFE that IS A TREASURE!!PLUS, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for a FREE copy of the book!  SHARE your favorite podcast episode and why you loved it, tag me with #lifeisatreasurepodcast to be entered into the drawing.  I will create a BONUS episode announcing the WINNER!!Thank you for listening and participating,Michelle DurandHostesshttps://lifeisatreasure.comSupport the show (
Don't Make Assumptions

Don't Make Assumptions


In this episode, I'll be continuing with the mini-series from the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz week we'll be exploring the 3rd agreement, which is "Don't Make Assumptions" and it's such a great one!  By practicing this agreement, we can transform ourselves and create a LIFE that is a TREASURE. I hope you enjoy it and implement the ideas. BOOK GIVEAWAY:  FOLLOW Michelle Durand, Life is a Treasure Podcast on Facebook or Instagram.  The links are here:  https://lifeisatreasure.comTAG me and SHARE any episode and why you love it!!!  *Your name will be placed in the drawing and I will be creating a BONUS episode reading the comments and announcing the winner at the end of August!  Good luck everyone!  Peace, Love, and JoyMichelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
In this episode, I'll be continuing with the mini-series from the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz week we'll be exploring the 2nd agreement, which is "Don't Take Anything Personally" and how we can use the energy of the NEW moon on August 18, 2020, to help us set new intentions for our future using these ideas and new information to transform our lives into one we treasure.BOOK GIVEAWAY:  FOLLOW Michelle Durand, Life is a Treasure Podcast on Facebook or Instagram.  The links are here:  https://lifeisatreasure.comTAG me and SHARE any episode and share why you love it!!!  *Your name will be placed in the drawing and I will be creating a BONUS episode reading the comments and announcing the winner at the end of August!  Good luck everyone!  Peace, Love, and JoyMichelle DurandHostessSupport the show (
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