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Year of APing Dangerously

Author: Kathy Walker

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Welcome to the source of information, questions answers and stories from North Carolina Assistant Principal of the Year, Kathy Walker. Join me on the journey, as I lead, learn and laugh in the crazy world of the Assistant Principalship. Are you an aspiring AP? This podcast is for you. Are you a seasoned veteran? This podcast is for you. Are you just ready to be a principal already? This podcast is for you. Let's explore and learn together!
12 Episodes
Episode 12:This episode marks the return of the podcast with some thoughts on the current crisis that exists in the United States and the world as schools go virtual, and I struggle to  adjust and understand my role as a building leader and what it will look like at the start of the coming school year.  More so than other episodes, this one will pose more questions than it answers, but I welcome your thoughts as we all adjust and try to define the new normal. 
Episode 11:In an effort to provide a follow-up to recent professional development offerings, I chat with Sherrard Martin, Director of Secondary Curriculum Support [Twitter: @smartinISS].  Our conversations usually bounce all over the place, but the ever-present constant is always thriving to help all do what’s best for kids.  We do try our best to stay grounded as we discuss some of the professional development offerings and what motivated those choices.  We always strive for #YearofAPingDangerously firsts – and this episode includes our first Acronyms Explained… Sort of.  Follow our thoughts and let us know yours here at the podcast website or on Twitter @YearofD.Links discussed in this episode:  Acronyms Explained - Sort of… | ACES  | Adverse Childhood Experiences Score | AVID  | Advancement via Individual Determination | CEUs  | Continuing Education Unit | CPI  | Crisis Prevention Institute | ERPD  | Early Release Professional Development | ESL  | English as a Second Language | IB  | International Baccalaureate | ODD  | Oppositional Defiant DisorderAnita Archer – writing frameOther People’s Children by Lisa DelpitDrive by Daniel Pink [motivation video]Move Your Bus by Ron ClarkTrue ColorsVickie Davis - 12 steps to avoid teacher burnoutChildren’s Hope AllianceYoga Loft – StatesvilleRita Pierson Ted Talk – Every kid needs a championMorris Morrison 
010 Live PD Remote

010 Live PD Remote


We broadcast live from a staff Professional Development session on this day in the Year of Aping Dangerously.  Fresh after finishing some professional development geared to the needs of secondary English and Science Teachers, I have an opportunity to chat with two teachers to gain insight on what they learned and how they plan to put it in use for their classrooms. Monica Williams and Rebecca McClain share thoughts and ideas as they complete a half day of professional learning.Year of APing Dangerously WebsiteFind us on Twitter @YearofD  
This day in the Year of Aping Dangerously – we chat with AP Jody Ratti, who I connected with through the weekly Twitter #APchat, just one of several professional learning network chats we discuss.  Ratti shares his ‘origin story’ – which, has some eerie similarities to a story I’ve heard before!  Several great nuggets are shared as a reminder is made to “move with your mission” and to always “do what’s best for kids” – this is a can’t miss episode as we exchange thoughts from another day in the Year of APing Dangerously.Links discussed in this episode:  Jennifer Gonzalez – Cult of PedagogyPrincipal KafeleGrit by Angela DuckworthHacking Leadership by Joe SanfelippoHacking Discipline by Nathan Maynard, Brad WeinsteinLeaders Eat Last by Simon SinekA Leaders Legacy by James M. KouzesMotivating Black Males to Achieve in School & In Life  by Baruti K. KafeleStarting a Movement: Building Culture From the Inside Out in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) by Kenneth WilliamsTwitter Chats:             #APChat – Sundays @ 8pm EST                      #NewPrincipalsConn #LeadupChat – Saturdays @ 8:30am EST#PrincipalChat – Sundays @ 9pm EST
I sit down with new AP, Aisha Santos, to discuss the transition from the classroom to the Admin Office.  She shares her 'origin story' that has led her from a volunteer in her child's school to an Assistant Principal of a southern town high school. Our conversation tackles all kinds of new things that a new AP may face... from the mountain of emails, and discipline to the need to make sure you take some self-care, as well aa connecting with your peers and mentors.  Links discussed in this episode:  Teaching with Poverty in Mind ASCDCapturing Kids’ HeartRita Pearson Ted Talk– Every Child needs a ChampionEric Jensen Brain-Based TeachingTwitter Chats: #APChat – Sundays @ 8pm ESTFacebook Group: Principal Principles [closed group] 
Episode 7 in the podcast features some thoughts and things to keep top of mind as you begin the new school year.  The operational checklists and to do's that must get done to ensure a smooth start of the year.  Additionally, some other things to think about as you frame your message and work for the school year.  And oh yes, I make a major pop culture reference flub in this episode - find it and be the first to send it in a tweet with the #Ifoundtheflub @YearofD and we'll share some AP swag with you!
Sitting down with Instructional Coaches, we get an insight on how they build relationships and support teachers and administrators.  Sarah Paslay, Traci Fox, James Worthington and Patrick Kosal are content specific Instructional Coaches who provide insight on how they work with new and lateral entry teachers as well as seasoned veterans.  They also provide tips and suggestions for administrators looking to expand their influence as instructional leaders.
Episode 5 features a conversation with Frameworks Executive Vice President, David Taylor as he shares a summer read, Our Kids by Robert D. Putnam.  Through narratives on the lives of students in Port Clinton, Our Kids looks at the impact of education through the lens of the American Dream.  Additionally, in this installment of the podcast, I share some of my summer reads and 'to reads', including two books from the Hacking series; Hacking Leadership and Hacking Discipline.
004 Upcoming Topics

004 Upcoming Topics


In the fourth installment of the podcast for and about current and aspiring Assistant Principals we talk upcoming topics and take a look at some of the pieces of the AP puzzle.  What are your successes as a building administrator? I talk about what I've learned on building relationships, and maintaining your balance in what can be a demanding career.  We also touch on upcoming topics that hit everything from restorative justice, to  unconscious bias and equity in education. Continue the conversation on twitter @YearofD and on our website
003 Michael Culbreth

003 Michael Culbreth


Talking everything from transitions to Krispy Kreme – we talk to Michael Culbreth who is making the transition to elementary school following 20 years in middle school.  As an Assistant Principal at East Iredell Elementary School, Michael will now face the challenges of first time students as well as a school that is dual immersion.  This will be the first in a series of podcasts that focus on the transition of moving grade levels in the administrative role.East Iredell Elementary School
002 Heather Dollevoet

002 Heather Dollevoet


In this sit down with newly named North Iredell Middle School Assistant Principal, Heather Dollevoet we discuss her digital learning and how she used Kim Bearden’s book Talk to Me to inform her staff on principles of communication.  Additionally, digital competencies were enhanced through online learning in the Hive Summit and the Ditch Summit.Links:Be Real by Tara MartinTalk to Me by Kim BeardenHive Summit That Textbook Iredell Middle School
001 Premiere Episode

001 Premiere Episode


The Year of Aping Dangerously is a podcast for current and aspiring Assistant Principals.  It's the place to share your story and get answers to the things no one prepares you for when you step out of the classroom and into administration.  Episode Transcript
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