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Helen Kemp joins me in conversation about the menopause and how it can intersect with trauma and mental health and what might be coming up during Covid 19
Dr Amanda Taylor-Beswick’s main research interest is in the area of digitalization and professional education, in particular, how social work education socializes and equips students for practice in an emergent and complex digital social world. Research projects include: an examination of the contribution of social work education to the preparedness of students for practice in the connected age; navigating digital contact for children in out of home care; the design and development of a wearable device to help to reduced drug deaths in high risk populations in Northern Ireland; a youth-co-research project designed to test out activism as a mental health intervention for young people; academic advisor to a project investigating ‘The Digital Capabilities of Social Workers in England’ in order to improve practices in this area. She is also currently working with the NISCC, HSCB and the 5 NI Health and Social Care Trust to progress digital understandings in and for social work education and practice.Buy the 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars HERE@AMLTaylor66@_lisacherry
Sean, who features in the new section of The Brightness of Stars 3rd Edition, shares with us a little bit of history of 'care', why community is everything and why speaking about the care experience is hard yet so important! Buy the book at all online and offline stores including Amazon:
The 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars is out in May 2022 and this short series of videos introduces you to some of the contributors.Meet Isabelle, one of the youngest contributors sharing why contributing a chapter was so important to her, the act of processing trauma through writing her chapter and the importance of sharing shared lived experiences. The book has brand new contributors bringing the book up to date, reflections from the original contributors and poetry. Isabelle is one of the new contributors. You can order your copy here....Amazon:
The 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars is out in May 2022 and this short series of videos introduces you to some of the contributors.Meet Pav, one of the original contributors talk candidly about our time on Women's Hour, the healing power of being involved in the book, life as a Muslim in the children's home and how we should never stop reaching out to children and young people even when they won't let us!  The 3rd Ed has brand new contributors bringing the book up to date, additional reflections from the original contributors and poetry.  You can order your copy here:Amazon or Routledge
The 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars is out on 22nd May 2022 and this short series of videos introduces you to some of the contributors.Meet Jamie, sharing the impact of finding people with similar experiences and how that has led him to focus on community, connection and collaboration. He also begins to explore the intersection of care with sexuality. The book has brand new contributors bringing the book up to date, reflections from the original contributors and poetry. Jamie is one of the new contributors. You can order your copy here....Amazon:
The 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars is out on 22nd May 2022 and this short series of videos introduces you to some of the contributors.Meet Tim, one of the original contributors from the 1st Ed written back in 2013/2014 sharing the reflective process of looking back at where he was and where he is now. You can order your copy here:Amazon:
The 3rd Ed of The Brightness of Stars is out on 22nd May 2022 and this short series of videos introduces you to some of the contributors.Meet Shaunna, one of the youngest contributors sharing why taking part was so important to her. The book has brand new contributors bringing the book up to date, reflections from the original contributors and poetry. Shaunna is one of the new contributors. You can order your copy here....Amazon:
In this episode, Lisa Cherry is in conversation with Alex Kemp exploring professional kindness, culture and leadership. Alexander Kemp has been working with children and families for over 20 years. He holds a degree in social work and a masters of public administration.  He lives in Brighton with his husband who is a doctor working in intensive care.  Alex is care experienced. Alex has worked in senior roles within large organisations specialising in the provision of services to children and families who need help and protection and with children in care and care leavers.  Alex worked at Cafcass, the largest employer of social workers in the UK, as an assistant director for a large geographical area of England.  In this role, he worked in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in supporting the British Overseas Territories to develop and improve services for children and families.  He trained and coached senior leaders abroad to support their development.   Alex’s last role was in the UK as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of children’s social care; he is the first known care experienced person to have held this position.  He inspected local authorities and other organisations including fostering agencies and children’s homes. Alex is one of only a handful of care experienced people in the UK who have progressed into such senior roles in large organisations responsible for providing help and support to children and families. He believes strongly that expertise by experience is undervalued.  He has recently established an organisation which aims to support organisations and practitioners across the helping professions explore how and kindness and reflection influence the way in which professionals work.  Alex also hopes to spend some time speaking, training and writing. Twitter - Alex - @AlexanderKempyLisa - @_lisacherry
Luke Billingham, part-time researcher, part-time youth worker, talks all things about shifting the lens on how we view youth violence, the significance of mattering and how we need to step away from 'boundaries receptacles for blame'.Here's a link to the "Terrifying abyss of insignificance" paper: mentioning that the title of that paper is a quote from a brilliant book by Tony Ellis:'s a link to Against Youth Violence (available for pre-order; out in October):'s a link to Hackney Quest's site, where Luke works part-time:'s a link to the research project Luke is working on with the OU: @lbilli91Twitter: @_lisacherry
What happens when youth work, the decimation of preventative services and a community that feels left behind collide? In this collaborative book, Cut Short; Why we’re failing our youth – and how to fix it, Ciaran charts life during the most challenging years of the last decade. The emergence of the VRU in London is recorded as are the real lives of those living in their community as violence escalates against the backdrop or even in response to, the ideology of austerity and a changing political landscape.I absolutely loved this book and as far as I'm concerned, it is a must read inviting a very real and ongoing call to action.Twitter: @ciaranthaparPaperback out on 30th June
Steven Russell, is the founder of Elements SEMH Support. As a child, he lived with 9 foster families, was placed into two children’s homes and attended 5 schools. With this in mind, he decided to turn his “Pain to Purpose” by creating Elements.As a child, growing up in the care system, and an adult working in the care system. Steven has become an effective communicator with children living in care.His authentic style enables him to build rapport with children and young people with ease.Combining the elements of his professional and personal experiences to create “Elements SEMH Support”. Steven has been able to inspire hundreds of children to become more optimistic about their lives despite their adverse experiences
Sheina Rigg a Scottish social worker, living in Belfast permanently since 1990 has been seconded to a Trauma Informed Practice Project in 2018 as one of a team of 4 implementation managers, project manager and project lead. Now a smaller project, more embedded in the SBNI structure, they support organisational change using a transformation model devised from a service user perspective, their journey through services and apply a trauma lens/trauma principles to that journey from 'entry' to 'exit'. Pilot projects have been supported in a range of settings. Covid and lockdown has had its impact, not least on the systems being supported to change however in some ways staff wellbeing has never been so talked about so some doors are more open than they were!Resources:
Sparked by a Twitter conversation, Lisa and Andi deep dive in a more nuanced way than Twitter allows, into thinking about childhood adversity and trauma in the context of criminal justice. How do we ensure that the public are safe, that people take responsibility for their actions and that there are interventions in place that support healing from childhood trauma and adversity? @andibrierley@_lisacherry
A deep discussion on parenting, the menopause and translating the science of neurobiology.Kate on Twitter : @katesilvertonKate on Instagram:'s Book: There's No Such Thing as NaughtyLisa on Twitter: @_lisacherryLisa's Book:  Conversations That Make A Difference for Children and Young People
**Warning for listeners** This Episode references violence and abuse towards women and children throughout.This conversation, while booked weeks ago, is recorded in light of Sarah Everard’s body being found and a Met Police Officer being charged and named.Reclaim These Streets, having organised the Clapham Vigil which has since been considered illegal by the Met Police, have set up a page to raise £320,000 to donate to women's charitable causes. – - – – – – – –
Dee and Rosie join Lisa Cherry to talk about a new Digital Archive called Care Experience and Culture.Twitter: @CareExp_CulturePress Release: Michell is Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Criminology & Gender Studies at the University of Adelaide. She was made a Ward of the South Australian State in 1960 and remained in foster care for 15 years. She worked as an administrator for a multi-national corporation before going to university in her 40s, when she combined study with primary care for her three children. Dee is the first in her families (family of origin and foster family) to go to university.Rosie Canning is a PhD Candidate Uni of Southampton. The focus of her research is the representations of orphans and care leavers in fiction. She is examining the research through the lens of both creative and critical practice.Rosie recently worked as a Research Assistant for Aoife O’Higgins in the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. They worked on Conversations for care a knowledge exchange project and Care in the time of Covid a project that explored the day to day lives of care experienced adults in the UK during COVID-19. We wanted to know how the care community is coping and what helps them. We also wanted to record their experiences in history.A Portrait of Care was a collaboration between Dr Aoife O’Higgins, Rosie and The University of Southampton Widening Participation department. It was an online exhibition that ran during National Care leavers Week (NCLW) via Instagram using self-portraiture as a way to combat the negative stereotypes people have about children in care.Dee and Rosie met online in 2018. 
In this episode, Kathy Evans, CEO of Children England interviews Lisa Cherry on her new upcoming book "Conversations That Make A Difference To Children and Young People; Relationship Focused Practice From The Frontline" out in May 2021.You can pre order the book here: Evans  on twitter: this unique book, international trainer and consultant Lisa Cherry invites professionals from education, social work and healthcare to engage in conversations on a range of pertinent topics and issues affecting children and young people today.Divided into three main parts, which introduce attachment, adversity and trauma, each discussion places an emphasis on emotion and the understanding that we have as humans for compassion, empathy and connection. By encouraging collaboration between sectors and exploring a range of intersecting themes, the conversations take the reader on a winding journey to broaden their depth of thinking, reflect on their practice, and to consider the central message: that we can bring about social change, one interaction at a time.This book is a call to action and an opportunity to look around and decide what kind of service we want to provide, what kind of community we want to live in, and what sort of legacy we want to leave. At a time of ever-present social and political challenges, this book will stimulate conversations on current practice and professional development for the future and is a must-read for everyone working with children and young people.
Lisa Cherry's Xmas HUG

Lisa Cherry's Xmas HUG


After the year we've had, how could we celebrate all the work of those on the frontline and those who support them? A Christmas HUG seemed the best way forward and what emerged was a hour of poetry, music and pure love. Sit back, soak it all up and remember that we will always be better together. #love #education #socialwork #careexperience #christmas #connection #relationships #relationalactivism
Jancis Andrew, Leeds Virtual Head and Chair of the National Association of Virtual School Heads joins Lisa Cherry to talk all things education, looked after children, children in need and having tricky conversations. We talk about what Virtual Schools are and what they are definitely not! Jancis can be found on Twitter on:@jancisfrancisand NAVSH can be found@NAVSH_UK
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