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Netflix has issued a warning about the new season of Stranger Things. Winnie the Pooh is about to become a horror movie. Smoking cigarettes back in the 70's was a very different thing than it is today. Randi got her mom hooked on thrifting. Plus, New Music Friday, the Michelob guy, WWE Smackdown, Dirty Minds, Tecumseh and more!
Loper announces that he may have a part in Tecumseh this summer and you are all invited. Walmart is stepping up tactics to stop shoplifting at self checkout. Compare your junk drawer to Loper and Randi's drawer. WWE Diva, Natalya, calls in to talk Smackdown. Plus, Helium Theater, Match Game, gas prices, Depp vs Heard trial and more!
Now that Loper and Randi have been here for 10 years, we had to spice things up with some new jingles. Pornhub turned 15 years old yesterday. People are googling everything about monkey pox. The top 10 cities that hate billionaires. Plus, Egg Roulette, the WWE game, Teletubby destruction, free legal advice and more!
Randi was in another tennis match that got ugly and the B word got thrown out there. Loper differs with Randi on fun extra things to do on their upcoming trip to Disney World. The new season of Stranger Things drops this Friday. We now know what species has the biggest butts in the animal kingdom. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, WWE Smackdown, the last payphone, cruises, Dwayne Haskins and more!
Bobaflex joined us in studio this morning to announce a reunion show. Loper questions Randi's sense of smell and she isn't having it. How many hours does it take to become best friends? Randi stole her mom's car. Loper has deer issues. Plus, bull riding, bullfighting, smoked meats, Huge Mail Sack, acie bowls and more!
Loper and Randi sat down for a great interview with Jelly Roll.
Number 1 rock artist, Jelly Roll, joins us in studio for a fantastic interview. Loper had an event at the Fortress in Obetz last night and was held hostage by a train. People are fighting over baby formula. Plus, New Music Friday, Britney Griner, Johnny Depp, the spirit world and more!
How much money would you have to make to consider yourself rich? A girl walked up behind her boyfriend in the kitchen and caught him peeing in the sink. Ringling Brothers circus will go on, but without animals. Plus, Monkey Pox, living unkempt, baby formula, Ozzy's clothing thief and more!
Loper and Randi are back from Florida where they returned to the nude beach, had a devastating accident, and got a pat on the butt from an old high school classmate. We get set for tonight's Halestorm concert to kick off the Blitz 30th Anniversary concert series. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, lost luggage, paid menstrual time off and more!
Randi comes back from her trip to Carolina. She has stories of stolen pizza, a short love affair, and a ghost hunt. New Music Friday is loaded. Elon Musk has stipulations with his twitter purchase. Loper compares airline experiences, and more!
We celebrate Loper's birthday today as well as 10 years of the show on the Blitz. Thick Rick is going fishing, but not to catch fish. We play the game 'Hit The Post' for Halestorm tickets. Is Pete Davidson better than anyone at flirting? Plus, backed up vlogs, the bitcoin plunge, Helium Theater and more!
The I-Pod is now a thing of the past. People who take a break from social media are happier. Little Knox Loper threw a fit at the post office because his sister, Kaylee, was selling his favorite sweatsuit. Columbus weather is just like a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend. Plus, Mr. Beast, Treadmill Trivia, gas prices, free legal advice and more!
Is Amber Heard snorting cocaine in the courtroom? The Alabama fugitives were caught in in Indiana. More bodies have been found in Lake Mead. Lou Malnati's pizza is coming to Columbus. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, dirty Minds, baby formula shortage, axolotls, bearded dragons and more!
A 26 year old listener wants advice on dealing with his family over his 20 year old girlfriend. The Kentucky Derby saw the second biggest upset in the history of the race. Fred Savage was fired from the new Wonder Years show. New Orleans is the number one city for herpes. Plus, death in the Bahamas, Ozark, dolphin assisted birth, Formula 1, Halestorm and more!
Cinco de Mayo did Loper in yesterday. Ted Nugent ripped Rolling Stone magazine for ranking Joan Jett a top 100 guitarist. Standing in various lines for rich people is now a career. Amber Heard continues her performance in court against Johnny Depp. Plus, New Music Friday, thrifting, Mother's Day gifts, Blue Collar Holler and more!
We celebrate Cinco de Mayo today. Rappers in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. There are a lot of web sites dedicated to foot fetishes. How do you keep track of all your internet passwords? We play a game of 'Mexican or Not' ofr Breaking Benjamin tickets. Plus, Goose calls in, using drones in war, admitting you are wrong, best donuts, Helium Theater and more!
We celebrate Star Wars day today. Greg Harris, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame CEO, calls in to announce this year's inductees. Women over 40 think about sex 25% of their day. A Michigan man has been selling marijuana in a vending machine. Fitness guru, Cory Gregory, joins the show. Plus, Mother's Day wishes, dandelion issues, Egg Roulette, free legal advice and more!
Randi reads real workplace memos that many people can relate to. Pete Davidson already got a tattoo of the initials of Kim Kardashian's kids. A woman pees off a broken ride at Disneyland. We have a ranking of the best tasting meats. A shoplifter in Australia tried to hide items in a baby stroller. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Dr. Stranger, What's In Randi's Box, Cinco de Mayo, airline tickets and more!
A listener doesn't know what to do about her mom constantly shaming her fiance and bringing up her old boyfriend. Loper got video from his daughter's pre-prom festivities, but then got shamed for his music choice. A guy blamed his girl's dog for farting and cost them thousands. Penis arm guy finally got the penis off his arm and back where it is suppose to be. Plus, Cobra Kai, Steakhouse or Gay Bar, hibachi grills, Paul McCartney and more!
Sharon Osbourne announced that Ozzy has Covid. An A.I. microwave tried to kill a man. We have concluded that Shania Twain's music was really bad. People who dress fance arenot team players. Plus, calling someone doctor at home, funny pet stuff, New Music Friday, the dirty word spelling bee and more!
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