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Loper & Randi in The Morning

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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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Comedian, Earthquake, stopped by the show this morning and cracked us up. We also got an apology from Conor McGregor. Mr. T is furious with Mr. Leafly. Giraffes are becoming endangered species. Who will be the new Freddy Kreuger? Plus, working on vacation, ButtCon, Rick Perry gets had, and more!
Blue Jackets legend, Jody Shelley, stopped by the show this morning. We also played Match Game for CBJ tickets. Plus, the Rock is king, a double mouth fish, alcohaulNfood, and more!
Ronda Rousey nearly cut off her finger on the set of 9-1-1...what did you almost cut off of your body? Blitz nation has endless stories. Elsewhere, a man burned down 3 homes with a blowtorch. Across the pond, one Irish pub is fed up with Conor McGregor. Plus, Egg Rouolette, an elderly orgy, Steve Palmer has free legal advice, and more.
A Tennessee football fan has a great opportunity for the right girl...NOT! We have another video where you have to figure out the picture. Bert Kreischer calls into the show and gives his opinion on what it is. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, sex with your glasses on, a nut crushing ride, buying Greenland and much more!
Loper and Randi took their first trip to Ikea. Not sure they will go back. A kid got mad her dad didn't let her win. Another kid was ecstatic over his big fish. Apparently using emojis means you have sex. Plus, a recap from UFC 241, He-Man is coming back, MawMaw Monday, Slipknot is #1 and more!
Today we find out Randi has an issue with her father keeping his phone password protected from her. Ice Cube calls into the show and Randi gets confused for a moment and thinks it's Ice-T. Plus, dirty restaurants, saving passwords, UFC 241 and more!
It's Thursday and that means Helium Theater happens. Plus, we talk about Thee OSU, UFC 241 and the best place to watch, Bam Margera is having serious issues these days, Corey Taylor doesn't care if you don't like his politics, a 6 foot penguin, and more.
Today we cover several topics, including Mike Tyson's weed usage, a guy's crazy rules for his girl at a music festival, Todd Chrisly, 4 chan, and sex dolls. Also, Loper got into a confrontation, Steve Palmer gives legal advice, and we play Egg Roulette.
Loper and Randi's son, Jayden, came in this morning to play Treadmill Trivia with us. We also revisit Loper's gift to Randi from yesterday. Randi wants to get Loper a pasta gift, but he isn't having it. We play Steakhouse or Gay Bar to win UGNO. A-Rod got robbed big time, Loper is ready to put up Halloween decorations, Randi's rear end, and more!
On today's show, Loper took issue with a gift he got Randi because she really didn't like it. This became a theme on the show all morning. Many listeners and even people in the building here had comments. It even made it's way into being the topic of MawMaw Monday. We also talked about Kid Rock and his comments about Taylor Swift, the Epstein suicide, a famous Youtuber who abused her dog, and so much more.
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