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Author: Thomas Baldrick

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The Rocky Point Podcast is all things Puerto Penasco. Do you love to visit this seaside resort on the Sea of Cortez? Or, are you exploring why Rocky Point is the most popular tourism destination in Sonora, Mexico? Either way, being a part of this podcast is time well spent. Host Thomas Baldrick, a 7-Time Emmy Award winner and property manager of Sonoran Sun 510 East on Sandy Beach, brings you inside interesting and informative topics. They range from people, places, things, and events in Puerto Penasco. Need a knowledge drop or some inspiration for an upcoming visit? Subscribe and download episodes of the Rocky Point Podcast. It's great company for work, working out, and especially those long drives through the Sonoran Desert going to or from the place you love you enough to spend your time and money there.
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Host Thomas Baldrick explores the recent Phoenix Magazine featured article on Puerto Peñasco. It was titled, "Rocky Relations." He also makes an announcement regarding Dan Gleason, the writer of the piece. 
Join in an "Attitude of Gratitude." Host Thomas Baldrick shares 10 things he is thankful for regarding Rocky Point, at the time of Thanksgiving being celebrated in the United States.
Based on facts, this short episode delivers a different perspective of 3 bad events impacting Puerto Penasco, and its image as a popular beach resort destination. Host Thomas Baldrick goes solo pushing back against the anti-Mexico political agenda, and harsh, misguided social media rushing to judgement. It's like a Rocky Point News Hurricane, and he stays to defend his neighbors and community in the path of the storm.
This Rocky Point Podcast episode features host Thomas Baldrick's chat with Oscar Palacio Soto. He is the Rocky Point Rally Founder and Organizer of the greatest motorcycle fiesta just south of the border. Oscar's family is also responsible for the vision and creation of the popular Playa Bonita Resort and RV Park on Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco. He is a smart businessman and recognized as one of the nicest guys in town.In this timely interview leading up to the 2019 Rocky Point Rally, Oscar takes you inside his  up and down ride with the event which is now at an all-time high in popularity. He and Thomas also talk about how the rally has evolved, how it comes together, who it benefits, and why you might want to come and be a part of the party.
Mexico Independence Day. What a unique and fascinating story to tell in this Rocky Point Podcast episode. Once you hear what happened and how, you'll never again confuse this Mexican holiday with Cinco de Mayo. It gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Founding Father." Whether you're Mexican, American, or other, there's some pretty cool things to take away from this story. Viva Mexico! 
Tacos are popular and enjoyed everywhere in the United States. And the term, "Taco Tuesday" is popular and used everywhere, too. Join us as we look at the trademark history and battleground for "Taco Tuesday." It's an interesting and informative episode of The Rocky Point Podcast. After listening, share your opinion. What do you think? Taco Tuesday - Should LeBron James be its King? 
You're gonna get entertained, informed, and HUNGRY! This episode takes you inside the popular Candy Cake Restaurant and Bakery. It's a growing favorite eating establishment among local residents in Puerto Peñasco, and foreign tourists visiting Rocky Point. Host Thomas Baldrick talks with the Hernandez family who owns and operates the place known for its delicious bakery goods, breakfast and lunch dishes. It's a nice story of a Mexican family who found success by creating it. A fun listen for both those who are already Candy Cake lovers, or are looking for a new restaurant to try on their next Rocky Point adventure.
You don't need a border to know buying real estate in Mexico is different. But different can be better once you get the full story about buying real estate at the Sonoran Resorts along Sandy Beach. You'll be grateful our guest is Ms. Jennifer Ridsdel. She is exclusively a "Buyer's Agent" with the Sonoran Resorts. In this podcast episode, this sales extraordinaire not only provides valuable advice and strategies for success, but she gives you a can't miss taste of her passion, professionalism, and work ethic which stand out in Puerto Peñasco.
Dog's Best Friend

Dog's Best Friend


Let others keep barking up the wrong tree. Let others focus on dogs being "Man's Best Friend." By her love, passion, actions, and dedication, Barbara Mumaugh has created a legacy as "Dog's Best Friend" which reaches way beyond Puerto Peñasco. This remarkable woman is doing things right at Barb's Dog Rescue in Rocky Point. And don't  overthink it. You don't have to be a dog lover to appreciate this podcast episode. It's so heartbreaking and heartwarming, one only has to be human to be moved by this story. Now, about that million dollar question of "Who Saved Who?" Listen and decide for yourself. It may inspire you more to be barking up the RIGHT tree in your life.
Discover why I call them "The First of the First Responders." In Puerto Peñasco, Cruz Roja, the Mexican Red Cross truly deserve rock star status. You will really want to know why. It doesn't matter if someone is a local resident or visiting foreigner. If someone/anyone needs help, the dedicated men and women of the Mexican Red Cross are ready and quick to serve. Day or night, rain or shine, Cruz Roja is the go to emergency service in Rocky Point. And guess what? They do not charge for their services! They live or die by donations alone, despite their mission to help anyone in Rocky Point, including saving lives when necessary.
Everything happens for a reason, right? Something like this has probably happened to you. Thomas Baldrick and the Rocky Point Podcast just came to life as if it was meant to be. It's a real-life example of one of those of those "Right Guy in the Right Place at the Right Time" situations which rolls through fear and obstacles to become reality. Here are those "life forces" at work:- A new rental property manager of the Sonoran Sun 510 East condo on Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco. - A broadcasting background with 7 Emmy Awards to his credit as a television reporter, producer, and writer. - A fill-time solo dad ready to do something for himself again as his boy reaches teenager status seeking more independence.-A desire to connect with others, and connect others in the growing community of Rocky point lovers.- A passion for sharing great stories about all things Puerto Penasco, which will make the drives to and from Rocky Point more enjoyable and more productive for all visitors.- A tool for promoting Puerto Penasco, bringing together local people and businesses with those looking to enjoy awesome beach escapes in a cool seaside resort town.Obviously something led you to search for or find the Rocky Point Podcast. We're grateful for that. May this bring you the benefits and joys of knowledge, entertainment, and time well spent.
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