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I'm back on the Climate bandwagon. This episode talks about worldwide anomalies from April and a few over the summer. Those of you in the know will understand. Those of you who are deniers, well, listen and then let me know if you still think Climate Change is a hoax.
Just how many times has life on Earth been almost wiped out? Well, I'll tell you. You just have to listen.
What ends up in the street or on the beach ends up in our oceans. Tons and tons of garbage floating and sinking in our oceans. This episode is about an update to the Great Garbage Patches.
Armageddon. No, this isn't about the movie. It's about asteroids, comets, and what they could do to the Earth.
Why do we contaminate our environment with plastic? This episode talks about what we're doing about plastics in our oceans, rivers, and elsewhere. Learn about how bacteria is being used in the plastics fight.
How did we get the oxygen we breathe? This episode will explain a bit about it. I will warn you it is heavy on science.
Heard the phrase "Trees are climate's Silver Bullet?" Yeah, well don't believe everything you hear. In this episode, I'll talk about whether they are or aren't. What are the solutions to carbon absorption?
While on my holiday break, I thought publishing older episodes would keep you entertained. In light of the recent eruption of Spain's Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, I'm revisiting last season's episode. In it, I talked about the possibility of a collapse of the island causing a tsunami. The recent eruption has reignited (no pun) those rumors.
What is a Megadrought and is one here? I'll talk about it and the history and the future.
This episode talks about Asteroids, Coments and impacts. I'll also talk about the history of them and what we can do if one is discovered hurtling toward our little blue planet.
Are we running out of water? How can that be? This episode is all about our water use on Earth and how reclamation works.
What's to say? This episode is about weather and climate change. I go in-depth into recent weather and its apparent link to climate change.
We've lost Arecibo! What's next? In this episode, I'll tell you about the history of Arecibo and its unfortunate demise. I'll also talk about the future of radio astronomy.
What is it about Plate Tectonics and Ice? Is there a correlation to climate change? I talk about it in this episode.
What are we tossing into the Ocean. Let's talk about the Great Garbage Patches.
South Atlantic Anomaly

South Atlantic Anomaly


So, what's going on in the Southern Hemisphere? The South Atlantic Anomaly. What is it? Do we as humans need to worry about this? Learn about what it is and what it means in this episode.
As the planet melts, bacteria and viruses can be released. TIn this episode we talk about the melting ice and permafrost and the potential of diseases we have no resistance to emerge.
This episode is a bit sciencey and technical. But important nonetheless. I talk about Glaciers and sea-level rise.
Earlier this season I did an episode on Disappearing Species. This is part 2. We talk about biomass loss and overfishing.
What do Rainforests have to do with Climate Change? This episode talks about Rainforests and Carbon and what 2 Degrees Celcius has to do with it.
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