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The educational series highlighting the wonders of the animal kingdom. Fun and insightful animal facts presented in a narrative documentary style production complete with music and sound effects.
38 Episodes
Explore the open ocean and learn about the graceful giants - the Manta Rays, the powerful deep-diving Sperm Whale and the mysterious creature from the darkest depths of the ocean - the Giant Squid. Encounter behemoths of the deep on Episode #37. Show notes available here.
Learn about the bizarre pig of Indonesia - the Babirusa, the unique member of the bovid family - the Takin and one of the rarest and most powerful cats in the world - the Amur Leopard. Amazing animal facts on Episode #36.   Show notes available here.
Learn about the American icon - the Bald Eagle, the longest snake in North America - the Eastern Indigo Snake and the cat known by many names - the highly adaptable, Puma. It's animals of North America on Episode #35. Show notes available here.
Learn about the most dangerous shark in the world - the Bull Shark, hitch a ride with the marine sucker fish - the Remoras and explore the waters of Australia and discover the decorative and mysterious Sea Dragons. It's aquatic species with unique traits on Episode # 34. Show notes available here.
Learn about the forest-dwelling Kookaburra, the Outback's apex predator - the Dingo, and Australia's largest land mammal - the Red Kangaroo. Take a trip Down Under on Episode #33. Show notes available here.
Learn about the popular predator mob - the Meerkats, the endangered and unique canines - the African Painted Dogs and the tallest animal on the planet - the Giraffe. It's African animals from small to tall on Episode #32.   Show notes available here.
Learn about the unique canine of Japan - the Tanuki, one of the world's smallest turtles - the Black-breasted Leaf Turtle and the beloved icon of conservation - the Giant Panda. Animals of the Far East on Episode #31.   Show notes available here.
Learn about the elusive and colorful Moray Eels, the dangerous and drifting Portuguese Man O' War, and the most feared fish in the ocean - the great predator - the White Shark. It's aquatic animals with a fearsome reputation in Episode 30.   Show notes available here.
Learn about the animal with a distinct odor - it's the Binturong, one of the signature birds of the rain forests - the Wreathed Hornbill and the largest tree-dwelling mammal is the popular and familiar primate - the Orangutan. It's incredible and important species of the Southeast Asian forests on Episode #29. Show notes available here.
Discovery some bizarre and unique animals - the deep ocean dwelling Blobfish, the semi-aquatic Star-nosed Mole and the regenerating Axolotl. Learn about some of the strangest members of the animal kingdom on Episode 28. Show notes available here.
Learn about the brilliantly colored high flyer - the Scarlet Macaw, the pig-like creatures of the forest and desert - the Peccaries, and encounter the largest predator of the Amazon ecosystem - the impressive Black Caiman. Journey to the tropical habitats of South America on Episode #27. Show notes available here.
Learn about the clever and cute ocean-dwelling Sea Otter. Dive into the kelp forest with the brilliantly colored Garibaldi.  Discover the fast and frolicking Sea Lions. Venture to the coast of California on Episode 26. Show notes available here.  
Travel the ocean's of the world and learn about the 7 distinct species of Sea Turtles, discover the critically endangered and very rare porpoise - the Vaquita, encounter the power and strength of the top predator of the sea - the Killer Whale. It's animal facts from across the world's oceans on Episode 25. Show notes available here.
Discover some of the world's fastest animals by air, land & sea. One of the fastest fish in the ocean, the swift and deadly Mako Shark, the fastest animal on land is the familiar and famous cat - the Cheetah, and the fastest animal on the planet attacks from above - the Peregrine Falcon on Episode #24. Show notes available here.
Giants of the open ocean! Learn about the longest bony fish in the world - the Giant Oarfish. Discover the odd-looking Ocean Sunfish, the heaviest bony fish in the sea - the Mola Mola. Encounter the largest fish on the planet - the unique and graceful giant, the Whale Shark on Episode #023. Show notes available here.
Visit the world's fourth largest island - Madagascar and learn about the iconic and popular Ring-Tailed Lemur, plus the top predator of the land: the Fossa and one of the most unique primates on the planet, the bizarre and fascinating Aye-Aye. It's exclusive animals of Madagascar on Episode #022. Show notes available here.
Learn about the gentle aquatic mammal, the manatee. Encounter the sleek and swift predator of the reef, the great barracuda. Learn about the unique and fascinating creature known as the sawfish. It's animal facts from the tropics on Episode #21. Show notes available here.
Venture into the wilds of Africa learn exciting animal facts. Delve into the Congo to discover the elusive Okapi, travel the Serengeti with the world's largest bird - the Ostrich and brave the waterways for an encounter with the Nile Crocodile on Episode #20. Full show notes here.
Kiwi | Kea | Tuatara

Kiwi | Kea | Tuatara


Learn about exotic animals unique to the islands of New Zealand. Discover the national icon - the flightless and nocturnal Kiwi bird, one of the world's most intelligent birds and the only cold-weather parrot - the Kea and the only reptile of its kind still in existence - the Tuatara on Episode 19. Full show notes available here.
It's widlife, Hawaiian style! Learn about one of the rarest marine mammals, the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, the only living goose native to the Hawaiian Islands - the Nene and the iconic and beloved resident of the reef - the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the Reef Triggerfish on Amazing Wildlife Episode #018. Full show notes available here.  
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Wow! Love this show. We checked out the Okapi episode. Your sound design is really masterful.

Mar 11th
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