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Description features daily sports betting analysis and free picks from some of the industry's top handicappers. Covering all the major sports, NFL, College Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA, NHL, Golf, WNBA, UFC and more!
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Jay Sanin is joined by guest @SharksNSports to break down the NFL Week 3 schedule and give their best bets for the weekend in the NFL.
Jay Sanin and Wavey Davey from @TheMushBros break down the NFL Week 2 slate and give their best bets.
Host Adam Burke stepped into The Bettor’s Box one final time as he is on to the next chapter in his life after this weekend. Adam started with his thanks, gratitude, and appreciation for so many that have been a part of this podcast and this website. Baseball still had to take center stage, as Adam talked about the Trade Deadline, home/road splits, some interesting stats, and some takeaways that everybody should keep in mind from the past and present editions of The Bettor’s Box.After a look Down the Lines to cover line movements, Adam shared a couple of picks and then previewed four series for this weekend. He talked about Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks, Astros vs. Giants, Reds vs. Mets, and Red Sox vs. Rays, along with some words of caution about a post-Trade Deadline hangover for some teams.It has been an honor and a privilege to bring BangTheBook Radio and then ATS Radio to the masses. I love you all and thank you to those that have been on the shows or have helped with content during my time with those two sites. You’ve all made me better.
Host Adam Burke jumped back on the airwaves with a lot to say about baseball. He started with a big announcement and then covered the state of offense in MLB coming out of the weekend and then took a look at some Trade Deadline betting angles and considerations. He also projected out where some of the available players might go, especially those that are likely to have a huge impact.For the rest of the show, Adam talked about recent line moves, what to watch for in the betting markets with the Trade Deadline and the never-ending news cycle, and then previewed several series for this week, including Braves vs. Mets, Blue Jays vs. Red Sox, Dodgers vs. Giants, and A’s vs. Padres.
Host Adam Burke opened up the show today by talking about some major upticks in offense that have taken place since the start of the second half. We’re seeing a lot more power right now and Adam broke down the stats, his beliefs as to why all of this is taking place, and whether or not it will continue. There were some truly eye-opening stats during this portion of the show that you do not want to miss.After breaking down all of that, Adam looked at a set of pitchers that you might want to bet on in the near future based on their batted ball types. A look Down the Lines to assess line moves also incorporated three picks for tonight’s action. Adam also previewed four series for the weekend ahead with thoughts on Braves vs. Phillies, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cardinals vs. Reds, and White Sox vs. Brewers.
Host Adam Burke always has a lot of interesting angles and things to consider to share with listeners on The Bettor’s Box and that was the case again today. Adam started out with a look at how teams did offensively coming out of the Break and then looked at teams that have done the best since that first memo was sent out on June 3.After looking through those teams and some quality contact metrics, Adam changed his focus to the betting markets and some line moves that we saw over the weekend. Following a pick for Monday night’s action, Adam looked at four series for this week and gave his thoughts on Giants vs. Dodgers, Rangers vs. Tigers, Red Sox vs. Blue Jays, and Cubs vs. Cardinals.
Host Adam Burke was excited for the All-Star Break as a chance to look at some college football stuff, but it is back to the baseball betting grind now. Adam opened the show by talking in general about the Trade Deadline, prospects and minor league call-ups in the second half, and what appears to be the start of CBA negotiations. After that, Adam looked at futures opportunities for the second half.World Series and Division futures joined adjusted season win totals as topics of conversation on the program, as Adam looked at some of the opportunities available to bettors. After keying in on those picks and suggestions, Adam looked ahead to the weekend with thoughts on Red Sox vs. Yankees, Brewers vs. Reds, and Astros vs. White Sox.
Host Adam Burke was happy to bring back Brian Blessing to chat about the British Open. The guys dove right into the fun with thoughts on The Open Championship at Royal St. George’s, including a profile of the course, the players that seem to fit this format, the importance of shopping around for the best prices, and so much more.Adam and Brian gave some picks to win, talked about good bets for matchups and some group play, and other considerations for this tournament, including the winning score and how things played out the last time the British Open was at this particular course.
Host Adam Burke is a big fan of the Home Run Derby because it represents something different and the chance to feel like a kid again watching baseball. The daily grind is all about the business side of the spectrum, but the Derby is a whole lot of fun to follow. It can be a lot of fun to bet as well, which is why Adam broke down the important stats and some things on the first-round matchups for tonight’s event. He also gave his pick to win.After doing all things Derby, Adam looked at some really interesting stats from the first half of the season, including lots of stuff on the Mariners, Orioles, and Yankees. He talked about underachieving and overachieving offenses, records in one-run games and with leads after five innings, and a whole lot more. Lastly, Adam did an overview of the Trade Deadline and talked about what he expects to see as teams complete their transactions.
Host Adam Burke was back in the home office and back on the headset mic for today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box. Adam took a look at the overall landscape in MLB since the first memo about the substance crackdown and noted a few really interesting things and the reason why offense has jumped a bit. He also took a look at offenses that have had a lot of recent success, including two notable teams that have been topics of conversation a lot on the show.Adam then looked for some positive and negative regression candidates by keying in on high-velocity contact and the results on those batted balls. He found four pitchers to fade and three pitchers to back based on those numbers and some guys to keep in mind as we move forward throughout the season. After a look at line movements and a discussion of tonight’s card, Adam previewed four series for the week ahead. Listen for his thoughts on Royals vs. Indians, Reds vs. Brewers, Nationals vs. Giants, and Blue Jays vs. Rays.
Host Adam Burke talked about futures on this edition of The Bettor’s Box for ATS Radio. Adam looked at all six divisions in search of some betting values and also some creative angles for wagering on the pennant and World Series futures. Along the way, Adam gave out a few picks that look to be decent at this point in time, but also provided some betting tips for how to bet on futures in MLB with about half of the season left to go.It wasn’t all about futures, as Adam finished up the show by taking a look at four series for the week ahead, with some thoughts on Phillies vs. Cubs, Red Sox vs. Angels, A’s vs. Astros, and wrapped up with Rockies vs. Diamondbacks.
Host Adam Burke was ready to go with a lot of great information for today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box. Adam started by talking about the increase in home runs that we’ve seen of late and how the spin rate crackdown seems to be hurting pitchers throwing a lot of four-seam fastballs. Then it was time to talk about something new and different for the show, as Adam looked at a lot of stats at Baseball-Reference.He highlighted the importance of baserunning and the teams that are generating and creating run-scoring opportunities based on their prowess on the basepaths. He took a look at teams that aren’t stopping stolen bases and those that are hitting for a lot of power at home, but not on the road, and vice versa. After a look at the line moves from this week, Adam previewed five series for the week ahead, with thoughts on Dodgers vs. Nationals, Astros vs. Indians, Rays vs. Jays, Red Sox vs. A’s, and Mets vs. Yankees
Host Adam Burke and regular Tuesday guest Brian Blessing started off with a little bit of banter about the weather and golf, which is what it looks like the Montreal Canadiens will be doing soon. It is only a 1-0 series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but Adam and Brian had some strong thoughts on what the rest of the series holds for those two teams and some advice on how to bet Game 2.Moving back to golf, but this time with professionals, Adam and Brian handicapped the Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club and even worked in some chatter about the Irish Open, as we’re just two weeks away from The Open Championship. After an overview of the golf betting odds and some picks for this week’s PGA Tour event, NASCAR took center stage with a road course that could benefit some long shots in the Jockey Made in America 250.
Host Adam Burke was back on the airwaves following a busy MLB weekend to talk about what is happening around the league. Adam started with some thoughts on how pitchers are adjusting to the spin rate crackdown and if hitters are having more success with high-velocity contact. He also took a look at some pitching staffs that have seen K% decreases since the league sent the first memo on June 3.After looking at a set of underachieving and overachieving teams based on the alternate standings metrics, Adam dialed it in to take a look at line moves from this past weekend and then previewed five series for the week ahead. Adam keyed in on Pirates vs. Rockies, Angels vs. Yankees, Cubs vs. Brewers, Giants vs. Dodgers, and Padres vs. Reds to give you some thoughts as the week progresses in those games.
The home for detailed baseball betting analysis is The Bettor’s Box. Host Adam Burke goes into a lot of information that you aren’t going to hear anywhere else and that’s why this show should be an integral part of your MLB handicapping process. On the June 24 edition, Adam took a look at where offenses stands in the month of June and keyed on two big changes that we’ve seen relative to the rest of the season.With offense up around the league, now is the time to look at teams in line for positive regression, so Adam cited five teams in line for that based on their contact quality and a few more based on how they’ve done with runners in scoring position. After a quick check of line movements from this week, Adam previewed the weekend with thoughts on five series. Those were Phillies vs. Mets, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Astros vs. Tigers, A’s vs. Giants, and Cubs vs. Dodgers.
It is a point of pride on the show that host Adam Burke and regular Tuesday guest Brian Blessing can cover so much ground in such a short period of time when they get together on the podcast. On this June 22 edition of the show, the guys talked about the NHL Playoffs, the Travelers Championship, and even worked in a little bit of NASCAR talk for the weekend at Pocono.Adam and Brian looked deep at the Canadiens vs. Golden Knights series and also Lightning vs. Islanders. Then they moved into talking about the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands with some picks for that event. Adam also put Brian on the spot about the BMW International on the European Tour side. Lastly, a scheduling quirk for NASCAR at Pocono should yield some good betting opportunities with two races this weekend in PA.
Host Adam Burke was back to start off a new week of baseball coverage with this edition of The Bettor’s Box. It started with the major talking point of the week, as this is the week that Major League Baseball cracks down on those found to be using foreign substances on the baseball. Adam talked about how to handicap what we’re seeing, what to do and what not to do, and how it could impact the game going forward.After running through a list of recent spin rate decreases, including some caveats and red flags within the data, Adam took a look at teams with some good opportunities to win games based on the schedule and looked at some team records against good teams and bad teams to see if they are some actionable angles based on the strength of schedule upcoming. Lastly, a pick for Monday and previews of Braves vs. Mets, Astros vs. Orioles, Dodgers vs. Padres, and Red Sox vs. Rays wrapped up the show.
Host Adam Burke led off the show by reminding baseball bettors that it is important not to lose sight of all of the context and the things that matter with this spin rate crackdown. Adam talked about how to analyze these spin rates decreases, what to look for and what to keep in mind, in terms of actionable betting info as this whole situation plays out. Then he launched into a list of pitchers and teams that are on his radar as far as negative impacts with the crackdown.After running through that list of names, Adam looked at some line moves on sides and totals over the last few days that we have seen and then set the stage for four interesting weekend series with some potential look-ahead picks. Adam talked about Reds vs. Padres, Brewers vs. Rockies, A’s vs. Yankees, and Cardinals vs. Braves to round out the show.
Host Adam Burke was back on the headset mic once again, this time to chat with Brian Blessing, the host of Sportsbook Radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline. Adam and Brian started off with a chat about the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. This will be our second U.S. Open in nine months and the guys talked about the course, who they like, some matchup considerations, and a whole lot more surrounding the major.On the NHL side of things, Adam and Brian dug into the two playoff series remaining, with thoughts on Islanders vs. Lightning and Game 2 tonight, as well as the rest of the series, at the top. Then they looked at what happened in Game 1 between Vegas and Montreal and previewed the rest of the Golden Knights vs. Canadiens series.
Host Adam Burke was back on the air with a new edition of The Bettor’s Box and we have a hell of a lot to talk about on each and every show right now. Adam talked about some spin rate decreases from this last round of starts, why we have to be careful not to read too much into it, and some teams and bullpens that might be most at risk. Adam also looked at some Cluster Luck indicators of pitchers that have done well with the bases empty and not with men on base and vice versa.After looking at all that pitching stuff, Adam took a look at some line movements that we’ve seen over the past few days, gave out a couple of picks for Monday night’s action, and then previewed five series and a few pitching matchups of interest to end the show. Adam hit on Rays vs. White Sox, Padres vs. Rockies, Tigers vs. Royals, Yankees vs. Blue Jays, and then a couple specific pitching matchups.
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