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Recreating Fitness

Author: Micah Cotton

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Join Micah and Dillon as we explore all things related to fitness, health, and living a more active lifestyle!
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What keeps you motivated?

What keeps you motivated?


Today we have a special guest on the podcast, Danielle Patterson (Dillon's wife), here to share her experience as a lifelong runner. Listen to us talk about managing motivation and staying physically active.--- Send in a voice message:
We often take for granted that exercise is a good thing, without recognizing just HOW beneficial it can be for your health. Today I'm speaking with Rohit Rajendran about why movement and activity make us healthier from a more scientific perspective. Rohit is an avid cyclist and currently attending medical school in Brisbane.  Join us for a discussion about underlying physiological systems and what it means for your health. Thanks so much for listening, If you're enjoying our show don't forget to subscribe and follow our blog!--- Send in a voice message:
Thanks so much for checking out our show!We had to end a little sooner than planned but hope you enjoyed.Stay tuned for more we have a lot planned coming up.In the meantime check out the ReCreate Blog!--- Send in a voice message:
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