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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
475 Episodes
The first ever rock n roll song is 70 years old. It's International Women's Day and we want to know the best songs ever for women. Loper's friend says a guy at work is taking advantage of his ADHD condition. A listener's sister is dating a famous guy and is not allowed to talk about it. Plus, UFC 259, double masks in Bexley, shamrock shakes and more!
Fans of this sport are the angriest sports fans on the internet. A lady in New York discovered a secret room in her home. Concerts are starting to lineup beginning this summer. Home remodeling leads to divorce. Plus, New Music Friday, open bathrooms, outhouses, mask mandates, Sarah Silverman and more!
A listener is concerned about her lifelong best friend's recent extra interest in her husband. Shaquille O'Neal got knocked out on AEW last night. Most people have a terrible time trying to end a conversation that has gone on too long. Plus, Helium Theater, the Citizen app, Travel to Norway, dangerous animals and more!
Loper's friend had to play a free show....because how do you force the mafia to pay a debt? Mississippi and Texas are removing their masks. Cold Stone Creamery is doing a collab with Lucky Charms. An Instagram model is getting shade for posing on an elephant. Plus, 80's and 90's fashion, Match Game, free legal advice and more!
Loper returned to the show and explained how he suffered his facial injury. Randi got called a loser and a bitch on the tennis court. Have you ever made good money by selling something your ex left behind when you split up? Plus, Treadmill Trivia, the Quomo brothers, Cedar Point and King's Island jobs, massive iceberg, Will Smith and more!
Loper and Randi make a major announcement about the future of the morning show. Lady Gaga offers a huge reward for the safe return of her dogs. A gravedigger actually dies while he is in a grave. Mexico has loosened the Covid restrictions to accommodate travelers. Plus, New Music Friday, Area 51 ranch, Temptation Island, rich Instagram models, Golden Corral and more!
Do you use the bathroom in front of your significant other? People are already flocking to Miami Beach ahead of spring break. How has Covid changed you over the past year? Randi's mom had a psychic reading and found out a storm is coming. Plus, Helium Theater, Bruce Springsteen, TV Reboots, Tiger Woods, Andrew Quomo and more!
Tiger Woods suffered terrible injuries in a car crash yesterday in Los Angeles. The Foo Fighters have covered a song by the Bee Gees. Ted Cruise's wife is very upset. A man pushed his pregnant wife off a cliff in Turkey. A catholic school expelled two kids due to their mom's Only Fans page. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, Trump on Facebook, Andrew Quomo allegations, cover songs and more!
Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, told some great stories on Steve-O's podcast. Looks like fans can attend Reds and Indians games this year. An American Airlines pilot reported a UFO overhead. Teaching a mini-Loper how to drive. Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are doing a podcast together. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, name that movie, Gwyneth Paltrow invented masks, Derrick Lewis and more!
People are willing to give up sex for a year to travel. A United Airlines Boeing had an engine blow up in mid-air. Sonny Rasar calls in to talk about it. Loper's friend got into a situation with his wife over the hot chick at the department store. Plus, a fake kidnapping, Huge Mail Sack, Bam Margera, Polaris Mall, travelling to Cable, OH, Ted Cruise and more!
How you can make your college kid and friends want to hang out at your house. Does your pet actually eat better than you do? The Rock says he would consider running for president. Dolly Parton says no to a statue of herself. Plus, New Music Friday, 90's country, childhood friends, Ted Cruise, the Fat Boys, a new poop test and more!
Loper and Randi found a knife stuck in their car tire. Embarrassing moments from leaving your kids home alone. Rush Limbaugh passed away. A Tennessee man fakes being Barack Obama. Plus, alligator golf, Demi Lovato, Texas disaster, great aquariums, Super Mario World and more!
A woman at Dunkin Donuts needs to go back to math class. Polaris Fashion Place could not pay their mortgage. The sneaky way a hotel allowed a woman to catch her husband cheating. Do you shovel your own snow? Plus, Egg Roulette, Claudia Conway, Texas winter disaster, penis ring injury, free legal advice and more!
We have instructions on how you can stop your phone from autocorrecting the F word to Duck. Randi had another tennis opponent get upset with her and this time she said something she shouldn't have. Larry Flint's funeral will be just like you would expect it to be. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Ross Chastain, Mardi Gras, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and more!
Randi's big birthday weekend was great until the cake showed up at dinner and then Loper screwed up Valentine's Day. We have an update on Tessica, the Gorilla Glue hair girl. A woman actually got chlamydia in her lungs. Plus, Huge Mail Sack, Daytona 500, Dale Jr., Dave Chappelle, making mornings better, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and more!
Today is Randi's birthday and we celebrated the entire show. Governor DeWine has declared Ohio open finally. Bam Margera is asking everyone to boycott Jackass 4. A guy uses a megaphone to shame his neighbor because she did not pick up her dog's poop from his yard. Plus, New Music Friday, April vaccines, Ted Cruise, Gina Carano, another Gorilla Glue idiot and more!
Loper posted a picture on Instagram and he has been violated over it. Ayron Jones called in from Seattle this morning to talk about his new songs, concerts, and more. Randi's friend demands more wine and she might steal your appetizers. When you break up with someone, you really need to change all your passwords. Plus, Egg Roulette, Wizard of Oz, 3D printers, a lawyer's cat filter and more!
If your girl says she does not want to exchange Valentine's Day gifts, is it a trap? A guy found an oyster with an orange pearl in it worth $340K...wait until you hear what he did with the money. A listener was shamed at the grocery store for not donating to charity. Your dentist can tell if you have performed oral favors on your man. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Gorilla Glue hair, Claudia Conway on Idol, Tom Brady's apology and more!
Randi's tennis social over the weekend turned into quite the wild party. Tom Brady won his 7th Superbowl yesterday and there was even a streaker. A listener found out that the man she loves first got together with her because he lost a bet. Plus, gifts for pets, best SB commercials, Utah avalanche and more!
Randi forgot to wear a bra this morning, which was great! We preview the brand new album from the Foo Fighters on New Music Friday. The monkeys are now taking over even more in Thailand. Randi's sister is coming to town to ruin her birthday weekend. Plus, Dr. Amy Acton for senate, Morgan Wallen cancelled, new Star Wars spinoff, another TeeJay's closing and more!
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