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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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Former Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, joined the show today to talk all things Ohio State football. The Columbus Zoo is getting a couple new manatees. What will happen with seeing Santa Claus at the mall this year? Last night's Presidential debate. Plus, New Music Friday, a murder at Griggs Reservoir, Johnny Rotten, MawMaw and more!
Rudy Giuliani got caught in a compromised position, but it appears a certain entertainer may have set him up for a movie. Loper and Randi have a debate before the debate, but these topics have nothing to do with the country itself. Plus, astrological candy preferences, Helium Theater, Halloween night and more!
Loper has become one with the animals on the golf course. Halloween will have a full blue moon next Saturday night. If you had to pick one, which show would you take between the Addams Family and the Munsters? Plus, Egg Roulette, debate topics, legal advice and more!
We have a time change proposal for the state of Ohio. Carol Baskin has let everyone know she is bi-sexual. A professor had to cancel class because he has Covid, he got shot and his divorce is getting ugly. Pennsylvania wants to change the voting laws. Plus, football losers, Jeffrey Toobin busted, Treadmill Trivia, G.I. Joe and more!
Loper went golfing Saturday and thought he committed a murder. Phil Collins' ex wfie is causing him great drama 12 years after their divorce. These are the scariest things in each state. Kim Kardashian makes hella cash from social media. Plus, MawMaw Monday, Bly Manor, Sonny Rasar turns 70, Top Golf, and more!
Covid cases are skyrocketing in Ohio. An Italian woman went to extreme measures to make her co-workers look bad. Randi lost at tennis yesterday and did not react very well. Conor McGregor is going to fight again. Columbus is a top spot to live if you want to see UFOs. Plus, New Music Friday,an Air Force accident, Screech prank, Hubie Halloween firing and more!
A listener wrote in to ask us about her husband's Covid-19 budget for the household. A man beat up his girlfriend's son for leaving a bad Yelp review. What did you find in your home when you moved in that you did not expect to find? Nick Saban has the Rona. Plus, Helium Theater, Billboard music awards, Billie Eilish body shamed, Dexter, Hubie Halloween and more!
An Alaskan news anchor went off on the Mayor of Alaska for breaking her heart over an affair they had...the audio is the best ever. During Treadmill Trivia yesterday, Randi missed her and Loper's wedding song. Loper got stuck in the mud playing golf. Plus, the longest Egg Roulette ever, free legal advice, Elvira's new song, Bieber Crocs, Mike Tyson stoned and more!
Loper could not resist some fast food yesterday in Grove City. David Crosby is getting blasted for disrespecting Eddie Van Halen. Couples do not grow to look alike. There is a new metal version of the Ducktales theme song. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Dirty Minds, Prime Day deals, Pence caravan and more!
We have concert reviews from the Aaron Lewis and Sully Erna show as well as the Smith & Myers show. What is your all time scariest movie? NCIS actors and suing CBS. Would you rather by happy and poor or unhappy and rich? Plus, Match Game, MawMaw Monday, Chris Brown visits Adele,Bill Burr on SNL and more!
We have great weather for some great concerts this weekend. A group of men had planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan. Yelp is adding an extra feature to their reviews regarding racism. A listener needs advice on her boyfriend who has plenty of money but is very cheap. Plus, New Music Friday, the taco tilt, hole-in-one Daly and more!
A Russian man decided to lock himself in a cage and try to train a bear. Escape From Blood Prison opens tomorrow night and we have all the details. Blink at your cat slowly if you want it to love you. It's been a very, very long time since Michigan beat Ohio State. Plus, White House racoons, debates, Britney Spears, Helium Theater and more!
Legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, passed away and we pay him a tribute. We are already seeing problems with voting ballots and the mail. A giant elk went after a man on a golf course and did serious damage. Randi has drama with her tennis team. Plus, free legal advice, Egg Roulette, Aaron & Sully and more!
What would you rather burn that let someone else have? The Tasmanian Devils are back after 3,000 years. The Walking Dead season finale finally happened and it was awesome. Loper finally has closure to his Spectrum problem. Plus, GLOW cancelled, Treadmill Trivia, Aaaron & Sully, wifi dog threats and more!
Loper's friends decided to celebrate their daughter's 21st birthday by getting her drunk and now they are questioning themselves. An Amazon driver got scared to death by a porch decoration. Carlos Condit is all for fighting Matt Brown in the UFC. We found a story that says THC can help you fight Coronavirus. Plus, Saturday Night Live, MawMaw Monday, Silence of the Lambs house, Trump Covid update and more!
South of Eden will play a real, live concert tonight. David Smith of Westerville, will be on the food Network Sunday night for an awesome Halloween competition and he calls in to the show. Money can sure drive families apart. 6ix9ine overdosed.....on caffeine. Plus, Carnival Cruise returns, New Music Friday, What's Growing On, Borat 2 and more!
The legendary Arkansas Beast has been caught. Would you rather live in an RV or on a houseboat? That actually was a meteor everyone saw in the sky yesterday. Remember Lilith Fair? Yoko Ono and John Lennon had side by side toilets. Plus, Helium Theater, inheritance, using a bidet, the Masked Singer and more!
The presidential debate took place last night and there sure was a lot of noise. Loper went golfing and MIGHT have hit SOMETHING with one of his shots. A listener emails in to confess to something he did during his engagement and he doesn't know what to do. Plus, Egg Roulette, Blood Prison, free legal advice, new emojis and more!
A woman goes crazy on an airplane and people thing she is possessed. Loper had a crazy dream that lasted all through the night. The Newport Music hall is 50 years old and a documentary comes out tomorrow night. Dave Chappelle's show in Yellow Springs has been shut down due to Covid. Plus, Carole Baskin eliminated, people faking orgasms, Treadmill Trivia, Coyote Peterson and more!
Randi almost completed an amazing day, but then destroyed something. Loper has a friend who found a great deal on Groupon and used it 19 times. Someone tried to kidnap Joe Montana's grandchild. A Covid vaccine will kill a half million of these. Plus, MawMaw Monday, Matt Brown, Conor McGregor, the Social Dilemma and more!
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