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Author: Kade Call

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Join music producer, record label founder and JRPG enthusiast Kade Call as he interviews various artists from all backgrounds about the video games that impacted them growing up.
3 Episodes
In this episode I interview electronic and hip hop music producer extraordinaire Audiotreats about his favorite gaming memoreis growing up. We touch on the absurd difficulty of Mega Man X, playing Starcraft as a kid vs playing as an adult and how he spent years being stuck in The Legend of Zelda : Link To The Past. I had a blast talking to him and I hope you all enjoy the show. Special Guest: Audiotreats.
Ben Gledhill is an UK based politcial and social satire cartoonist. He goes by the name "False Tooth" and is soon to be launching his own screen printing company. Our conversation is highlighted by the fact he was dressed in a loose bathrobe only channeling his inner Austin Powers throughout the entirety of the interview. We touch on multiple gaming franchises including Timesplitters, Halo, Goldeneye, Runsescap and many more. We also touch on the fact he believes in ghosts and claims to work in a legitmatley haunted pub. I had a great time talking to him and hope you all enjoy the show. Special Guest: Ben Gledhill.
Todd Robins is a human ninja who pay the bills by doing insane stunts on camera as well as shooting the camera for the YouTube channel "Kuma Films." Kuma is a YouTube channel and production company run by brothers Todd and Joe Robins. They are cinematographers who travel the world in search of the world’s most interesting people, places, and things. Their work has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery, Ovation and truTV. They have worked with brands such as Red Bull, Nike, Jaguar, Google, PUMA, Samsung, Yomega and the Jabbaawockeez.You can check him out below:YouTube ( ( ( ( ( Special Guest: Todd Robins.
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