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Author: Caveat

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This is the radical feminist history party you've been waiting for. Recorded at Caveat in NYC, each episode of Nevertheless She Existed brings the story of an erased woman from history from our LES speakeasy right to your earbuds. You'll hear tales of gay nuns burned as witches, queens of NYC thieves, mothers, warriors, and poets. The fabulous, funny, and fierce comedians Molly Gaebe and Kylie Holloway serve as our hosts and voices as we travel down the rabbit hole of women's history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll definitely say "f*ck yeah" because Nevertheless, She Existed.
41 Episodes
A celebration of the first black woman to earn a PhD in physics. Moiya McTier is a New York-based astrophysicist who studies planets outside of our solar system. She's also a folklorist who specializes in using science and logic to build fictional worlds. You can hear all about the worlds she's built on her podcast, Exolore, where she invites experts to help her imagine life on a different alien planet in every episode. Please consider donating to Moiya’s patreon: Moiya has also asked for donations to be directed to the Loveland Foundation. A fantastic organization that helps Black women and girls get access to therapy and mental healthcare.
Raising a glass to a “capitalist by profession” and all around badass Mary Ellen Pleasant. Junior Mintt is a drag artist in Brooklyn, out to show how Minty the world can be with a little kindness, empathy, and a strong Black, Trans, Queer perspective. Donate to her patreon and support a black trans artist! Junior is the local artist for G.L.I.T.S, a black trans run organization helping black trans people with housing! Donate to them here-
Catherine Clune-Taylor, Ph.D. is a Black queer feminist writer, educator and activist. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Feminist Science and Technology Studies at San Diego State University, which is even cooler than you think it is. About 13.6% cooler, to be precise. Please send her some love, and by love we mean money and venmo her Catherine-Taylor-23 Catherine would also like to direct donations to the Emergency Relief Fund which provides bail funds to keep trans folks in NYC out of prison. For more resources to support black trans people, look here:
Solange Azor (they/them & she/her) is a doula, comedian, and abolitionist based in Brooklyn/Lenape land. At one point you could find them performing standup and supporting births & abortions around the city. These days she is eating pasta, enjoying weed, and asking you to donate to this Fundraiser to house Black Trans folks. You can also support Solange individually via Venmo @Solangeaz
Come hang out with us because we are going live!   On this special livestream edition, we’re celebrating women in medicine because your gals are topical as hell.  Our lineup of comedians, historians, and storytellers will raise a (very full) glass to the women of yore who took risks, asked hard questions, and saved lives. Molly Gaebe and Kylie Holloway are your hosts, giving you a dash of context, a dab of framing, as we travel down the rabbit hole of women's history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll definitely say "f*ck yeah" because Nevertheless, She Existed.
People Have Been Masturbating Forever. Joycelyn Elders knew it, Arti Gollapudi celebrates her story.  Arti Gollapudi is a Brooklyn based comedian who received her bachelor of music from Berklee College of Music and her masters of arts in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch.  Arti uses comedy as a tool to open dialogue about personal identity, trauma, and farts. Follow her on twitter and instagram @artiparty
Don't Agonize, Organize. The fabulous hosts of the Violently Funny Podcast raise not one but two glasses to repro rights activist Flo Kennedy. Violently Funny is a comedic podcast about domestic violence, dating, sex and sisterhood hosted by survivors Onika McLean (@divaofcomedy) and Brittany Brave (@brittanybrave.) Don't punch back-- punch up. New episodes every Tuesday!
It's Lizz Fucking Winstead! The founder of Abortion Access Front (and Molly's boss) stops by our studio to chat activism, why the anti-choice movement in funny, and the late, great abortion provider Susan Wicklund. Lizz Winstead is Abortion Access Front’s founder and chief creative officer, is one of the top political satirists working today. As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” she forever changed the way people get their news. Now with Abortion Access Front, Winstead has taken her satirical brilliance one step further, combining it with her passion for reproductive rights to expose anti choice hypocrisy and inspiring a whole new model of activism. Founded in 2015 under the name Lady Parts Justice League, Abortion Access Front  is a team of comedians, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states.
Ladies Can Breathe Too. Get ready to angry-drink, Sarah Hartshorne celebrates mythbusting Victorian sex scholar Clelia Duel Mosher "Sarah Hartshorne is best known as the plus-size contestant on Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model and was voted Least Annoying Contestant of her cycle by the now defunct annoying or After the show, she modeled all over the world for clients like Glamour, Vogue, Skechers and more. Since “retiring” from modeling she’s performed standup all over NYC and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was part of the Vagical Mystery Tour with Abortion Access Front, where she is currently a writer. You can see her on Netflix’s ‘Explained’ and HBO’s ‘Vice’ on consent. You can follow her @sarahhartshorne"
The Ancient Irish Catholic Abortion Provider. Jaye McBride raises a wee bit of whiskey to Saint Brigid of Kildare. Jaye McBride is funny, smart and proudly transgender. Jaye has traveled the world performing stand-up comedy both as a headliner and sharing the stage with comedy greats like Aziz Ansari, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton & Bobcat Goldthwait. Jaye has also been a part of The Boston Comedy Festival, The Maine Comedy Festival and the She Devil Comedy Festival. In addition to stand-up, Jaye has written, produced and acted in a variety of short films. When not performing on-stage or on-screen Jaye writes ""The Comedy Blog"" for the Times Union and speaks at colleges all across the country with her lecture about being transgender. Having transitioned in 2007, Jaye is uniquely qualified to talk about awkward first dates, strained family relationships and self-acceptance. Follow her @jayemcbride
Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics. The one and only Solange Azor celebrate the life of sex worker and activist Margo St. James.  Solange Azor is a Brooklyn based comedian and writer. You can also find her supporting births as a birth and abortion doula! Follow her @solangenaz on instagram and twitter.
The Thing that Changes History. Miss Junior Mint gives us the whole story of one of the greats- Josephine Baker. Junior Mint is a black, Trans-femme producer and host of the weekly trans & PoC Centric variety show “In Living Color!” Follow @inlivingcolorbk and @juniormintt
Anna Cain Bianco introduces us to Theodora, sex worker, actor, and Empress of Byzantium Anna Cain Bianco is a NYC based comedian and museum consultant. You can catch her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, doing standup around the city, or on Twitter @annacainbianco.
Kaytlin Bailey raises a glass of red wine to the baddest sex worker of yore- Phryne  Kaytlin Bailey is the host of The Oldest Profession Podcast and is the Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work. @kaytlinbailey
Yasmin Tayag of One Zero clues us in- if alien life is out there, a lady just might be the one to find it.  Yasmin Tayag is the senior science editor at OneZero, formerly the senior science editor at Inverse. Before that, she did unspeakable things with sea squirts in a genetics lab at NYU. You can follow her at @yeahyeahyasmin for more weird science content. 
Science Friday’s Elah Feder shares the story of Jerrie Cobb, and it’s literally and figuratively out of this world. Elah Feder is a development producer. She has a masters from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. She co-hosted and produced the Undiscovered podcast at Science Friday where she is the resident Canadian. You can follow her @elahfeder
Maya Deshmukh delivers one hell of a celestial celebration of Hisako Koyama Maya is an actor and comedian in NYC. She can be seen performing as ""Brown Rice"" with her satirical fake K-pop girl group: AzN POP, as well as co-hosting a monthly ""fashion-comedy"" show called 'Fashion Puhleeze', where comedians break down trends very far from a red carpet.  Maya has been featured on Betches, Nick Mom, Funny or Die, and can be seen on season 2 of HBO's High Maintenance. She also works part-time as a general dentist (not a joke). @mayadesh
Moiya McTier tells us the tale of four feet of feminism, the singer, and early astronomer Caroline Hershel Moiya McTier grew up in a log cabin without running water and now she's an astrophysicist studying planets outside of our solar system. Along the way, Moiya became the first person to graduate with degrees in both astrophysics and folklore from Harvard University, she wrote a science fiction novel, and she found a passion for science communication. When she’s not thinking about the universe, Moiya spends her time reading fantasy books and cuddling with her cat, Kosmo. You can follow her @goastromo- heads up her twitter is a lot of badass space content.
It's our first guest! Our queen Junior Mint joins us in studio for an education on Blaxpoitation. Junior Mint is a black, Trans-femme producer and host of the weekly trans & PoC Centric variety show “In Living Color!” Follow @inlivingcolorbk and @juniormintt 
Actual witch and our favorite woman of darkness Anna Cain Bianco shares the story of Millicent Patrick- creator of the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Anna Cain Bianco is a NYC based comedian and museum consultant. You can catch her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, doing standup around the city, or on Twitter @annacainbianco.