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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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A man went to pick up his car from the mechanic and it had an extra thousand miles on it. The Democratic debates are completely out of control. A coach got fired for cussing in front of his high school players. A guy and a girl got matching friend tattoos but didn't ask their significant other if it was okay. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, Tony Grossi, a boob slap, and more!
There has been a mjor change to the lineup for Sonic Temple. Gwen Catfani, the Loper pet, is in heat and they want advice. A listener left a message for us about her kid coming home late and at what point to punish him. Plus, Deontay Wilder excuse, Treadmill Trivia, Grandpa Moody, Ohio recreational weed, and more!
Tyson Fury took down Deontay Wilder on Saturday night. A bar hosted a crazy sex act contest on Valentine's Day. Are those Chinese tourists or are they really spies? One of our listeners fears that his child was switched at birth. Plus, MawMaw Monday, Match Game, Harvey Weinstein, and more!
Actor and comedian, David Koechner, drops by the show. A listener emailed us with a question about breaking up with his girlfriend. Little Knox Loper threw a fit over dinner and the battle was on. Some people take fantasy sports way too serious. Plus, New Music Friday, Costco non-members, Mardi Gras, cheating old cable, and more!
At what age did you discover your all time favorite band? Stephen Spielberg's daughter has taken up work in the adult industry. Some people go overboard when it comes to handing down rules for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Plus, board games, the royals quit, Helium Theater, 35 or Not, and more!
A pregnant woman says she is allowed to park in a handicap spot. A 36 year old woman called 911 because her parents stopped paying her phone bill. Do you hate the sound of your own voice? Plus, George Washington, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, and more!
A woman keeps stalking a pro athlete....who stalked your spouse? There was a terrible crash at the Daytona 500 yesterday. Taylor Swift's father came home to a thief in his were you robbed? Check out how this guy kept getting a free hotel room. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Ozzy cancels tour, Corona virus update, and more!
People are angry for this woman who reclined her seat on an American Airlines flight and was bullied by the guy behind her. Finish this sentence...."I did my best on Valentine's Day and my wife laughed at me because..." for Inkcarceration tickets. Loper took a ski lesson at Mad River and we got video. Plus, week2 of the XFL, MawMaw Monday, love is blind, Chinese toilet paper and more!
Today we celebrate love with Valentine's Day and all this absurd amount of money being spent. Many people have broken up with someone on Valentine's Day. We have some crazy statistics regarding Valentine's Day. What is on your Valentine's Day playlist? Plus, Brian Posehn, taxing your V-Bucks, New Music Friday, and more!
Loper had to take his son to the Trippie Redd concert right in the middle of the snow and ice storm yesterday. How long does it take a woman to reach climax? A man wants to know if he should tell his wife he wants a divorce before doing this. Plus, sex doctor Laura Corn, Helium Theater, Valentine's Day stuff, and more!
Today we celebrate Randi Rasar's birthday. A war veteran received 70,000 Valentines. A man comitted suicide out of fear of spreading the Corona virus. Threesomes may sound like a fun time, but they can go real bad real fast. Plus, Egg Roulette, Dwayne Wade, free legal advice, and more!
Rage Against The Machine has announced a world tour. Valentine's Day will be much cheaper and likely better if you wait and celebrate it on the 15th. The Rock's daughter is getting into the family business...would you want your kids to do the same? Plus, Treadmill Trivia, the keys to marriage longevity, , boomerang gifts and more!
Jon Jones was a winner in the UFC Saturday night. We recap our Loveless in Columbus party from Saturday night. We had a call into our after hours line from a listener who needs advice. We played Match Game for Mad River Mountain lift passes. Plus, the XFL debut, MawMaw Monday, Corona Cruise update, and more!
Columbus needs a new slogan, so what should it be? The Academy Awards had to suddenly redo a huge piece of production for Sunday. What you can do about have an ex in one of your favorite pictures. Plus, Snoop Dogg, Gayle King, a Roomba attack, New Music Friday, and more!
Randi is back from Vail with some great stories....especially one about how her friend can't ski. President Trump has been acquitted. Is this 35 years old or not? There is a crazy Mormon family murder mystery going on and it is deep. Plus, Loveless in Columbus, your Uber rating, the Corona virus, and more!
We have a brand new original song all about Randi leaving Loper home alone. A zoo will let you feed your ex to a snake, sort of. Our new intern, Julia, plays Treadmill Trivia with us. Plus, legal advice, airplane food, the state of the union, Tom Brady, and more!
Randi got snowed in out in Vail. A caller is furious with her husband after playing Would You Rather. How old were you the first time you tried marijuana? Guys with expensive cars are generally not very nice. Plus, Helium Theater, credit card debt, Motley Crue tour, the XFL, and more!
Randi is in Vail, but will return Wednesday. The Kansas City Chiefs were the winners of Superbowl 54. Loper took his son to see Korn and Breaking Benjamin Friday night. They were late though because Loper took the scenic route....all three times. Loper's friend in Florida in a contractor and has found it easy to pick up girls at this store. We announce WEE Smackdown coming to Columbus. Plus, the new Rambo movie, MawMaw Monday, and more!
Randi was at the store and witnessed a woman call someone else's child nasty. People talk about how old they are based on famous things from when they were born. Loper and his cat saw a ghost at home. It's Superbowl weekend and the festivities, food, and prop bets are endless. Plus, New Music Friday, Erica May, the new Hummer, and more!
Giving someone an appropriate compliment at work can now get you accused of assault. Loper's cat bit him...they don't like it when they see a suitcase. Do you like your aging celebrities all natural or enhanced? Does a mask really help prevent you from getting the Corona virus? Plus, Superbowl half time shows, Mike Davis goes to court, top fetishes in each state, the Cheer documentary, and more!
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