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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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A listener went to a psychic who told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a girl she knows. People are still attending Solid Rock Church here in Ohio and they will tell you why. We want to know what new hobbies you are trying to master during quarantine. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, KFC Recipe, Tiger King, the top food deliveries, and more!!
People are still hooking up on dating apps. Randi is upset that her friends are still playing tennis. Give us 3 words that describe your life in Covid-19 world. A nerf gun fight broke out at the Loper household, but none of the Lopers were in it. Plus, Corona twins, Tiger King, wearing masks, MawMaw Monday, and more!
Kelly has a new way to exercise...let's hope it doesn't cause a divorce. The governor of Georgia sounds like a complete fool. Shoutouts on our after hours line. A girl needs advice because she accidentally said "I Love You" to a guy. The true reason for the toilet paper shortage. Plus, New Music Friday, Loper's Lunch, a great pizza hack, and more!
Loper is buying lunch for listener. Texas spring breakers are now getting Covid-19. Tinder is going global. OJ Simpson has things to say about Joe Exotic, the Tiger King. A listener wants us to settle a dispute between he and his wife. Plus, family entertainment, Adam Schlesinger, Randi vs Thick, and more!
Las Vegas farmers have to find a new way to feed their pigs. Goats have taken over the streets of Wales. Whole Foods, Amazon, and the sick out. Loper makes a concert announcement and you won't believe the lineup. Plus, Jon Jones, Egg Roulette, legal advice, wearing masks, and more!
What are your plans when you need to get your hair cut? A social media influencer ticked off her followers by travelling. Loper wants to do some handyman work around the house, but Randi is not about it. A listener called in to complain about his girl getting buff in the gym. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, dog walking, Octopussy game, wearing masks, and more!
Should you be wearing contacts at this time? What will become of April Fool's Day this year? What is the timeline to get back to normal? Let's play the WHY game where we ask WHY??!! We answer all these questions on today's show. Plus, the Kardashians are breaking up, Joe Diffie died, Bobby Flay, MawMaw Monday, and more!
The famous Dr. Oz calls into the show today to talk about Covid-19. Jon Jones has been arrested again. A listener emails us for advice about his college situation and his parents. Gal Gadot and her singing friends are getting torn apart for their version of John Lennon's Imagine. Plus, New Music Friday, Westside Barbell, MLB making supplies, and more!
Randi had her first day of online school with little Knox Loper. Social distance shaming is now a thing and some people are fed up with it. Monkeys of the world could be in big trouble. What do you think summer is going to look like? Plus, do not resuscitate, Elton John, the Tiger King, Bob Vela, Prince Charles, and more!!
Loper wants to put up Christmas lights to help boost the mood of the neighborhood. UFC fighter, Matt Brown, calls into the show. Kelly Quinn is fed up with being told what to do by strangers. A kids' choir did their version of Crazy Train by Ozzy. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, isolation tips, and more!
The city council in Lakeworth, FL had an interesting and heated meeting. Sonic Temple has officially been cancelled, but there is also good news. Dr. Phil tells everyone to stop cheating for the time being. Plus, Sofyano Suits making masks, end of the world songs, Treadmill Trivia, and more!
We now have an order in Ohio to stay home unless you are essential personnel. The grocery store experience has hit an all new level. There are new rules for practicing safe sex. A listener wrote us to complain that a guy at his work brushes his teeth at work. Plus, MawMaw Monday, social distancing, drive-in popularity, crazy covid purchase, and more!
We listen to and critique all the new music coming out today. We want the 4 words you definitely don't ever want to hear. Loper has a few F, Marry, Kills for us to decide on. The porn industry is about to be shut down and this is terrible news because we also found out orgasms boost your immune system. Plus, flooding, ways to make money, grocery stores, martial law and more!
Comedian, Bert Kreischer, called into the show today. These spring breakers are all over the beaches and don't care one bit about Covid-19. A listener writes in and is upset because her boyfriend is going to miss her birthday for his annual family event. Plus, Kelly Quinn in another room, Damon Martin calls in, sports is now an E-World, stop flushing junk, and more!
These are very strange times we are living in. Many people have no choice but to get out and work and there is a lot of stress. Shoe clutter causes an injury to one of our listeners. Dr. Phil offers up his tips for getting along during a quarantine. Plus, a toilet paper hero, local restaurants, legal advice, and more!
We got a call to the after hours hotline from a guy who is not happy with his girlfriend's weight gain. Loper's friend, Tom from Ireland, calls in to talk about St. Paddy's Day. Are your kids already sick of hanging out at home with you? Plus, Voting day cancelled, texting the infected, Treadmill Trivia, and more!
We are all trying to adjust to life with COVID-19. Scammers are out there using COVID-19 to rip you off. March Madness always brings a huge increase in the number of men getting vasectomies, but now they don't have their favorite weekend to recover. Plus, more closings, bars and restaurants, MawMaw Monday, and more!
COVID-19 has shut down everything from schools to every major and college sporting event in the country. Mountain Lions are becoming a problem as attacks are on the rise. A man called in to tell us his wife is leaving him for a married man and wants advice on something. Plus, New Music Friday, Wake N Bake trivia, and more!
Do your in-laws have a spare key to your home and do they use it unannounced? There is a rock n roll singer in Florida that has the attention of Chris Hansen and an investigation. Gronk is headed to the WWE. Plus, Chick Fil A sauces, Vince Neil, Hollywood Casino, Prince Harry pranked, and more!
A listener claims that a waitress at their favorite restaurant is trying to get with her boyfriend. If you had to be quarentined, what comfort food do you need to have with you and what pandemic movies would you watch? Cardi B checks in with her insane take on COVID-19. Plus, Joe Biden in Detroit, Egg Roulette, Cory Feldman documentary, free legal advice, and more!
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