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Gaming Memories - The One True Video Game Podcast

Author: Kade Call

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The Holy Triforce of gaming God's : Miyamoto - The Father, Kojima - The Son & Carmack - The Holy Ghost appeared to me in vision commanding me to create the best gaming podcast. They instructed me to simply interview the most interesting people about their favorite video game memories growing up. Part retro gaming podcast & classic video game podcast, part PC gaming podcast, part gaming news podcast and all around best video game podcast on planet earth.
37 Episodes
Trey Warner is an actor, musician & real estate wizard More Trey: Website ( Music ( Acting ( Insta (
Snakes of Russia is a level 7 techromancer & professional music producer Spotify ( Bandcamp ( Instagram (
Chazzy & Juicbox host the "Side Projekt Podcast" which covers gaming, film, cosplay & more. Spotfiy ( Apple ( YouTube ( Instagram ( Everything Else (
Keb Bues is a digital nomad Insta: @kebulatr
The "GameCube Was Cool Podcast" is memorializing all 550+ North American GameCube releases. Apple Podcasts ( Spotify ( Facebook ( Twitter ( Instagram (
Brian McGuiness is a stand up comedian, voice actor and host of the "Playable Characters" podcast. IMDB ( Playable Characters Podcast ( Standup (
Patrick Hickey Jr. is the author of "The Minds Behind the Games" book series, voice actor, writer and gaming journalist. Website ( Books ( Instagram (
Will Barber AKA " The Barber Who Games" is a video game enthusiast and avid collector. Instagram ( Youtube (
Geek Reloading is a pop culture and gaming themed podcast. Website (Geek Reloading is a pop culture and gaming themed podcast.) Instagram ( Facebook (
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Bro's & Blokes is a lifestyle podcast that covers fitness, gaming, parenting & more
Sixteen Bit (Cam) is a video game collector and enthusiast from Toronto
The Still Loading Podcast covers gaming history & culture
Santi Fox is the Global Art Director at K-Swiss & esports ambassador
Danny Hunstman is BJJ black belt under Rigan Machado and owner of Lehi Judo Club
Retrohangover is video game themed podcast duo from Florida More Retrohangover:
Dayne Aristizabal is a retired professional MMA fighter, BJJ black-belt and owner of Agema Jiu Jitsu & MMA More Dayne:
Kelton Cram is a costume, monster & weapons concept artist for film, TV & video games.
Brett Weiss is a video game and pop culture author. Website: Amazon Author Profile : YouTube :
Gaszia is 1/2 of bass artist duo X & G. Find more X&G:
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Pedro Peregrino

Awesome podcast. It's very interesting to find out people's first impressions of games.

Aug 22nd
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